Jeffy (SuperMarioLogan) Fandom

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Jeffy (SuperMarioLogan) Fandom
When liking a favorite character goes too far. Sounds familiar, eh.
Nickname: Jeffy's Puppeteers
Status: Very Active

Jeffy is a major character that had appeared in SuperMarioLogan as Mario's and Rosalina's adopted son. He can occasionally be an antagonist or even an anti-hero like Bowser Jr. His first appearance was Mario The Babysitter where he was the main antagonist. He became so popular that he has gotten controversy among older SML fans. He was originally the son of Nancy and Jacques, but Jeffy's dad died and Nancy was sent to jail. His popularity was so strong that it spawned an atrocious fandom for a number of reasons.

Why Jeffy Hates His Fandom

  1. They don't just like Jeffy, they overpraise him like a gift from God.
  2. The fans fail to realize that Jeffy was shown to be an offensive stereotype of mentally disabled people. Although Logan confirmed that Jeffy was not disabled, but still.
  3. If you were to say you don't like Jeffy, there is a very high chance that the fans WILL attack you. One example would be this.
  4. A lot of them only watch SML just to see Jeffy instead of the other characters or the story.
  5. The Jeffy fans were the ones who keep demanding for more Jeffy videos and will dislike any video that does not feature Jeffy. You, idiots, do realize that there is more to SML than just Jeffy?
  6. Many of his fans were known to do many bad things in real life.
    • On December 2017, a boy attempted to hand himself with a noose the way Jeffy almost did at one point in Jeffy's Tantrum. The mother of the child saw this and reported a news station called The Sun. No joke, thanks to the foolish act, now YouTube started demonetizing SML.
    • Another youngster watched Jeffy The Rapper and was disciplined after mimicking Jeffy. No Joke.
  7. They think that Jeffy is family-friendly, but that's false since Jeffy is not appropriate for little ones who are immature.
  8. His fanbase is full of little kids, pre-teens, teenagers, and manchildren.
  9. Whenever someone was to show valid reasons why they hate Jeffy, they would throw a fit and would think that the user who hates Jeffy is hating on him for no reason.
    • One notable example is GameCubeDude300. A user on Twitter celebrated when GameCubeDude300 shut down his channel. The post can be seen here.
    • The fandom even managed to force Loathsome Characters wiki to remove an article related to Jeffy.
    • There's also a person on Twitter named, JeffyFan101. He disrespects opinions on Jeffy and tries to take down people for hating Jeffy, and thinks that hating Jeffy is ridiculous. He also spreads lies and absurd information about others. He even threatened to take down GameCubeDude300 just for hating Jeffy.
    • A user on YouTube named JeffyFan64 thinks that no one should ever hate on Jeffy. He disrespects opinions and threatens to flag all of many people's videos just for hating Jeffy. He also believes opinions don't exist or matter.
    • Some DeviantArt user named "JeffyJeffyUHUHUH" is by far worse, she's a toxic Jeffy/Fortnite fangirl, she bashes on anyone who hates Jeffy, and keeps intoxicating Erik "Tazman" Mokracek. Later on she was hacked in February 2019.
    • Many of the fans consider their opinion as a fact.
  10. Even Logan himself was aware of the fandom. He said in Chilly's blog that he is going to take a break from using Jeffy, as he has caused his channel problems. Jeffy was never axed, but still
    • Another thing is that in an interview with dabhdude that Logan wishes that he had never added Jeffy, due to the issues that have arisen after his debut.
  11. They fail to realize that the fandom led to the demonetization of the channel. They constantly demanded more Jeffy videos with more of his swearing and other inappropriate jokes, which were among the major reasons SML's channel was demonetized in the first place.
  12. Many of them would make cringey fan art involving Jeffy. AwfulFanDactyl is a prime example who is shown to be a Jeffy fangirl.
  13. They even do dumb crossovers related to Jeffy such as Jeffy x Leni Loud.
  14. They spam "Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh" and "Are you F*cking High?" which will get on your nerves.
  15. Many of the are part of the SMG4 Hatedom.
    • They whined when Jeffy died in the Cartoon Fight Club episode in Jeffy vs SMG4.
    • They are hypocritical when they said that SMG4's humor has a lot of cussing but Jeffy's humor does too and is shown to be taking more to the next level than SMG4 did.
  16. They have similar problems with the Master Chief, Sans, Monika, Sora, Jibril and Jotaro fandoms.
  17. They are everywhere on anything related to SuperMarioLogan.
  18. Whenever Jeffy gets tortured, they make a big deal out of it.
  19. They make lame comments on YouTube such as "Like for Jeffy, comment for Bullet Bill" or "The likes button shows how much Jeffy weights".
  20. The fandom is so bad that it is worse than the hatedom. at least the hatedom has good reasons to not like Jeffy and show consideration to other people's opinions, unlike the fandom.
  21. They can even force you to like Jeffy.
  22. They think that Jeffy is canon to the Mario universe but that is not true.
  23. They like Jeffy so much that they would forget about the other characters.
  24. Much like the Jotaro and Joseph fandoms, they are unaware of how unlikeable Jeffy can be such as being more demanding than Junior would ever be (for example, Locking Mario out of his house).
  25. So far, they are the worst and most toxic part of the SuperMarioLogan Fandom.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There are still some good users who like him.
  2. Some are aware of Jeffy's flaws
  3. A lot of them are aware of Jeffy being a fan-made character instead of a canon character.
  4. Some are aware of the controversy Jeffy has gotten outside the internet.
  5. Some may like SMG4.
  6. Some could have a good reason why they liked him.