King Julien (Madagascar) Fandom

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King Julien (Madagascar) Fandom




Nickname: Julien's subjects
Type: Character Fandom
Status: Semi-Active

King Julien XIII or simply King Julien is a secondary character of Madagascar's trilogy and the series The Penguins of Madagascar, a minor character in the movie The Penguins of Madagascar and the main character of the Netflix series All Hail King Julien that serves as a prequel to the main line of Madagascar in general.

Why They Should Move Outta Madagascar

  1. They rise to him as if he were a true king.
  2. They ships Julien with several characters from his franchise, crossovers and fan-characters
    • Regarding the franchise, they ships Julien with Maurice, Mort, Skipper, Kowalski, and even with his uncle who is incest and used to be enemies.
    • Speaking of which, even ships him with Karl, that both are enemies and the latter wants to kill him.
    • There are even fangirls obsessed with Julien to the point that they make fan-characters just to ship themselves with Julien.
  3. Some are obsessed with his feet similar to Mort's obsession.
  4. They magnify the song "I Like To Move It" as if it were the national anthem.
  5. Some fans don't notice that Julien has faults like his selfish personality in the series The Penguins of Madagascar and that he sometimes blames Maurice for bad things Julien did.
  6. They throw fruit to those who do not like Julien.
  7. For obvious reasons, they come from Madagascar Ironic Fandom that already were toxic.
  8. The dark portion of the furry community are part of this because Julien is a lemur.
  9. Some fans make disgusting art about Julien, While Julien is an adult, As we mentioned before, he is a lemur, so it is bestiality.
  10. They went crazy when King Julien wore diapers in the All Hail King Julien episode called Diapers Are the New Black.

Redeeming Qualities That Makes Them Part Of The Party

  1. A good part of the fandom makes great fanarts and fanfics about King Julien.
  2. Some Julien fans get along well with those who don't consider him their cup of tea.
  3. Not all fans possess the qualities already mentioned above.


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