Green Eggs and Ham (TV Series) Fandom (Toxic Portion)

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Guy: I do not like this toxic portion of this fandom. I do not like them Sam I Am.

Green Eggs and Ham is an American animated television series based on the 1960 Dr. Seuss book of the same title that premiered on Netflix. it follows Sam-I-Am rescues the rare Chickeraffe from a zoo and intends to return it to its natural habitat. After he accidentally swaps his briefcase, containing the Chickeraffe, for that of failed inventor Guy-Am-I, Sam and Guy end up on an adventure with EB, a girl who wants to adopt the Chickeraffe as a pet, and EB's overprotective mother Michellee, who is also a romantic interest for Guy. The four are unknowingly pursued by a poacher, Snerz, who wants to claim the Chickeraffe as a trophy, and his employees, minions McWinkle and Gluntz and the bounty hunter Goat. While most of the fandom is good, It managed to have a toxic side of it.

Why 13% Of Them Won't Try Green Eggs And Ham

  1. They treat the series as if it was a religion.
  2. Some of the toxic fans are part of The Furry Community mainly because of Squeaky, Michael, Goat and other anthro animals in the show.
  3. They also overpraise Gluntz and Sam I-Am to no end.
  4. Though rare, A few fans often make NSFW artworks of not only the book characters, but also the newer characters that appeared in the show (like Gluntz and Michellee) including E.B who is only 10 years old.
  5. A few of them don't even realize that the show was based on the aforementioned Dr. Seuss book.
  6. A few witch hunt on anyone who doesn’t like the Green Eggs and Ham Netflix show.
  7. Some attack people who prefer other adaptations that is not Green Eggs and Ham, including Horton Hears a Who (2008) and the TV specials.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of the memes they make can be good and funny.
  2. Most of the fandom has mature and kind fans.
  3. Some of them make great fanart of the characters, both from book and TV show.
  4. Some of them actually care about the Dr. Seuss book, and are Dr. Seuss fans in general.
  5. The fandom itself is actually good mostly since 87% of the fandom is very kind. you can read more about the fandom's much more side hereHF&HW

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