Malty Melromarc Ironic Hatedom and Ironic Fandom

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Malty Melromarc Ironic Hatedom and Ironic Fandom
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari - 01 - Large 36.jpg
Malty's reaction to her "toxic haters" and her "toxic fans"
Malty: Time to ruin your lives, Hahahahaha!
Nickname: Myne's Mass Groups/Followers/Despisers
Type: Anime Character Hatedoms
Anime Character Fandoms
Ironic Hatedoms
Ironic Fandoms
Status: Very Active
Score (out of -10): -10 (Ironic Hatedom)
-4 (Ironic Fandom)

Malty Melromarc is a character and one of the main antagonists from the anime series, The Rising of the Shield Hero. Despite being the one of the most hated characters in anime, she gained a very toxic ironic fandom and an extremely toxic ironic hatedom.

Why They Are Very Toxic

If you think Sugou Nobuyuki's Hatedom is bad, think again.

Ironic Hatedom

  1. Ever since the first episode, they keep spamming nothing but hatred towards the character.
  2. They bash on anyone who defends or likes Malty.
  3. It shares the same problems with The Emoji Movie, Jake Paul and Sugou Hatedoms.
  4. Most of them wanted her dead!
  5. They make Rule34 fanart of her being tortured.
  6. They call her names like cancer, which is very hurtful to those who suffer from cancer.
  7. They glorify Raphtalia and obsess their hate with Malty.
    • What's even worse is that they call her b*tch, sl*t, wh*re, .etc.
  8. Most of them are from the Annoying Character Hatedoms.
  9. There even is a subreddit called r/FuckMyne.
  10. Lots of Hate Art.
  11. It killed The Meme Community big time.
  12. Just like the Justin Bieber hatedom, they treat her as the worst character on earth, some even say she's worse than Hitler. How can one fictional character be much worse than a madman who killed 6 million Jews, and 11 million Slavs and Romanis?!
  13. This hatedom is so bad that even her fandom started bashing on anyone who hates her.
  14. They keep spamming "Myne is trash". Okay, we get it! Can you stop trash talking her please? She's just a fictional character!
  15. Most of them especially toxic SJWs and toxic feminists bash that series repeatedly due to using a false accusation as a plot.
Now I know why her fandom refuse to handle criticism.

Ironic Fandom

  1. The fandom is no better. Thanks to the hatedom, the fandom does the same except vice versa.
  2. They adore her so much aside from liking her.
  3. Not helping that there is a subreddit called r/MaltyMelromarcSquad. Because there are alot of offensive memes, hate art, and immature users in that subbreddit. (For mature Raphtalia fans and Malty haters, please, do not go there. Especially those who can get easily offended.)
  4. This fandom shares the same problems as the Fortnite Fandom.
  5. They think they are much better than the haters, but no. They are just as bad as the hatedom.
  6. They spam r/woosh comments. Because why not?!
  7. They claim to the haters: "You are immature if you prefer Raphtalia over Myne." yet they are also the immature ones. Who's the hypocrite now?
  8. They draw fetish and porn arts of her.
  9. They claim her to be a good role model. Are you serious?! If someone in real life falsely accuses you of rape, ruins your life, and made you look bad in front of everyone, would you still find that person a good role model?!

Redeeming Qualities

Ironic Hatedom

  1. They do have a point that Malty is a bad character. Because they have good reasons to hate her for falsely accusing someone for rape.
  2. Some can realize that without her, the series would be boring.
  3. Some haters cooled down after she was exposed for her crimes in the series, but it didn't stop some people.
  4. There are alot of mature haters.

Ironic Fandom

  1. The hatedom started most of the damage first.
  2. Some are aware of what she did was unforgivable, or some liked her for being a hateful character.
  3. Some are Raphtalia fans, because they make good fanarts where both she and Malty are on good terms, like this or this.
  4. Just ignore the existence of the r/MaltyMelromarcSquad subbreddit, and you'll be fine.

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A very rare time when both the fandom and hatedom are ironic.