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An example of a koreaboo.
Type: self explanatory
Status: Very Active

Koreaboos are non-South Korean people who are obsessed with South Korean culture, especially K-pop, and may behave in a stereotypically South Korean manner. They are basically in the same lines as Weeaboos, Wolfaboos, Cartoonaboos, and Slavaboos.

Why They Have Side Effects

  1. They don't just like South Korea, they just exalt the country like it was a religion. Seriously now, South Korea is just a country in East Asia. Same can be said about anything related to South Korea such as the K-Pop (obviously) or competitive games that are popular in South Korea such as League of Legends, FIFA Online 3, Starcraft, etc.
  2. They want to be re-born as a Korean or try to act like Koreans when it's not only silly, but it's also a sign of disrespecting the South Korean culture. Heck, they don't know that they are actually ignoring the truth.
  3. Just like slavaboos and weeaboos, they never care about their original culture. However, this is evidence that they are hypocrites because they hate their original culture that isn't South Korea yet they are not even born in South Korea!
  4. They also attack all Music Fandoms and communities on the internet, like the Philippine Pop Fandom (OPM/Original Filipino Music), the J-Pop Fandom, RnB music Fandom, American Pop Fandom, Hip-hop/Rap Fandom, Heavy Metal/Rock music Fandom, Classical music Fandom and many more.
  5. They use Korean words or phrases in a normal conversation which can confuse people who are not familiar with these words. These words would include "oppa", "saranghaeyo", and "annyeonghaseyo".
  6. Speaking of the phrases, they overuse these words so much that it gets really annoying when you think about it.
  7. They ask idols to speak English daily only to poke fun of their English thus saying things like "OMG, your Engrish is so cute". Also, "Engrish" is used as an insult since many people see that word as the usage of making fun of broken English.
  8. They think that everything that is Korean is automatically better than anything else which is offensive to other cultures.
  9. They think that they are "getting into knowing the culture" when they are trying to mold themselves into a mindset thinking of Korea as their culture.
  10. They think that Korea is all about K-Pop when there is more to Korea than just the genre of the song.
  11. They always don't care about the rest of Korea or its cons. They would go as far as saying that Korea is a fairyland when Korea did had some dark sides like environmental issues.
  12. They love K-Pop so much that they never enjoy other music that isn't K-Pop such as Jazz, Classical, Country, Rock, Rap, Disco, Heavy Metal, Techno, etc.
    • If that's not enough, they always trash so much on Western music just because according to them, they always talk about "drugs and sex" when some Western music has different topics. Also, keep in mind that some K-Pop songs have tackled this concept before.
  13. As expected, they are xenophobic towards countries that are not Korea such as most notably Japan.
    • Irony: they failed to realize that most of K-pop songs are also translated in J-pop/Japanese version, hypocrite much?!
    • If that isn’t enough, they even laughed at the arson of Kyoto animation (despite 34 people died in the arson), obvious isn’t it?
  14. On the topic of Japan, they refer to anime fans as weeaboos when they are acting like weeaboos in the form of koreaboos.
  15. They always show unloyalty towards celebrities that have nothing to do with K-Pop or Korea such as Michael Jackson, Stan Lee, and XXXTentacion as prime examples. They do this to other people as well such as PewDiePie (because he got robbed) and Dolan Twins' father.
  16. By any means, NEVER give constructive criticism on them because they will make a big deal.
  17. Once you say you hate K-Pop, they will try to chew you out for no good reason.
  18. They want to move to Korea just because they think that being a K-Pop star is easy as pie. In reality, there has been some extremes.
  19. They try to change their names into Korean names just for being attention hogs on the internet. Do us a favor and check out this page if you want more info. In addition, they would go as far as trying to look like Koreans just for fame.
  20. They think that they are Korean. Is there anything else we should say?
  21. They call people that can't afford to a K-Pop concert a disloyal fan when the koreaboos are just selfish.
