Internet Trolls

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Internet Trolls
Please, do not feed the trolls.
Nickname: Trolls
Type: Self explanatory
Status: Extremely Active

Internet trolls are controversial people on the internet that do something bad for their own amusement.

Why You Should Not Feed Them

  1. To top it all off, they're everywhere on the internet.
  2. They bully random people for little to no reason.
  3. They usually see trolling as a joke when trolls aren't always something to joke about.
  4. Many of the trolls are well known to cause so much drama on social media to the point that they could start fights.
  5. Some trolls could also do some more controversial damage such as spoiling a newly released movie, cartoon, anime, live-action show, comic, manga, book, novel, video game, etc. even if the trolls are making fake spoilers.
  6. They even encourage and manipulate people to be trolls.
  7. The trolls have spawned many toxic fandoms and hatedoms such as the Michael Jackson and anime hatedoms due to their nature of causing so much drama.
  8. They play the victim and even fake wanting to be dead.
  9. On social media and some games like VR Chat and Team Fortress 2, they have the ability to raid a lot of online places which can easily annoy people.
  10. They are shown to be unsympathetic towards others.
  11. Many of the trolls are either little kids, manchildren, edgelords, and jackasses who cannot handle criticism.
  12. They overlap with UTTP members.
  13. Some trolls can go as far as doxxing or Sockpuppeting.
  14. Some would spam non-sensical and gibberish comments or posts.
  15. There are even trolls that vandalize pages on wikis.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There are very few trolls that are harmless or even admitted that they are trolling, like YouTubers such as Eight Thoughts and I hate Pewdiepie.
  2. Because some trolls are obnoxious, they can be funny at times if you're looking for a good laugh, despite of them being negative or annoying.



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