Madagascar (Movie) Hatedom

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Madagascar (Movie) Hatedom
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Alex: You maniac, you burned up our hatedom!!! Darn you, darn you all to heck!!
Type: Movie Hatedom
Status: Active

Note: Not to be confused with the country

Madagascar is a series of computer-animated films produced by DreamWorks Animation. The first movie tells the story of the zoo animals Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe, and Gloria the hippo who unexpectedly find themselves stranded in the country Madagascar after an incident, and must learn to adapt in the wild. In the second film, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, the four zoo animals try to go back to New York, but end up crash-landing in Africa. There, Alex gets to reunite with his parents Zuba and Florrie. However, a lion named Makunga plans to overthrow Zuba and become an alpha lion. The third film, Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, follows the four main characters still struggling to go to New York, but ends up joining a failing traveling circus as they meet new characters such as Stefano the sea lion, Vitaly the tiger, Gia the jaguar, and Sonya the bear. This franchise has spin-offs including a spin-off film, television series, short films, live shows, and a television special. Also, a hatedom that is toxic.

Why They're Crackalackin' Toxic

  1. Some of them think that it's a ripoff of The Lion King when it clearly isn’t and barely has any similarities to each other except involving both African animals.
  2. Some of them accuse this movie of stealing Shrek's popularity which is downright butthurt.
  3. Many of them hate this movie just because it has furries in the film. What the... that is not a good excuse to dislike a movie.
  4. Even moral guardians are still present in this hatedom. They went bananas when they see things like Marty's Sugar Honey Iced Tea line from the first movie or some violence (like Alex's steak addiction from the first movie). This can also apply to certain scenes in the sequels as well such as Moto Moto's Big and Chunky song. Common Sence Media is a good example of this.
  5. Though it's rare, some think that this movie is racist. If the movie is racist, then explain how they are just animals instead of real people? Just because some the animals have accents (like Gloria, Marty, and King Julien), does not mean that they are clearly racist stereotypes. The animals don't even have a clear race they are just cartoon animals.
  6. A few of them are edgelords who think that only naive children, couch potatoes, or children with a mental disorder would only watch the movies. Even though both children and adults can watch the movies and the movie did tackle some dark concepts before (such as some scenes from the second and third films).
  7. There has been some cases when they would feel offended if Madagascar were to get a sequel. Yes, we are not making this up. Just look at IMDb or Common Sence Media to learn more.
  8. A selected portion of them will go after people who actually like the movie and do some mean things. Is there anything else we really need to say?
  9. A handful of them would use "it's everywhere" as an excuse to like the films. With this knowledge, they are bothered about the widespread of the movies, yet they don't seem to be bothered that some other franchises go widespread as well such as Mario. Also, being widespread does not mean that the movie is bad.
  10. Ironically enough, they hate this movie yet they somehow like the penguins. How can this be possible (unless if the reason for hating a movie is legit, that's fine because some mature haters may like some things in the series)? That's like saying you hate ARMS yet you praise Twintelle who is from the game.

How They Have One Shot to Get Back Home

  1. Even though some are toxic, you can still find some good haters out there.
  2. To be fair, some may have legit reasons to not like the movies such as dated pop culture references from the first movie, Makunga (a character from Escape 2 Africa) being too similar to Scar from The Lion King, some gross scenes in the third movie (like Mort puking), etc.
  3. Not all of them take their hatred towards furries or some humor in the movie too seriously.