  22. It's really common to see them see someone who is a legit Korean, they will try to get their attention in the most annoying way possible such as stalking. It becomes more irritating when they would see a K-Pop idol.
    • On the topic of K-Pop idols, they see them as gods rather than just people who are just doing their job.
    • And let's not forget the fact that fanboys and fangirls will go nuts if someone has a K-Pop artist as a profile picture or it get's mentioned somehow. No wonder you will find things like people calling their idols "oppa".
  23. They somehow want everything to be like K-Pop or South Korea, we mean EVERYTHING IN EXISTANCE! No exceptions. One example of this is Amino who uses the term "K-Pop-ified".
  24. Hypocrisy at it's finest: they claim to hate Japan, yet they like Asians all because of the Koreans (Despite that Japan is also an Asian country). Seriously now, there is more to Asians than just Koreans such as Turkey, Iraq, China, Israel, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Singapore, etc.
  25. They want to fell in love with people that look like K-Pop idols or just Koreans in general when they are just being picky and neglectful to those that don't look like K-Pop idols or those that are not Korean
  26. They think that they are more Korean than actual Koreans just because of their love towards K-Pop and K-Dramas. *Extreme facepalm*
  27. Some of them don't even know what the word Koreaboo even means.
  28. They are so toxic that they are a huge annoyance to the K-Pop Fandom just by leaving a huge scar to the fandom. Heck, even the rest of the K-Pop community knows how bad they are.
  29. When it comes to languages, they often claim that they understand Korean yet they contradict themselves. For example, if they can understand "annyeonghaseyo" and "gamsahapnida", but not the actuals fonts of the words like "안녕하세요" or "감사합니다", they are only knowing these words just from the media they liked.
  30. They refuse to shut up about K-Pop. Think about it, they think that K-Pop and K-Dramas are an important part of a lifestyle. How are these things more important than politics, getting a job, money, and education?
    • Also didn't we forget to mention that they would be off-topic as well if someone was not talking about K-Pop. Anyways, why don't you read the comments on this video?
  31. They are very self-centered because they only care about themselves than others. For example, when an American rapper named Cupcakke fangirled Jungkook on Twitter, they got really pissed off. This is a sign of double standards.
  32. Every time someone dies such as Etika or Stan Lee, they taunted the dead thus thinking that "stanning" K-Pop idols would save them.
  33. Since we mentioned popular competitive games in South Korea, they always ignore that League of Legends is made by Riot Games (an American video game developer), FIFA Online 3 being made by EA (an American video game company), and Starcraft is made by Blizzard Entertainment (another American video game company). Bigger double standers we suspected.
  34. When it comes to K-Dramas, they think that all K-Dramas are original yet some K-Dramas are based on certain things. Heck, some of K-Dramas are based on English-language TV shows such as Criminal Minds and Life on Mars.
    • They also ignore the fact that some Korean Dramas are also originated from Japanese Manga which later becomes Anime like Hana Yori Dango which was known as Boys Over Flowers, they also ignore the fact that Korean comicbooks that inspired to Manga like Webtoons exist yet they still turning a blind eye for that.
  35. They act like they only know Korean music and Korean celebrities. they'll put down and ignore celebrities and music from any other heritage.
  36. They are VERY are notorious for their infamous k-pop group wars. These kinds of wars would involve feuds between fans of a particular K-Pop band such as BTS, EXO, CLC, and BIGBANG.
  37. They try to use other Asian languages to make it sound Korean such as kawaii which is not Korean since it means cute in Japanese.
  38. They call their favorite country "true Asia" when it's offensive to people who live in other parts of Asia. Also, barely any of these koreaboos have actually studied history and geology, which makes them very uneducated.
  39. They act like they want to be cute when it's immature and downright offensive to Koreans.


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Now they're thirsty for Kim Jong-un's sister.


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Is there a subclass that worships North Korea?


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these people are worse than weaboos