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Konami is a japanese video game developer known for creating well known IP's. While they gained controversy in 2012, they have a toxic fandom, mostly for their old times.

Why they shouldn't have the Konami Code

  1. The fandom always praises their old games to death.
  2. Just like any other fandom, they'll attack anyone who dares to point out any bad qualities to their games.
  3. Konami had some bad games in their old times, but most rabid toxic fans mostly ignore these games and treats them they don't exist.
  4. They only know about Contra, Metal Gear, Silent Hill, and Gradius when they did other franchises such as Thunder Cross, Crime Fighters, Twin Bee, Lethal Enforcers, and many more.
  5. When Konami announced Hideo Kojima's departure, the Fandom heavily overracted to it, which leads to one of the points: These 'fandom' put Kojima on a super high pedestal because he made good games that broke the trends, forgetting that Kojima's artistic views are very draining towards Konami's limited resources (and sometimes doesn't translate well into good games. The Lord of Shadows reboot of Castlevania were handled by Kojima Productions, for your information. They are not as perfect as people want to think they are.) so they have justifications in wanting Kojima to depart, even if they also add up with other bad reasonings.
  6. Surprisingly, there's some Rule 34 for some franchises, even though some of the characters are underaged.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They do have a point about Konami making incredibly bad decisions such as the cancellation of Silent Hills; the releases of Metal Gear Survive, Contra Rogue Corps, and treating their staff horribly. Even those who thinks that Konami still deserves a second chance and future come back accept that those dickheaded decisions are points that they have to redeem and will not be going away soon.
  2. Some fans are aware that Konami had some bad games in the past such as Tetsuwan Atom (Astro Boy), The Adventures of Bayou Billy (American version) and Contra Force.
  3. There are some times that Konami, despite their controversy, did something right and pleases the fandom angry at them. Case in point: Super Bomberman R.
  4. They still release compilations of their good past games and made sure they're still playable (and also patching if there's trouble spotted), if you want to relive some of their glory days in the past without legal worries, there's that.
  5. They still respectfully mourn for the passing of Kazuhisa Hashimoto, the creator of the legendary Konami Code and a man who still stuck with them within their dark ages at 2010's to his last breaths.