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Order-Sol: I don't need this. It's the same shit day after day."

Guilty Gear is a series of fighting games developed by Arc System Works and designed by artist Daisuke Ishiwatari. The first game was published in 1998 and spawned several sequels. It was adapted to other media such as manga and drama CD. Guilty Gear has generally received praise from video game reviewers for its highly technical gameplay, graphics, soundtrack, and for its characters. However, it still has developed a toxic fandom.

Why They're Guilty

  1. Many of the are part of the BlazBlue Hatedom and they love to refer the BlazBlue players as noobs. Some of them could start warfare with the BlazBlue players as a result.
  2. Not even a game like Guity Gear can contain bullies who go after less experienced players (or sometimes veteran players) and tell them unclever insults such as the common "you suck". Just look at this rubbish.
  3. Do we really need to explain this?
  4. It's easy to find a rage quitter who goes bananas just because they lost in a game of Guilty Gear (especially online). It's so annoying that it can be pretty hard to enjoy a game of Guilty Gear without encountering these players.
  5. Some of them ship Elphelt Valentine, Ramlethal Valentine or Jack-O' Valentine all together when they are supposed to be related to each other. Not making this up and here is one of the select few.
  6. Edgelords are still at bay in this fandom just because of characters like Sol, Venom (no, not the Marvel character), A.B.A, Testament, etc.
  7. A portion of the players would complain about some characters being cut in some Guity Gear games despite the fact that you don't need a certain character to make a good game since a character being missing does not dictate the quality of a game. There would actually be some that refuse to not by a game just because a character they like to get cut.
  8. They won't shut up about Guilty Gear for not having enough blood like some of the older games. Oh come on, you do realize that it takes more than just extreme blood to make a good fighting game. Besides, it's not like Guilty Gear is going to be bad if it doesn't include blood. Another thing worth noting is that having blood doesn't always mean that a game is good since some bloody games can be bad like these games.
  9. As what you expected, nostalgiatards also do the cherry-picking as well, they would act snobbish and say things like how "Guilty Gear was good until *insert other Guilty Gear game like Reload*". So with that knowledge, they just don't want to give some new Guilty Gear games a chance and rely on nostalgia.
  10. When Guilty Gear -STRIVE- was delayed to a 2021 release due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they started to act so impatient. Oh brother, they literally forgot that it Takashi Yamanaka's decision to make the date and the COVID-19 itself is a serious pandemic that can easily kill 140000+ people so why bother.
  11. A select few of them only like this game just for the female cast. Remember, a pretty face does not dictate the quality of a game since it takes more than pretty faces to like a game. It's alright to like girl characters, but Guilty Gear has a lot more in store than that!
  12. There are a few players who would act superior towards other fighting games like DragonBall FighterZ for instance.

Why They Can Rock!

  1. Some fans are willing to like other fighting games (like BlazBlue) and can tolerate criticism.
  2. Some give good tips on how to get good at Guilty Gear. You will also find some good players online.
  3. Some can wait for -STRIVE- to come out.
  4. Some are ok with whatever changes in Guilty Gear.


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