Kids' Choice Awards Hatedom

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The Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards (KCA for short) is an annual American children's awards ceremony show that is produced by Nickelodeon. It is known for having a hatedom due to the first reason, and a bad hatedom in fact for some reasons.

Why They Don't Deserve to Be Nominated

  1. Whenever SpongeBob wins KCA for favorite cartoon, fans of other cartoons that got nominated but lost complain non-stop about SpongeBob winning instead of their favorite show.
  2. SJW fanboys of Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, and The Loud House went really insane when SpongeBob won instead of those shows for their respective years that they got nominated in.
  3. Most of these come from the SpongeBob SquarePants Hatedom.
  4. Likewise, many video gamers complain when the Just Dance series wins for favorite video game instead of one that would be more deserving in 2016 and up. Most of the time they will also bash on Ubisoft.
  5. They think that KCA is a ripoff of the Oscars and Emmy's when it actually isn't.
  6. They won't stop complaining about it being rigged with SpongeBob and Just Dance being the winners.
  7. They hate the awards just because stuff that they didn't like got nominated, like The Emoji Movie for Favorite Animated Movie in 2018.

Redeeming Quality

  1. They do have good points.