Jake Paul Fandom and Hatedom (Toxic Portion)

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Jake Paul Fandom and Hatedom (Toxic Portion)
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I'm not plugging my merch to my fans and haters.
Nickname: Jake Paulers (Fandom)

Anti-Jake Paulers (Hatedom)

Type: YouTuber Fandoms
YouTuber Hatedoms
Status: Active

Jake Joseph Paul (born January 17, 1997) is an American actor and YouTube personality who rose to significant fame on the now-defunct video application Vine. Paul first came into prominence for playing the role of Dirk on the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark.

His fans label themselves as "Jake Paulers", a name which Jake himself uses to refer to them. They are known for their toxicity. While the hatedom is also toxic, it's not as bad as the fandom.

Why They Should Be Dabbed On


  1. His fanbase shares the same problems as the Justin Bieber, One Direction and Logan Paul fandoms.
  2. They copy his behavior. It's okay to like and be inspired by someone but when you go copying every little thing they do (especially when some of the stuff they do are inappropriate to say the least). That's an unhealthy obsession at its finest.
  3. It mostly consists of tweens who utilize broken English and spam emojis.
  4. If you say anything negative about Jake Paul, they will attack you.
    • They keep on spamming "Dab on them haters", which can get on your nerves to no end.
    • Whenever there is a video that criticizes Jake, they either don't bother watching the video or instantly hate on it.
    • They (along with the Logan Paul Fandom) dislike bombed a video uploaded by Watchmojo called Top 10 Worst Songs By The Paul Brothers!
  5. Some of them want to marry him which is plainly wrong, not only because they're too young, but Jake is married to Tana Mongeau, which is clearly polygamy.
  6. They actually think the country England is an actual city.
  7. The fandom is worse than the hatedom, as the hatedom has good reasons to dislike him.
  8. Some edgelords are apart of it just because according to them, "hating Jake Paul should be not a popular opinion".
  9. They vaporized and wreck havoc to the Music community.
  10. A few part of the fandom are nostalgiatards who are obssessed with his old vines and his old YouTube videos.


  1. They bash and attack on the fanbase.
  2. Hypocritical. They say other people hate Jake Paul, but they keep spamming hate comments about Jake Paul on almost a lot of the videos. They even did that to the first YouTube video, "Me at the zoo". It's not too unfamiliar...
  3. Hate videos about him get uploaded non-stop.
  4. They are also part of the Disney Hatedom since Jake Paul used to be on the Disney Channel series Bizzardvark, where he played the character Dirk, and he did a wand ID for the Disney Channel. However, Jake Paul was fired from Disney Channel and the series after many complaints from his neighbors in West Hollywood, his character Dirk was permanently removed from the rest of the series without a replacement actor, and Disney Channel disowned the Jake Paul wand ID, so it's a dead topic now.
  5. They paralyzed the meme community.
  6. Many of them are SJWs and say that he's a racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic and sexist.
  7. Some of them are Moral Guardians.
  8. Rare, but some of them are also apart of the Logan Paul Fandom for stupid reasons.
  9. They also hate on other Team 10 members. However they never complain about Nick Crompton because of his "England is my city" meme which killed the meme community. But in fact, he used to be apart of Team 10.
  10. They're also homophobic as well since they call Jake Paul "gay" despite the fact that he's got a fiancee called Tana Mongeau. Also, in fact, Nick Crompton is homosexual.
  11. They even compare him to more evil people such as Hitler.

The Only Redeeming Qualities


  1. A few of the members respect opinions.
  2. Some have stopped being fans of him.


  1. Mature haters exist and most of them have good reasons to dislike Jake Paul.
  2. They do have a point about him being a terrible internet celebrity.
  3. They also have a point that It's Everyday, Bro is bad.
  4. Some of the Disney haters cooled down after Jake Paul left Disney Channel and the show Bizaardvark.
  5. At least they aren't as toxic as the Fandom.

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3 months ago
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Why do I hate Jake Paul so much? 1. He's very egotistical. 2. He is a terrible rapper and singer that make an infamous "rapper" Ricegum look worse. 3. He is racist as hell, since he uses the N-Word, which make iDubbbz look good, since he uses this slur as a joke and not overuses it. 4. He promotes gambling for children. Yeah, Take Two interactive did it so. Speaking of Take Two, WWE 20k has a casino, in a PEGI 3 (ESRB Everyone) game!

5. He is the reason of Youtube's downfall, alongside with Susan Wojcicki who defended Logan Paul, Buzzfeed, and many worst offenders.