Giorno Giovanna (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) Hatedom

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Giorno Giovanna (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) Hatedom
Giorno Giovanna betterpicture.png
Giorno: I, Giorno Giovanna, have a toxic hatedom.
Nickname: Giorno Giovanna Haters United
Type: Character Hatedom
Status: Super Active

Giorno Giovanna is the main character of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind. Giorno is the illegitimate son of Dio Brando and technically a Joestar as the vampire possessed Jonathan's body at the time. He dreams of becoming a "Gang-Star" (Gangster and Superstar) in the Passione mob family. Over time, he becomes calm, highly self-confident and having careful strategies. He aspires to overthrow Passione's Boss in order to turn the gang into an organization which helps the Italians. His stand is named Gold Experience who was the ability to imbue things with life. It gets a later upgraded into Gold Experience Requiem which has the ability to return any kind of process back to a state of Zero, nullifying any desired action. Ever since his debut, he has gotten a toxic hatedom.

Why They're Not Fabulous

  1. They don't just hate Giorno, they demonize him like he was one of Satan's minions.
  2. They keep bashing on him non-stop just like many other existing toxic character hatedoms.
  3. They keep calling him a gary-stu to no end. Pretty annoying right?
  4. If you were to say you like Giorno, they will attack you to no end or make some cringey insults such as "no homo" which is offensive.
  5. Some of the ironic haters don't even have a valid reason to not like Giorno and they bash on him for no reason.
  6. They make hate memes out of Giorno. So much for "Part 5 anime when?" memes.
  7. Some would even skip part 5 simply because of their hatred towards Giorno. What kind of madness is this?
  8. They hate him simply because of how they prefer (in a toxic way) another protagonist in JoJo like Joseph Joestar or Jotaro Kujo.
  9. Some would call him dumb names such as "golden S U C C" or the "Gayest JoJo".
  10. They make jokes about Giorno being gay which is just offensive. Kaleb I.A.'s Why Giorno Giovanna is a great character video is a good example of this.
  11. They would think that no one likes Giorno, but there are some people would like him and not everyone knows about him.
  12. Some could be part of the Dio Brando fandom which is ironic since they are hating on Giorno Giovanna who is supposed to the son of Dio.
  13. Speaking of Dio, they detest him for not having the same traits that Dio has. Do you guys really expect Giorno to be like your precious Dio?
  14. They fail to realize that Giorno has some good qualities that he treats people with the amount of respect he believes they deserve based on his observations of their beliefs and actions.
  15. They would only dislike him for his "ugly" character design. It takes more than a character design to not like a character.
  16. They share similar problems with the Micaiah hatedom.

Fabulous Qualities

  1. Some haters are mature to the point that they would respect opinions to those who like him.
  2. Some may have a valid reason why they don't like Giorno.
  3. Hate art is really rare as of now.
  4. Some haters do not skip part 5.
  5. They do have a point about Giorno's possible flaws.
  6. Not all of the haters are crazy obsessed with Jotaro, Joseph or any other JoJo character.