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Daxter: What are we doin' here anyway, Jak? This place gives me the creeps!

Jak and Daxter is a series of video games created by Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin. Being owned by Sony Computer Entertainment and developed by numerous companies such as Naughty Dog and Mass Media Inc, the games are plot-driven platformers that feature a mixture of action, racing, and puzzle-solving while being set in a fictional universe that combines science fantasy, steampunk/cyberpunk, and mystical elements. These games focuses on the titular characters who try to uncover the secrets of theirs world and unravel the mysteries left behind by an ancient race of Precursors. The series is regarded as one of the most defining and innovative franchises for the PlayStation 2 era, and is among Sony Interactive Entertainment's most successful intellectual properties. On the other hand, that didn't stop from having a pretty bad fanbase.

Daxter: Word To The wise: Don't Piss Us Off and Here's Why

  1. There has been some shippers who would take shipping way too seriously. The ships that are in conflict include Jak x Keira, Keira x Tess, and Jak x Human Daxter (Despite that he's currently at Ottsel) are prime examples of this. Ironically enough, Keira is Jak's love interest while Daxter's love interest is Tess (who is currently an ottsel like Daxter).
    • Speaking of ships, they even do some bad ones such as Jak x Errol (Keep in mind that Errol arrested Jak in the second game and that he tried to kill Jak with his air racer) or even a lot of self-inserts (not making this up).
  2. Zoophiles are still present in the fandom just because of the Ottsels. In fact, you do have some Daxter fangirls.
  3. Some OCs they make rely on bases thus making the OCs rather lazy. Here is an example.
  4. The Jak x Keira fans literally only played Jax X: Combat Racing just because Keira kissed Jak at one scene. Really now, the Jak series is an action-platforming game, not a romance simulator!
  5. The Precursor Legacy portion of this fandom complained about how the newer games are "edgy" just because it's not in the same tone as the first game. Excuse us?
  6. Many of them seem to take The Lost Frontier way too seriously. So much so that they would get upset over the fact that Naughty Dog stated that while they own the franchise, they are unlikely to make another Jak game. They even go as far as saying that "This game never exited".
  7. They would try to force Naughty Dog to make Jak 4 without perceiving that wishing would not solve any problem. By the way, this petition does not help either.
  8. Some are even part of the already toxic My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Fandom just because Tara Strong voices Keira is Jak 3, Jak X Combat Racing, and The Lost Frontier. The same might be said about Tara's other roles as well or any other voice actor/actress in general such as Baron Praxis being voiced by Clancy Brown (Who voices Dr. Neo Cortex in some Crash Bandicoot games and Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob SquarePants).
  9. Some are pretty nostalgic about the games that they would go and make up stuff like "Games were so much better back then" or "They don't make games like these anymore...Shame".
  10. They over exalt Jak's "I'm Gonna Kill Praxis" line way too much.
  11. Even some kids played Jak 2, Jak 3, and Jak X when these three games are rated T for Teen in North America thus indicating that these games are intended for teens. That's like saying you let an immature child play Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto when it's aimed for mature audiences.
  12. Species warring: they think that Daxter is some animal they can think of when he's an ottsel (a fictional hybrid between an otter and a weasel).
  13. If the series was ever going to get a reboot, they get so worried over some things despite the fact that nothing is announced.
  14. They sometimes start having some conflicts with Ratchet & Clank fans.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Most fans are nice and simply do enjoy the games.
  2. You can still find some wonderful fan art of the series.
  3. Some are patient for a new Jak game thus being willing to give the new game a chance.
  4. They do have a point about how The Lost Frontier being flawed such as predictable storyline, Jak and Keira being flanderized, numerous plot holes, bad camera, horrible voice acting, clunky controls, etc.
    • On the flip side, some may still enjoy The Lost Frontier.
  5. Not all of them are zoophiles or nostalgiatards.
  6. The Precursor Legacy fans started to like the newer games. If not, they do have a point about the flaws the newer games have (Jak 2's unforgivable checkpoint system or Jak 3's cars having heavy turning)