Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Ironic Fandom

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Ironic Fandom
Grand Theft Auto- San Andreas.jpg
CJ: Ah shit, here we go again. Worst fandom in the internet. The Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas community. I ain't represented GTA in sixteen years, but the fanbase won't give a shit.
Nickname: Grove Street Families
Type: Video Game Fandom
Ironic Fandom
Status: Extremely Active

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a Rockstar North-developed video game, and is the overall seventh title in the Grand Theft Auto series. It is the sequel to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and the prequel to Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto III. It was released on October 26, 2004, the same date as Grand Theft Auto Advance. Set in 1992, Carl "CJ" Johnson returns to Los Santos after spending five years living in Liberty City when his brother Sean "Sweet" Johnson calls to inform him of their mother's murder. CJ returns to his former home on Grove Street and reunites with his brother Sweet, his sister Kendl, and members of his old gang, Big Smoke and Ryder. Finding that the Grove Street Families (GSF) have lost much of their territory while he was gone, CJ decides to stay in town. Working with the others to re-establish the GSF, CJ gradually restores the gang to power, by helping to reunite the various Grove Street sets who had previously splintered, allying himself with Kendl's boyfriend, Cesar Vialpando, leader of the Varrios Los Aztecas, and together they drive off the rival Ballas and Vagos gangs, reducing the amount of drugs on the streets. Ever since the game was released back in the mid-2000's, it gained a massive and toxic cult following.

Why All They Had To Do, Was Follow The Damn Train

  1. Right off the bat, they shot down The Meme Community with various memes and quotes originating from the game (EX. Big Smoke's order, "Ah shit, here we go again.", etc.).
  2. They highly exalt GTA SA like it's the holy grail of video game history.
  3. They also continuously praise Big Smoke, Carl "CJ" Johnson, and Frank Tenpenny to no end and most of the time forget about the other characters such as T. Bone, Mike Toreno, etc.
  4. They also hate on GTA V for absolutely no discernible reason and write comments like "GTA SA is better than GTA V".
  5. Don't ever say you dislike the game because they would try to attack you like a bunch of gangsters.
  6. Since this is a GTA related fanbase, edgy manchildren and teens are part of this community.
  7. Some would even think that this game is educational. What kind of madness is this? In fact, one user on Common Sense Media said "This game has a very good learning curve to guiding your child on the path to different routes in life. Especially for younger kids, it can teach them about the female body and what prostitution is like. But I do think the game displays some bad things such as paying a lot of in-game cash for weapons, I believe the weapons should be easy to access for the player. Overall very great and educational game about what life is like in San Andreas as a gangster, thug, man." Yeah, we're not making this up...
  8. Some kids even play this game when they are not supposed to do so since it's rated M for mature. If that's not enough, they would recommend this game to kids.
  9. Due to modern-day memes, they love to shoehorn the San Andreas cast into anything in existence such as this picture of Thanos.
  10. Nowadays, they seem to appreciate the game just because of the memes and Big Smoke himself rather than the story or gameplay.
  11. They are just so nostalgic to the series that they try way to hard to be superior.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some fans that are mature can still be found.
  2. Some memes can be funny if done the right way.
  3. Some can like other GTA games.
  4. Some unironic fans who like the game just the way it is.
  5. Some are aware that this game is not for kids (obviously) thus never recommending it to children.
  6. Many of the mods made by them are good.

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