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NOTE: The page being written in a scottish accent is intentional. Also, before adding any pointers, translate them to scottish using this scottish translater I found or try to type in a scottish accent. -Inkster

Gloria (Pokémon) Ironic Fandom
Nickname: Galarians
Scottish Pokémon Trainers
Type: Charactah Faindoum
Status: Super Actife

Note: Nae tae be confused wi' th' Madagascar charactah ay th' sam nam.

Gloria (Japanese: ユウリ Yūri) (mair commonly knoon as Scottish Pokémon Trainer) is th' female playah charactah in Pokémon Sword an' Shield. 'er male coonterpart is Victor. Ever since Pokémon Sword an' Shield waur annoonced, she somehaw gained a ironic fanbase.

Wa The'ah Fookin' Wee Posh Cunts

  1. First ay aw, the' actually hink she's scottish coz ay 'er appearence aloyn an' 'at Pokémon Sword an' Shield ur based ay th' UK.
  2. The' e'en Gloria-fy 'er loch a Galarian reincarnation ay Arceus.
  3. The' steill mak some loathsome ah'work ay 'er. Hoo typical o 'em...
  4. The' only play th' gam fur 'er leavin' aside everythin' else loch th' other charactahs, th' plot an' th' gameplah.
  5. The' dornt hae ahn actual reason wa they loch Gloria other than aw th' stewpide shiete involvin' 'er.
  6. The' Illistrat' drahiens' ay 'er skitin' jakey beverages which is bloody shiete since she is a minur an' coods brin' 'er illnesses..

Redeemin' Qualitees

  1. Thaur is still plenty ay guid fan art, aside frae memes an' aw 'at mingin' jobby.
  2. At leest some fowk fa loch 'er loch pokemon sword an' shield.


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