Mario Fandom (Toxic Portion) and Hatedom

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Mario Fandom (Toxic Portion) and Hatedom
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When a fandom's younger toxic fans act more mature than the freaking older ones and same for older toxic haters obviously.
Type: Video Game Fandoms/Hatedoms
Status: Extremely Active (Both)

Super Mario Bros. is a game series that started in 1985 created by Japanese video game company Nintendo. It is known to be the most famous game series of all time. While the fandom is very good, it has it's bad side as well. The hatedom is even worse for reasons too.

Why They Sometimes Aren't-a Super Nowadays

Game Over-all (Pun of Game Over and it's suppose to mean problems with both)

  1. They're super ungrateful, especially when it comes to them mocking the New Super Mario Bros. games, Super Mario 3D Land and World, and others.
  2. They're every where on TheTopTens.
  3. They both stupidly state that Mario is a Furry just because Mario wears a Tanooki Suit, Cat Suit, and a few more animal suits.
  4. Two words: YouTube Commenters.

15% of The Fandom

  1. Some fans can't handle the slightest form of criticism and will start flame wars on other fandoms. (Especially the Sonic the Hedgehog Fandom itself, which always ends in favor of the Mario one) They also bashed ScrewAttack because Mario lost in the Mario vs Sonic Death Battle.
    • Even after Mario won the rematch and the one minute melee. They still bash on the first DB battle.
  2. 15% of fans make Rule 34 art of the characters (most of the time with Princess Peach and Bowser).
  3. Much like the Paper Mario Fandom, when Super Mario 3D World was released, the classicist portion of the fandom came to the conclusion that the new Mario games suck, which is just nothing but pure stupidity. In fact, the Mario series has been praised over the time for its' differences, unlike other more repetitive series such as Fifa or Call of Duty.
  4. They like to make fan wars over characters, mainly Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, and Pauline.
  5. Sometimes they act like they're the boss of everything, especially when it came towards video games, and especially towards the Sonic the Hedgehog (mainly), Pokémon (they both are owned by Nintendo), and Minecraft Fandoms, obviously.
  6. Bad shippings like Mario x Luigi, which is incest since those two are brothers and it makes no sense. There is also Bowser x Wario or even Wario x Waluigi and Peach x Daisy.
  7. They ENDLESSLY spam memes to the point that they aren’t funny anymore.
  8. There's also shipping wars in this fandom sometimes as well, mainly involving Mario and Luigi with the three princesses.
  9. Not only that, but they even came from Vyond/GoAnimate, and they steal OCs that are enemies related, and make hate videos out of them & the enemies that are owned by Nintendo. An example of an enemy that has so many hate videos is Dark Bowser.
  10. It's filled with 5-12 year old boys, who are also from the Call of Duty Fandom, the Transformers Fandom, GTA Fandom, the Johnny Test Fandom, the Sonic The Hedgehog Fandom, the WWE Fandom, and many other fandoms of boyish things and are apart of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Hatedom, the Dora the Explorer Hatedom, the Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty Hatedom, and many other hatedoms of girly things.
  11. They overpraise some characters such as Luigi, Waluigi, Ashley and even Geno! If you were to say you don't really like these characters, you will be harassed. They even overpraise characters that are somewhat associated from Mario in a way but are NOT even canon to the Mario Franchise such as most notably Bowsette or even Jeffy who is from SuperMarioLogan, a YouTube series that has Mario plushes in them! Just because they show some relationship with Mario and Co., it does not mean that they are legit Mario Characters.
  12. Some fans, even good ones are easy to piss off and trigger and often get mad over the slightest thing that pushes them over the edge.
  13. Some of them are toxic towards Sonic and its fans, despite the Console Wars ending a loooooong time ago. C'mon, you already won, give the Blue Blur a break!
  14. Many fans are children and can be unstable... but there is the rare man-child.


