Isaac (Golden Sun) Fandom

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Isaac (Golden Sun) Fandom
When a character from an obscured franchise gets heavily requested by the Smash Bros Fandom.
Nickname: Isaac Fanboys
Type: Video Game Fandoms, Character Fandoms
Status: Active

Isaac is the main protagonist of Golden Sun. Despite being the main protagonist of Golden Sun though, he attracted a bunch of toxic fanboys.

Why this Fandom Doesn’t Deserve a Djinn

  1. They won’t shut up about Isaac in Smash, even after he’s confirmed as an assist trophy!
  2. Outside of Smash, they only played Golden Sun just to see Isaac. Um, what about the story or the other characters?
  3. They sometime get into wars with fans of Felix over which Golden Sun series character is better.
  4. Whenever he shows up as an Assist Trophy, they’ll act so crazy, although not as toxic as Geno, Waluigi and Shadow fans.
  5. They keep asking for a Golden Sun 4, and called Nintendo lazy, which reminds you of the Kid Icarus Fandom wanting more games.
  6. They sometimes glorify him as the only sword fighter that needs to be in Smash.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least Isaac (along With Geno, Zero, Lyn, Shadow, Waluigi, and Marx) makes a heck lot more sense to add in Smash compared to other unlikely characters.
  2. Not all of them are obsessed with Isaac.
  3. Some Isaac fans get along with fans of Felix and other Golden Sun characters.
  4. At least his fandom isn't as bad as these character fandoms.