Jevil (Deltarune) Ironic Fandom

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Jevil (Deltarune) Ironic Fandom
Nickname: Jevil's Minions
Type: Character Fandoms
Status: Active

Jevil is an NPC and bonus boss character in Deltarune. Jevil worked as the court jester together with Seam who is the court magician. One day, however, Jevil met a "strange someone" thus making him believe that it would be The Knight which caused Jevil to change personally. Jevil started saying bizarre things that half the time made little sense according to Seam who explained what had happened. Jevil started viewing the world as a game, while everyone acted as its participants. Because of this, Seam was forced by the four Kings to lock Jevil away underneath Card Castle. Ever since Jevil came to be, he has gotten a toxic following.

Why They're Chaos CHAOS

  1. Not only do they like Jevil, they exalt him like he was Lord Helix.
  2. On anything related to Jevil, they spam some of his quotes and memes such as "I CAN DO ANYTHING", "METAMORPHOSIS", Jevil hurting Ralsei, and "CHAOS CHAOS" to no end.
  3. They make dumb comparisons to other characters such as Dimentio from Super Paper Mario and Marx from Kirby. Just because they have a jester-like personality, does not make them the same. In fact, this is "Sans and Ness" all over again.
  4. Thanks to his meme status, his ironic fans think that Deltarune is mainly about Jevil when it really isn't. It can be compared to saying Super Mario RPG is mainly about Geno or Fat Yoshi when it's not.
  5. Jevil fangirls exist you know.
  6. Much like Shrek. Thanos, JoJo characters, Shaggy, Sans, Bubble Bass, and Peppa Pig, they shoehorn Jevil into anything to existence. These include JoJo, IT, Sonic, Baldi, Cuphead, Marvel, and many more.
  7. They even compare Jevil's battle to Sans's battle. They are different battles otherwise.
  8. They make a ton of chaotic (no pun intended) fan art of Jevil.
  9. They make dumb theories stating Jevil being a girl when Jevil is clearly male. Examples here.
  10. Jevil's meme status was so high, his fans would only know him because of the memes.
  11. They will attack people who do not like Jevil by opinion disrespecting or spamming memes of him.
  12. It's safe to say that they caused lots of chaos to The Meme Community and The Gaming Community.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some mature fans who are kind do exist.
  2. Some memes can actually be funny.
  3. A lot of good fan art of Jevil exist.
  4. Some may know where Jevil comes from.
  5. They do have a point that The World Revolving is a fun song (Although not everyone has to like it though).
  6. They can have good reasons why they liked Jevil.


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