  1. It mostly comes from other video game fandoms like the The Rated E video games Hatedom, Rated M video games Fandom, Grand Theft Auto Fandom, Pokémon Fandom, The Legend of Zelda Fandom, Sony Interactive Entertainment Fandom, Sega Fandom, Call of Duty Fandom, Crash Bandicoot Fandom, Five Nights at Freddy's Fandom, Minecraft Fandom, Splatoon Fandom, First-Person Shooter Community, EA Fandom, PC Gaming Elitists, Undertale Fandom, Super Smash Bros. Hatedom and Most notably the Sonic the Hedgehog Fandom and Nintendo Hatedom.
  2. It mostly stems from the Luigi fans who blindly hate Mario for no reason and overpraise Luigi like some sort of God. They also overreacted to several videos such as "Luigi's Day Out", "Racist Mario", and Luigi Finally Snaps", which are parodies of Mario.
  3. They're mostly from The iFunny Community who ALWAYS makes hate memes on it.
  4. They think that Mario is just for a younger audience, when it's actually for E for everyone. There's even 2 games where he appeared that were rated T. And did We mention that Kids play Sonic Games, Call of Duty Games (Immature kids that play them also), Minecraft, PlayStation Games, and Xbox Games too.
  5. Speaking of Kids Games they are also Part of the American Video Game Fandom. They think Mario Games suck just because there are no blood and violence in them.
  6. They constantly bash people for playing Mario games instead of more mature games such as Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and PUBG, something that is very stupid.
  7. Thanks to MatPat's Why Mario is MENTAL videos, many fans of Game Theory now believe that Mario is actually evil, despite the amount of errors in MatPat's theory.
    1. In fact, Mario was also accused for being a communist, which is absolutely ridiculous!
  8. This video.
  9. Speaking of killing, the PETA ruined Mario by making a game called Mario Kills Tanooki.
  10. They even share the same reasons with other Mario game Hatedoms like the Super Mario Odyssey Hatedom, Mario Party Hatedom, and the Mario Kart Hatedom.
  11. Most claim that the Mario fans are rabid and can't take criticism some even go so far as to say it's the most annoying fanbase without any proof when there are far worse.
  12. Some say that the Mario games are repetitive. That is not true, since games that are yearly repetitive either Call of Duty or FIFA series.
  13. They are very annoying and notorious opinion disrespecters.
  14. Most of these haters are edgelords.
  15. Similar to how the Minions Hatedom feels about the Minions, The Mario Hatedom Hates on Mario just because he was made by Shigeru Miyamoto which doesn’t make any sense.
  16. On DeviantArt, A user called ninjaBLOOD15 inaccurately made hate art out of Mario about to get shot, which is very offensive to Mario Fans.
  17. A YouTuber named vivolus made Ten Reasons why Mario sucks but the reasons mostly focus on no proof and evidence, no research, and reasons that are just vivolus's opinions.
  18. It also comes from other Mario Character Fandoms and Hatedoms like the Princess Peach Hatedom, Toad Hatedom, Piranha Plant Hatedom, Bowser Hatedom, and Yoshi Fandom.
  19. They are a bunch of Sonic fans who want you to prefer Sonic or else they start flame Wars on people that love Mario.
  20. It comes from YouTube Fandoms like the SuperMarioLogan Fandom, and the SMG4 Hatedom.
    1. For example, SuperMarioLogan Fans hate on the normal Mario series because it's not like SuperMarioLogan.
    2. They bash on Daniel T. Gaming and SMG4 only for being Mario Related Youtubers.
  21. They hate on Mario for having "bad graphics" but if you look at 2001, it has better lighting, smoother models, higher resolution textures, and deeper color depth became more commonplace.
  22. Just like the Nintendo Hatedom They are also part of the Japan Ironic Hatedom. They send xenophobic jokes towards Japan, guess why, They are unaware of Mario being in Japan just because he was made by Nintendo and Nintendo is a Japanese Company.
  23. They claim Mario is weak just because "he dies from turtles!", when it's obviously just a game mechanic and there is a ton of proof why Mario is a lot stronger than you think.
  24. Some claim that Mario is an offensive Italian stereotype, when Italians have never been bothered by him before and some are even fans of his.
  25. Some just hate Mario because he's fat.
  26. They bash on the Mario VS Sonic rematch Death Battle just because Mario won. They also spam poorly made debunks of the episode as "proof" why the episode was "biased".
    • While some of them do have a fair point that Sonic may have been low-balled, Mario was low-balled as well.
    • They usually claim that they used "non-canon material" for Mario when Mario actually has no canon in the first place!
    • Sonic rarely ever uses Chaos Control, so the chances that Sonic would "teleport Mario into the sun" is very slim. Even if he DID, Mario is more than capable of surviving a dip in the sun considering that Mario has survived being wailed on by Super Dimentio in base!
    • They mistook Wiz saying that "Sonic could not use Time Stop in canon" for saying that "Sonic could not use Chaos Control in canon", which they already addressed in DEATH BATTLE Cast! This whole controversy sparked from a stupid misconception!
    • Most people talk about how Mario's invulnerability-granting power-ups don't last as long as Super/Hyper Sonic, but 1. He can just switch from one to another right before the power-up he's using is about to run out without ever returning to Base form (i.e. he could activate his Metal form right before his Starman expires and then use Rainbow when his Metal form is about to run out), and 2. He can recycle and reuse them indefinitely using the Bottomless Gloves.
    • As for Mario punting a castle, it's confirmed by the OFFICIAL manga written by Nintendo, which is different than Archie Sonic since Game Mario and Manga Mario are technically the same whereas Archie Sonic and Game Sonic are far too different to be considered one entity, and that kind of castle-kicking strength is consistent with being able to damage Bowser who has survived falling castles on more than one occasion.
    • The animation had nothing to do with the actual analysis and research that came before the battle. Things like Cat Mario clawing the Red Wisp out of Sonic or the sheer amount of Double Cherries just lying around was purely the animation which in of itself was basically just eye candy, nothing to do with the research or reasoning.
    • Most of the godlike beings Sonic faced required him to use a transformation or some form of outside help in order to actually finish them off. Mario himself has taken godlike beings down too, sometimes by his lonesome (Dreamy Bowser, Grand Star powered Bowser, Dark Star/Core, Culex, ect).
    • "B-but, Mario dies from touching turtles!" - Some F*ckin' Moron
    • Wiz and Boomstick didn't rig the fight. If anything, they were being nice to Sonic! They gave Sonic his Wisps, while Mario didn't get his Luma partner, F.L.U.D.D., any of his Pixl pals, or even Cappy who he literally wears on his head!

Extra Redeeming Quality Lives coming from 1-UP Mushrooms


  1. They just get picked on too much.


  1. A lot of fans are decent, and don't do any of those bad reasons mentioned above.
  2. Some fans have lots of talent and they can make really good hacks and fangames, look at Super Mario Odyssey (ROM Hack), or Touhou Mario.
  3. 85% of The Mario Community is pretty much a perfectly neutral community. Find it on the Healthy Fandoms and Hatedoms Wiki page.
  4. As mentioned above, this only focuses on the toxic side who only like it for the memes.
  5. Not all of them are obsessed with memes.
  6. A few both like Mario and Sonic.
  7. The hatedom is still much more toxic than the fandom.


  1. A decent amount of haters respect the Mario fans.
  2. They do have a point on the series flaws.

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