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Halo Fandom
Wait, that's illegal
Nickname: SPARTANs
Type: Video Game Fandoms
Status: Active

Halo is a science fiction video game franchise made by 343 Industries (as of 2011) and published by Microsoft Studios.

Although the Halo games are works of art, many of the people in the Halo fandom are disgustingly horrible, especially the people who are biased towards the Bungie Halo games (2001-2010). While this toxicity has existed as far back as Halo 2 in 2004, and once Bungie left in 2011 for 343i to take over, the Halo community has since become increasingly toxic.

Why They Can't Discover "Hope"

  1. It's mostly filled with nostalgia-tards/Purists who NEVER stop hating on the games made by 343 Industries and only prefer anything by Bungie, thus more often than not resulting in clashes with Halo fans who actually like 343 Industries's style of Halo!
    • This includes but is not limited to: art and armor style (especially Master Chief's upgraded and modified MJOLNIR Mark VI armors in Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians), music style, enemies and their AI (especially the Prometheans), storytelling and single player campaigns, gameplay, and multiplayer.
    • People in the Halo fanbase tend to fanboy over the classic armor despite that the classic armor features crotch plates, which in reality are glorified space diapers that make these armors childish and it does not belong in a video game franchise for mature audiences!
  2. Common Sense Media doesn’t only love the series, they overpraise it just like the fanbase itself!
  3. Regardless of what is added to the Halo games, the Halo fanbase never seems to be satisfied and grateful, especially for the true Bungie Halo fanboys!
  4. The Halo fanbase also constantly thinks that the Spartans in 343i's Halo games are too much like Power Rangers. That's irrefutably and completely false in every way, shape, or form!
  5. Another toxic part of the Halo fanbase consists of Halo: Reach fanboys, likely the worst part of the Halo fanbase. Note that Halo: Reach has actually been and is still criticized for not being consistent with the Halo lore.
  6. The Halo: Reach fanboys also fight with those who actually do take interest in the Halo lore and read the Halo books (e.g. Halo: The Fall of Reach).
  7. They gang up on and attack others who even so much as have the slightest deviation of opinion.
    • Praise something like Halo 4 or Master Chief's upgraded armors from Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians or criticize something like Halo 3 or Halo: Reach, and Bungie Halo fanboys will soon come upon you like a swarm of enraged wasps!
  8. The Bungie Halo fanboys give the Halo fanbase and the Halo franchise as a whole an utterly horrible reputation due to the fact that they're so loud!
  9. The Bungie Halo fanboys tend to fight with newcomers to the Halo series, which results in them being scared away from the Halo series as a whole.
  10. They also start flame wars with fanbases from rival franchises like Doom and Call of Duty, and the wars almost invariably end in favor of the Halo fans.
  11. Ironically, some parts of the Halo fanbase also tend to think that Halo has become too much like Call of Duty, despite that the two games are not similar in any way.
  12. The Halo fanbase is also filled with ultra-competitive gamers that ruin the fun and immersion in the game.
  13. Some fans of Master Chief like to hype him to god-like levels, thus easily overestimating his true potential and strength.
  14. Worse, many people venerate the classic versions of Master Chief too much, especially the Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo Infinite versions! This results in them clashing with the fans of the Halo 4/5 versions of Chief or even the Halo: Combat Evolved versions of Chief (with the Mark V armor).
  15. The Halo fanbase is also filled with clickbaity Halo YouTubers who not only are nostalgia-tards, but also like to claim that "Halo is dead" when it is anything but that!
    • Worse is that these Halo YouTubers and their followersespecially HiddenXperia and HaloFollower literally want to "return" the Halo franchise to the style of Halo 3 despite that Halo 3 is ridiculously overrated and outdated!!
    • You should especially be careful of Grunty43, who is horrible all around. Also be careful of xGLLx, who is in fact the most dangerous Halo YouTuber and the most dangerous of all the Bungie Halo fanboys!
  16. The Halo fanbase also consists of people who bash on Halo 5: Guardians just because the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) gave it a Teen rating.
    • In reality, many consumers have been surprised by the Mature rating that previous Halo FPS games wrongly received given the lack of explicit content that would otherwise trigger such a rating. Even Microsoft noted this when Halo 5: Guardians was released.
  17. They also hype up the upcoming Halo Infinite just because it features elements of the Bungie art style mixed with 343i's art style, although knowing 343i's track record, the final game will still end up looking drastically different from what the marketing and pieces of concept artwork entail it to be.
