Jibril (No Game No Life) Fandom

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Jibril (No Game No Life) Fandom
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Jibril's reaction to her toxic fans.
Jibril: Hahahahaha!
Judging by the behavior of this fanbase, this one can actually make angry Tokyo Ghoul manga fans look and act more mature in comparison.
Nickname: Jibril Fanboys/Fangirls
Type: Anime Fandoms
Character Fandoms
Status: Very Active

Jibril (ジブリール Jiburīru) is a flügel, powerful angelic race known for their ruthlessness. Jibril is over 6000-years old and is the youngest and most powerful of her species. She recieved a bad fandom when the movie, No Game No Life: Zero was released back in 2017.

Why Her Fandom Deserves A Heaven Strike

  1. Not only do they love her, but they also call her their deity while ignoring her flaws.
  2. They disrespect anyone who hates her, in fact, they initiate flame wars on her haters including some sane ones.
  3. A medium portion of that toxic fandom disrespected Schwi when she died.
  4. They think that all of Jibril haters are immature which is obviously not true, in fact, there are haters that have good reasons to hate her.
  5. They claim that their opinions are always facts and they never act immature, which is ironic since they disrespect opinions and they force any Jibril haters to "stop hating her please because she is very perfect and likable". (Calm down please, we know that Jibril can be likable but not all the time, because she killed Schwi in No Game No Life: Zero without any regrets, just to get her head as a trophy. Schwi may have flaws such as kill Riku's people but she stops doing this and regrets it despite she rarely feels any emotion since she is barely a machine and she's still on Riku's side.)
  6. This. You jackasses think everyone should like her?
  7. Speaking of Reddit, they overuse the term "Best Girl" whenever they post fanart of Jibril. While there is nothing wrong with liking her in general, they try to shove their opinions down on other people's throats which can get very repetitive and annoying.
  8. They are so bad that it makes the haters look more mature compared to them.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Not all of her fans are like this. Some of them gave respect to Schwi when she died.
  2. A medium portion of this fandom can respect opinions.
  3. They can draw some good art of her.
  4. There are few fans of her aware that she can be unlikable at times, especially after what she did in the movie.
  5. Some of her female fans are good cosplayers thanks to their efforts of designs and accurate sizes of their costumes.

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7 months ago
Score 3
I still hate Jibril after what she did in the movie. But my god, her fans still sees her as a religious figure, and it's really annoying.

Hitori Bocchi

7 months ago
Score 2
Despite her actions in No Game No Life Zero, she is still the most popular character of that series thanks to her loyal but toxic fandom. Which surprised me.