Mai Shiranui (SNK) Fandom

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Note: Not to be confused with Mai Sakurajima from Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai.

Mai Shiranui (SNK) Fandom
Grope me again and you're history.
Nickname: Women Fighters Team
Type: Character Fandom
Status: Active

Mai Shiranui is a playable character that appears in Fatal Fury and King of Fighters as well as other SNK titles. She is a modern young female ninja and the granddaughter of the ninjutsu master Hanzo Shiranui, with the ability to create and control fire. She is a founding member of the King of Fighters Tournament's Women Fighters Team and has a really huge crush on the American fighter Andy Bogard. Because of her sex appeal, Mai had become one of the most popular female characters in both fighting games and in video games in general, especially in Japan, China, and some other East Asain countries thus being on par with Capcom's Chun-Li. She has become SNK's sex symbol and was featured in many merchandise products. She also appears in some crossovers as well such as various SNK crossovers and Dead or Alive. While she is well received, she also has a toxic fandom.

Why They're Flirtatiously Toxic

  1. Like many female character fandoms, her fanboys only like her because of her sex appeal. It takes more than a pretty face to like a character you know.
  2. They treat her like she is the most prominent character in SNK fighting games when she's merely only one of the most prominent. In fact, Terry Bogard, Ryo Sakazaki, and Kyo Kusanagi are just as prominent as her.
  3. Sometimes, they would even cross the line with fanart such as this picture that depicts her as a Nazi.
  4. Some would think that Mai is the only existing female character in SNK due to her popularity when other females of SNK exist as well such as Blue Mary, Kula Diamond, Nakoruru, Athena, Leona, Iroha, Shiki, King (SNK), etc. Ironically enough, Athena, Kula Diamond, and Nakoruru are also recognizable SNK characters as well.
  5. They will start flame wars with Chun-Li fans. You know why? because the SNK fans are prone to hate Capcom.
    • Speaking of Chun-Li, they start flame wars when Mai beat Chun-Li in a Death Battle.
  6. Whenever they see a Mai cosplayer, they will go nuts for it.
  7. Don't ever say you do not like Mai that much or hate Mai in a mature manner or so because they will try to attack you. This is a good example.
  8. They complain about Mai not appearing in The King of Fighters XII thus not giving the game a chance.
  9. Before Terry was announced as a DLC character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, many of her fans think that Mai is going to be playable simply because of this 4chan leak. In fact, they took the leak way too seriously (even more so than the Grinch leak).
  10. Some of them complained that she did not make a cameo appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some mature fans who can respect other peoples' opinions.
  2. Some have good reasons to like her.
  3. There are still wonderful fan art even if it is NSFW as long as it has mature tags on it and also there are female fans who cosplay as her.
  4. When Terry was announced as a Smash DLC character, they just simply accepted it.
    • Even though that fans are disappointed about Mai's exclusion in the game, some of them won't lose hope that one day she'll be in the game as long she will get a redesign outfit for her.
  5. Some do admit that other characters exist while Kyo, Ryo, and Terry are more prominent than her.
  6. Some get along with both Capcom and Chun-Li fans.
  7. So were fine with Mai not appearing in KoF XII.
  8. Some admit Mai's limits since she's not crazy overpowered.
  9. Despite that some of these fans are disappointed, Some fans didn't care for her being in Smash Ultimate as a cameo or a spirit.

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What do obsessive anti-SJWs have to do with Mai?


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I saw some people post a video on YouTube about her being "censored" in Smash Ultimate, which it wasn't.