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There will be only chaos

God of War is an action-adventure game franchise created by David Jaffe at Sony's Santa Monica Studio. The series began in 2005 with the first game on the PS2 and has become a flagship title for the PlayStation brand, consisting of eight games across multiple platforms. Based on ancient mythology, the story follows Kratos, a Spartan warrior who was tricked into killing his family by his former master, the Greek God of War Ares. This sets off a series of events that lead to wars with the mythological pantheons. The Greek mythology era of the series sees Kratos follow a path of vengeance due to the machinations of the Olympian gods, while the Norse mythology era, which introduces his son Atreus as a secondary protagonist, shows Kratos on a path of redemption, which inadvertently brings the two into conflict with the Norse gods. Games in the series have been praised as some of the best action games of all time. The series has received numerous awards and it does have a toxic fandom as well.

Why Hades Awaits For Them

  1. First off, the toxic fans are Edgelords just because of how the games are rated M for mature.
  2. Be careful if you say you don't like the game series because they will try to make you feel their rath to no end.
  3. They always ignore the series of flaws. So much so that if you were to point out a flaw or flaws in any game, they will try to see you suffer.
  4. They overuse Kratos' "boy" quote from the 2018 game. It's old quickly when you think about it.
  5. Though rare nowadays, original God of War fans (the purists) complained about the 2018 game getting in a new direction such as the game having Norse mythology or complaining about the new combat system. You do realize that change always happens right. They would even go as far as saying that "the violence is unrealistic".
    • Some are immature nostalgia purists who think the 2018 game is terrible for dumb reasons, like its combat system or that it's not made in the past. They call the pre-Norse trilogy the "real God of War", which is stupid.
  6. Not even Kratos himself is safe from fangirls (although not really that many).
  7. Similar to how a certain fandom overhypes a certain Spartan-II supersoldier, they try to overhype The Ghost of Sparta to god-tier levels thus ignoring his limits such as his immense levels of anger or failing to take responsibility for his actions until his later life.
  8. Like most typical M-rated fanboys, they believe only boys play the game, which is sexist, as girls also play God of War.
  9. One person even made fun of the Microsoft fandom by vandalizing the God of War (2018) page on Awesome Games Wiki. proof. With that said, many of them hate Microsoft since God of War is Sony.
  10. They are also part of the EA Hatedom just because on any God of War 2018 video, they overuse the "single-player games are dead" quote.
  11. They lost their minds when Kratos lost to Spawn in Death Battle. This also happened to the DBX video of Kratos vs Dante (Devil May Cry).
  12. Some of them would try to act manly just because of the nature of the game.
  13. Some of them even want kids to play the 2018 game despite the fact that it's still rated M for mature. Common Sense Media is a good example of this.
    • Speaking of Common Sense Media, they even overpraise the series as well just like the fanbase.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Not all of them hate Microsoft or EA. If not, some are mature haters of Microsoft and EA.
  2. Some fans are willing to accept criticism.
  3. Many of the original fans started to like the 2018 game.
  4. You can still find some legendary looking fan work.
  5. Some memes can still be funny.
  6. Some accepted the fact that Kratos does have limits.
  7. Not all of them are edgelords.