Hate Memes

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Hate Memes
These memes always prove that you're taking your hatred on something or someone way too far.
Nickname: Hate memers
Type: Self Explanatory
Status: Very Active

Here is an example of a hate meme that is also offensive to dead people.

Hate memes are memes that are meant to hate on a certain person, TV show, movie, videogame, music artist, etc. These memes are known to be an element of toxicity in a hatedom.

List of Communities that do these memes

Why Their Hatred Should Be Memed

  1. They are similar to hate art in various ways.
  2. These memes only exist to exercise hatred on something else.
  3. These memes can also be used to belittle those who like the subject that's being hated on.
  4. They can be racist, xenophobic or even make fun of suicide, like the example on this page.
  5. They wrecked many communities.
  6. They are very widespread on the internet nowadays.
  7. Anyone who is either involved in the creation of these memes or comes across them will circle-jerk their opinions with other people.
  8. Alot of times the hate memes are really unfunny and not humerous at all.
  9. Some hate memes can also end up offensive to dead people.

The Only 2 Redeeming Qualities

  1. They may have a point about the subject being bad or having its weakness, albeit in a somewhat brash manner.
  2. Some of them can be funny depending on your thoughts.


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I don't know why, but the Emoji movie meme made me laugh