Liking Something Because of The Memes

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Shrek is the main reason why anyone would like All Star or Smash Mouth

While there's nothing wrong with liking certain products. There are times where many people (mainly the meme community) would only like something simply because of the memes. It's a shallow reason that we would cover.

Why It's A Toxic Excuse

  1. A lot of these people don't really know the source material of a certain product and only like it for the memes are so. For example: let's say a person likes Smash Mouth simply because of All-Star being featured in Shrek but does not know that other songs exist.
  2. They tend to spam a ton of memes on any product that features a "memed" line such as Shrek memes, "Weed Eater" (VeggieTales), Yakko's World, "IT'S OVER 9000!!!" (Dragon Ball Z), Mega Man (Ruby-Spears) memes (such as Kung Fu Cut Man), Smash Bros. memes (Such as "Guh-huh" and "Hoes mad"), "Peppa, what are you doing", "Whatcha doin'?" (Phineas and Ferb), Evil Kermit (Muppets Most Wanted), "Banana Slamma" (Donkey Kong), "That's Mama Luigi to you Mario" (Super Mario World (TV Series)), "Just Monika" (DDLC), "Mail time!'" (Back at the Barnyard), "Pizza time" (Spider-Man 2), "I See a Poser" (Final Fantasy), "The Enemy" (Fire Emblem Heroes), Darth Vader's "NOOOO!!!" Line (Star Wars: Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith), Sans Memes, Hades (Disney's Hercules), Sad Kid Sonic Meme (Sonic Underground), Angry Shang Meme (Mulan II), "ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA" (JoJo), Initial D meme (Such as "Deja Vu" and "Running in the 90s"), "Nezuko Running" (Demon Slayer: Kimestu no Yaiba), "I Love Emilia" (Re:Zero), "The song has restored my strength." (Pokémon: The Movie 2000), Kawhi Leonard's laugh, Crying Jordan, Lebron James 2018 Finals Game 1 Reaction, Shaquille O'neil's Hot Ones and many more.
    • If spamming is not enough, some of them would even spam it anywhere they go.
  3. Obviously, these idiots only like a certain product just because of a meme or memes. Really?
  4. It's really annoying in the comments section that you would find comments such as "99% of the comments are Memes, 1% of the comments are unironic". In fact, even these commentators know how bad they are.
  5. Speaking of memes alone, they would tend to make up more nonsense such as "Top 10 Anime catchphrases", "Like if Cory should have been in Infinity War", "This song should be in Area 51", and much other random madness.
  6. They tend to take certain lines way too seriously.
  7. Don't ever say you dislike certain lines because they can attack you to no end. They can even make up cringeworthy insults such as "Normie", "Troll", "Autistic", "Retarded", "Get AIDS", "Drink Bleach", etc.
    • Speaking of normies, they would insult people by calling them normies yet some of them could be themselves just for spamming the memes everywhere in an infinite manner.
  8. They love to shoehorn certain lines into anything in existence.
  9. As mentioned in this article, they only play certain video games, listen to certain music, and watch certain movies, anime, and cartoons just for the memes instead of the story, pure comedy, gameplay, enjoyment of music, the purpose of education, etc. Come now, there's more to certain products than just memes.
  10. Many fandoms tend to use that excuse just to be superior to others.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of these memes can be funny.
  2. Some use memes for moderation instead of taking them too seriously.
  3. They can still enjoy certain products and can still have legit reasons why they liked the product.
  4. Sometimes, a product wouldn't be a hit in the western territories if it wasn't for the memes. Take Love Live for example.

Fandoms Known For This Excuse


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