  18. Hypocrisy: the Bungie Halo fanboys bash Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians for incorporating advanced movement and gameplay features (e.g. Sprint, Armor/Spartan Abilities), and yet they seem to praise Halo: Reach, which actually incorporated many of the same advanced movement and gameplay features in the first place!
  19. They constantly blame everyone and everything (especially 343i) but themselves for everything wrong with the Halo franchise.
  20. They are part of the Microsoft Fandom, which unsurprisingly clashes with the Sony Interactive Entertainment Fandom.
  21. They also love to act like 343i killed the Halo franchise, which is simply not true at all. In fact, the Halo community is killing the Halo franchise!
  22. While the Bungie Halo fanboys are loathsome and atrocious, the 343i Halo fanboys are also terrible, albeit outnumbered by the Bungie Halo fanboys.
  23. The Halo community ruined YouTube, Instagram, and Reddit.
  24. Some people in the Halo community even go as far as falsely accusing people of stealing artwork!
  25. The community is filled with numerous genuine bigots. They pretend Spartan Locke is the worst character ever made, despite Osiris saving the lives of Blue Team, Halsey and Arbiter. Truth is that very many of them are just racists that hated playing as a fireteam with two black Spartans. They will bullshit and pretend any other reason is why when it really is just bigotry.They would hate Master Chief if he was black.
  26. They have no appreciation for the greater lore. If every minute doesn't revolve around Master Chief, they say the game is not good. This is basically painting the entire Halo universe into a corner. They tried to bring Spartan IV's and people complained about Majestic.. they made a competent team in Osiris and people still complain. Halo 2 is remembered as a great game but it seems many don't remember what they had to do something different in order for it to be so well-loved.
  27. One of the most infamous moments in the fandom is when a 16-year-old named Daniel Petric was introduced to the series, but his parents objected to the idea of their son playing a game with an M rating did not find it suitable for him. This didn't sit well with Daniel, especially because sometimes Daniel played the game for up to 18 hours at a time without taking a break. Daniel's mother eventually caught him playing Halo 3 and informed Mark, which lead him to confiscate the game from Daniel for going against his parents' wishes. Mark locked the game in a safe cabinet that also concealed his 9mm Taurus PT-92 handgun. Daniel believed his father would play the game by himself. But what did Daniel do? He used his father’s key to unlock the safe and take back his copy and also took his father’s 9mm Taurus handgun along with the game. Daniel came up behind his parents as they were relaxing on their couch in the living room and said: “Would you close your eyes, I have a surprise for you.” Daniel then proceeded to shoot both of his parents. While his mom died, his father survived (was wounded in the nose). In court, Mark testified that after Daniel shot both of his parents, he tried to make the event look like a murder-suicide by placing the gun in his father's hand whilst saying to him “Hey dad, here’s your gun. Take it,”. Daniel made an escape attempt by driving off in the family’s van with his copy of Halo 3 in the passenger seat. He didn't get very far when his plan failed as the police caught up with him and forced him out of the van via roadblock. While police were handcuffing him, he yelled: "My Dad shot my Mom!". With that said, this lead the judge to sentence him to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 23 years, which was the minimum sentence. The maximum sentence Daniel faced was life in prison without parole, which was what the prosecuting attorney recommended for him. This goes to show you that some players would be very addicted to Halo. A good reason why you should never take video games way too seriously (also, something like this has happened in another fandom).

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some fans of the franchise are really nice and don't act like this, such as Legundo.
  2. Not all fans of Master Chief are insane enough to hype him to godlike levels.
  3. Many fans of the franchise, regardless of their affiliation, do agree that some of the armors featured in Halo 5: Guardians are horrible, especially Seeker and Timmy.
  4. There are some Halo fans that do not bash rival franchises like Doom or Call of Duty.
  5. There are other fans of the Halo franchise that actually show no bias towards either Bungie Halo or 343i Halo.
  6. They do have a point About Halo 5: Guardians being a Mediocre Game.
  7. Not all Of them Hate On the 343 industries-made Halo Games or just 343 Industries at all.
  8. Various fans make amazing fan art and cosplays.
  9. Some fans of bungie may like 343 industries games too (although very rare).



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