Jon Arbuckle (Garfield) Hatedom

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Jon Arbuckle (Garfield) Hatedom
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how did one classic cartoon character get treated like a spawn of Satan?
Type: Ironic Hatedom
Status: Active

Jonathan Q. "Jon" Arbuckle is a character that appears in the Garfield franchise and made his first debut on 1/8/1976. He is a geeky and clumsy man who cares for both Garfield and Odie, but he is somehow the butt of the jokes according to Garfield. Jon has a lot of various facts about his character such as an Italian ancestor in the form of Tony Arbuccli, like polka, likes the color red, play various instruments such as the bagpipes, likes decaffeinated coffee, likes chocolate-chip cookies, likes unleaded gasoline, was raised on a farm, has a long-time girlfriend named Dr. Liz Wilson and prays to God (As shown in the April 29, 1987 strip). While Jon may be one of the most iconic and beloved cartoon characters of all time, he somehow got an ironic hatedom that he too is not safe from.

Why Jon Wouldn't Give Them Lasagna

  1. First and foremost, you got this this Tumblr page.
  2. This hatedom somehow believes that Jon drinks canine semen and somehow likes it. How is that even possible? Men can't get pregnant and Jon might be drinking some water or something. Also, how can drinking dog semen make people be pregnant? Look here. In addition, Jim Davis himself denied that Jon drank dog semen.
  3. Some of the haters would have the guts to say that those who like Jon are sick freaks. WHAT?
  4. They hate the rest of Jon's family so much that they would make a dumb theory stating that "Grandma Arbuckle signed some pact with the devil that made them all evil". What kind of theory is that? It's most likely because of this.
  5. They constantly think Jon has bestiality problems simply because of This Comic. It's just a character DANG.
    • Similarly, they would think that Jon is attracted to Garfield. one of the best examples is when they would bring up this. He is just watching a romance show so what's the point?
  6. Some of them would even think that Jon killed Lyman simply because Lyman was removed in the newer Garfield strip. They do realize that Lyman made a big comeback in the Garfield Show as well as a few cameo appearances before the said show. The reason why Jon haters think that simply because of his appearance in Scary Scavenger Hunt. It's just a cameo and Lyman was never killed by Jon.
  7. They call Jon sexist simply because of this strip. How is that even sexist?
  8. They don't just hate Jon, they demonize him.
  9. They trash on his movie incarnation to the point that they would point out his flaws the meanest way possible. Sure, the live-action Garfield movies are bad but that does not mean you get to bash on him 24/7.
  10. They even compare him to Donald Trump. Seriously Guys?
  11. They would call Jon the worst Garfield character to exist where there are characters to be far worse than Jon such as how Nermal was portrayed in The Garfield Show.
  12. The "Real True Facts About Jon Arbuckle Posts". For example. Jon ever washes his hands according to them.
  13. They would think that Jon abuses animals but he would never do that simply because of this.
  14. They would make hate memes out of Jon such as This.
  15. Not just hate memes, also hate art such as this
  16. They even compare Jon to other characters such as Lars from Steven Universe.
  17. Some even hate him for no reason just for circle jerking purposes.
  18. Some may be part of the Christianity Hatedom because of Jon believing in God as seen here.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some Jon haters are sane and mature who respect opinions.
  2. Some have valid reasons why they don't like Jon.
  3. They do have a point about Jon's flaws.
  4. Some take his hate as a joke and not serious as long as they don't go too far.
  5. They still understand that Jon Arbuckle is Garfield’s owner.