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"That wasn't enjoyable... Are all the people on the internet gonna be little runts like this?"

Geese Howard is the chief antagonist of the Fatal Fury series and a secondary villain in the Art of Fighting series. His role varies in The King of Fighter's storyline, but he is always either in the position of a villain or an anti-hero. The fate of Geese Howard is one of the major differences between the continuities. In the Fatal Fury series, he is dead. In The King of Fighters series, however, he is alive (excluding the KOF: Maximum Impact series). He is sometimes known for using his "Nightmare" mode for games where he is dead, such as in Real Bout Fatal Fury Special. Geese comes from a poor American woman and an Austrian terrorist. His father abandoned them after Geese was born in Southtown. Working for both of their sakes to surpass his father, he took up odd jobs around the city. Despite his efforts, his mother eventually died from poor health and hunger. Rather than dwelling in sadness, Geese tracks down his father in Europe and learns his father's real name is Rudolph Krauser Von Stroheim. He tries to assassinate him when he was 15 but fails due to his half-brother, Wolfgang Krauser, effortlessly stopping him (this same scene is later re-enacted in The Fatal Fury 2 anime). He tried to rid of his anger through religion but couldn't shake the humiliation of his loss. Learning at a young age that power grants results, Geese trained in the school of Hakkyokuseiken with Jeff Bogard and Cheng Sinzan, under Tung Fu Rue's tutelage. Tung, however, senses that Geese would not use the sacred techniques of the school selflessly thus passing the secret to Jeff Bogard. He is seen as "the first SNK true villain", he also has a toxic fandom.

Why They're A Waste Of His Time

  1. Let's address the biggest issue, they compare Geese to Donald Trump. Yes, both characters have the same hair color and have towers (Trump Tower and Geese Tower), but that's where the similarities end. Also, both are on different sides where Geese is a villain and Trump... is rather controversial (and that's all we'll say on the matter). Also, why would you compare the president with a fictional villain?
  2. Sometimes, they spam his quotes such as "You Cannot Escape Long Death", "Stay Down Maggot", "whining fools begone", "Predictable", "stand up", etc. It can get really annoying and old easy.
  3. They actually make jokes about him being a weeaboo simply because of his office on the top floor of his tower are covered in Japanese artifacts, and he himself wears a traditional aikido fighter's uniform in most of his appearances. Listen, guys, "Geese simply wears the clothes. He doesn't act Asian."
  4. They make jokes about his death which is not really that funny. Yes, he's a villain, but death is nothing to joke about.
  5. These idiots overpraise him like he is a king. No wonder you would see people say "My lord Geese" or "All Hail Geese".
  6. They only play Tekken 7 just to see him rather than just the other characters.
  7. They even do some Hero x Villain shippings as well such as Geese x Mai, Geese x Yuri, Geese x Blue Mary, Geese x Leona, Geese x Athena, Geese x King, and Geese x Whip. Crash2014 is a good example of this.
  8. Sometimes, they sympathize with him too much without realizing he's just a villain. The Smash Bros portion of his fandom is a good example of this simply because of that one scene in Terry Bogard's reveal trailer for Smash DLC.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. To be fair, his fandom isn't really too bad in comparison to other ones such as Kula's or Mai's fandoms.
  2. Some fans may have legit reasons to like him.
  3. Some still understand that he's a villain.
  4. Some like Tekken 7 the way it is.
  5. Still some awesome fan art of him. In Fact, at least cringey fan art is non-existent as of now.