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Genwunnners in a nutshell
Nickname: It's all in the name
Type: Pokémon Fandom
Video Game Fandom
Status: Extremely Active

Genwunner is a word used to refer to Nostalgia-Tards in the Pokémon fandom. Most of them are toxic, and this page will explain more in detail about their toxicity.

Why They Can't Win the Pokémon League

  1. They are easily the worst part of the Pokémon fandom and they are everywhere on anything related to Pokémon.
  2. They praise the Generation I games (In rare cases also Generation II).
    • Rare, but some genwunners even call Sun and Moon the only good modern Pokémon games.
  3. They hate the other generations, especially Generation IV and Generation V without any good reason.
    • Speaking of Generation V, they hate that generation only for Garbodor and Vanillite ignoring the handful of other species they have introduced.
    • In fact, some Genwunners didn't even play those games.
  4. They adore the first 5 seasons of the anime without stopping and abominates the other seasons.
  5. If you prefer other generations except for Gen VII, they may attack you.
  6. They hate several Pokémon just because of their design (Cof cof Garbodor cof cof) without knowing the original concept, not all Pokémon have to be cute.
  7. Spams "Game Freak ran out of ideas" every time they announce something new.
  8. They criticized Pokémon Sword and Shield before the games were released.
    • In fact, some genwunners are also NatDexers.
  9. Due to their obsession with Generation I, the moderntards blame Game Freak for giving Gigantamax forms to some of the first 151 Pokémon (Pikachu, Eevee, Charizard, Butterfree and Meowth) thinking it was to please the Genwunners.
  10. They criticize anything new that Game Freak adds.
  11. Some genwunners usually compare Pokémon with Digimon, even though they don't have many similarities.
    • They even think that Pokémon is being copied from Digimon just for some mechanics like the Mega Evolution.
  12. When Game Freak introduce something new related to Kanto like remakes, they will claim that it "ruined their childhood", Does it sound familiar?.
  13. A good number of people detest the Gen I just for them, a group does not define the quality of a product.


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