K-Pop Fandom and Hatedom

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K-Pop Fandom and Hatedom
K-pop fangirls.jpg
Fangirls that have gone too crazy!
Nickname: K-Poppers (Fandom)
Anti-Kpoppers (Hatedom)
Type: Music Fandom and Hatedom
Status: Extremely Active (Fandom)
Very Active (Hatedom)

K-Pop (short for Korean Pop) is a music genre that originated in South Korea. It is notable for experimenting with all different genre of music. Another thing this music genre is known for? It's toxic fandom and hatedom.

Why All Of Them Should Be Stanned To Death


  1. They often fight and rabidly bash each other.
  2. Similar to Hazbin Hotel Fandom and Hatedom, SJWs and Obsessive Anti-SJWs are prevalent on both sides.


  1. They literally celebrated XXXTentacion's death.
  2. They celebrated the death of the Dolan Twins' father in response to a comment Grayson Dolan made about K-Pop idols fainting on-stage, WHICH HE APOLOGIZED FOR.
    1. And the official Instagram account that made arrangements to make their father's funeral a literal meet-up (and started the entire funeral drama in general) stated that they were a 'K-Pop stan.'
  3. They insult and attack anyone who are not a fan of K-Pop, to the point of self-harm.
  4. The fangirls. We don't need to explain.
    • They fangirl whenever someone has a profile picture of their favorite K-Pop artists, mostly Jimin and Jungkook from BTS. Even if a video brings up a reference to their fandom, the fangirls will spam the comments. For example, in Jacksepticeye’s video where he played PETA games, he once said that he listens to BTS.
    • Also the fanboys of female K-Pop groups like Girls' Generation and Loona are no better.
    • They would fetishize their favorite idols instead of treating them like actual people.
  5. They also attacked a rapper named Cupcakke just because she fangirled Jungkook on Twitter. DOUBLE STANDARDS MUCH?! This made her try to commit suicide, but thankfully she failed.
  6. Some of them are part of the Anime Hatedom, they literally hate Anime fans and call them weeaboos! They also hate J-music because they are literally xenophobic towards JAPAN!
  7. The worst part of the K-pop fandom are Koreaboos, a pun on weeaboos, the Non-koreans who are obsessed with South Korean culture (Which includes Filipinos, Malaysians, Indonesians, Westerners and even Japanese too!).
    1. They failed to realize that most of K-pop songs are also translated in J-pop/Japanese version, hypocrite much?!
  8. A minority of the fanbase (mostly from South Korea), are stalkers, or 'sasaengs'. They will do almost EVERYTHING to get a K-Pop idol to notice them, by blocking a road, breaking into their apartment, hacking their twitter account, to the point where they left their DRIED MENSTRUAL BLOOD in one of the idols’ apartment door.
  9. Amino is literally infested with these fans. They think K-POP is their life and everything should be K-POP-ified. There's even a debate, roleplay communities and even fanfiction communities! We're not joking here. It proves how overrated and toxic K-Pop and their fans can be. Seriously, who has a career debating about K-Pop? and who roleplays their favorite band members? and make outright questionable fanfiction?
    • Not only that, but impersonating real life people is actually illegal.
  10. There's even shipping wars in this fandom.
    • On top of that, rabid shippers are a part of this fandom as well.
  11. Sometimes, this fandom overlaps with the very infamous Michael Jackson Ironic Hatedom since Jackson's music was more popular than K-Pop music back in the 90's.
  12. On Twitter, fans have taunted other people who died (Examples include Stan Lee, Etika, Cameron Boyce, etc.), claiming that "stanning" K-pop idols would have prevented such tragedies. How in the world would 'sTanNinG' a K-Pop band save your life?
  13. They spam concert videos (also known as fancams) of their favorite bands on twitter. They also use it just to fuel arguments and to make people mad.
  14. Stage-Burner is an example of a toxic K-Pop fangirl.
  15. They overuse the hell out of the word "Stan".
  16. They even celebrated when PewDiePie got robbed. How is someone getting robbed a good thing to you, you won't find it great if the very same thing happened to you?
  17. When a video about some teen discovering a new planet, many toxic K-Pop fans made comments about the planet having something to do with BTS, even though the whole video isn't even K-Pop or BTS related in general. Just look at the comment section of the video.
  18. Armys and Exo ls.
  19. On Twitter, they often spam gifs or videos of K-POP on topics that isn't K-POP which doesn't make sense.
    • Also when something gets relevant, they usually act like a toxic hater of that relevant thing.
    • One of them even celebrated Etika's death!


  1. Some haters only hate K-Pop just because its popular or just for its fandom and nothing else.
  2. If anyone says that they like K-Pop, changes are that they will get attacked.
  3. Some hate it just because it's Korean! Xenophobic.
  4. They are even homophobic, since they call K-Pop idols "gay".
  5. They literally celebrated the deaths of Sulli and Goo Hara.
  6. It wouldn't be suprising if some are a part of the South Korea Hatedom.
  7. Some of them are even metal elitists, nostalgiatards and weeaboos.
  8. This comment section.
  9. They treat the K-Pop fans and idols like they're Nazis or Fascists.
  10. Some of them even send death threats to K-Pop fans, including the non-toxic ones.
  11. Some are even edgelords who attack anything related to K-Pop or the South Korean culture.
  12. Even H3H3Productions is a part of this toxic hatedom, he hates K-pop and loathe it because he thinks that K-pop is ruining the Western Pop culture even if it's not and what's even worse that he encourages his fans and supporters to attack every K-pop fan whether they're sane nor rabid, just like how he blocked them on his Twitter account.
  13. They even say that K-pop is cancer, which is offensive to those who suffer from cancer.
  14. Some are even sexist.

Redeeming Qualities


  1. A majority of the fanbase are not stalkers, or sasaengs.
  2. Not all K-Pop fans are a part of the Anime Hatedom since some K-pop fans are also Anime fans too. In fact some of the YouTubers make amazing K-pop themed AMV's on YouTube while others in Nightcore versions as well like this version of Momoland's Bboom bboom in Nightcore.
  3. They also make some nice fan-arts of their favorite K-pop idols (including Anime-style).
  4. Some who follow certain groups or fan bases of certain groups are mature or chill and stay out of drama or call out the rude or hateful fans.
  5. It's safe to say that some sane or non-toxic fans exist.
  6. Some of them are aware of how toxic the fandom is.


  1. They have a point that BTS will be discontinued.
  2. They do have a point about how toxic K-Pop fangirls (like Stage-Burner) can be.
  3. Some of them are mature and don't act like the rabid ones.
  4. Not all of them hate South Korea just because of K-Pop.

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18 days ago
Score 1
I remember some girls showed an interest in me back when I was in 10th grade and I decided to sit with them in one class. They and their friends literally never shut up about K-pop. I mean no harm to Korean culture, but boy is that fandom obnoxious! I ignore them nowadays though. Btw they were the ones who taught me about the boy's band BTS. Prior to that I only knew of the subway/metro system in Bangkok, Thailand of the same name.


18 days ago
Score 3
This fandom is the worst one of all of them in my opinion


one month ago
Score 2
The K-Pop stans attacking Cupcakke is why I hate extreme K-Pop stans so much. Yes, I am a K-Pop fan myself, but this is when they hit a new low.


3 months ago
Score 3
This, along with the Justin Bieber fandom, is why I hate toxic fangirls.


3 months ago
Score 3
The same can be said for the fandoms of One Direction, Beyonce and Ariana Grande (Toxic Portion).


3 months ago
Score 1
Don’t forget jake paul.


6 days ago
Score 0
One direction fandom died


3 months ago
Score 3

Dear Moral Guardians, whether you believe it or not, K-Pop does not turn people bisexual. It is a sexual orientation, not a gender invented by idols.

Dear K-Pop fans, stop defaming dead people just to promote your idols. Many innocent people have died because of your actions. Your fandom is the one who drove Sulli to suicide. If it weren't for you the community wouldn't be filled with trolls nowadays.

Burro Turbando

3 months ago
Score 1
The K-Pop haters celebrated Sulli's death. So I'm sure that they're both making people to die because of their actions.


3 months ago
Score 3

Yeah, I know. K-Pop stans are annoying.