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Whatever has caused these toxic fans to gather together, a true hero is needed to defeat them. Unfortunately, all we have at the moment is a skeletal knight of dubious courage. But bravery and folly are often confused, and so is Sir Daniel who sets forth, ready to meet the challenges ahead of him head-on, if not exactly jaw on.

MediEvil is a series of action-adventure hack and slash games developed by SCE Cambridge Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The series revolves around an undead charlatan knight, Sir Daniel Fortesque, as he attempts to restore peace to the fictional Kingdom of Gallowmere whilst simultaneously redeeming himself. The first three installments of the series were developed by SCE Cambridge Studio (formerly known as Millennium Interactive), a subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment in Cambridge. Development of the first MediEvil began in 1995 and was inspired by Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. The game was initially aimed for multiple consoles including Microsoft Windows platforms and the Sega Saturn; however, upon being shown progress, Sony Computer Entertainment signed MediEvil to be PlayStation-exclusive and commissioned the studio as SCE Cambridge. The music for all games was composed by Andrew Barnabas and Paul Arnold, commonly known as "Bob & Barn". Critics have been mostly positive to the series, with its graphics and story being particularly praised in the first two games. However, common criticisms included lack of innovation and cumbersome camera controls. Sadly, it did developed a toxic fandom.

Why They Won't Take Their Place In The Hall of Heroes

  1. The edgelords would complain about the newer games being "not as dark as the original games". Seriously now, why on green earth do you want every game to be nothing but "edginess". If a game were to be overly dark, you will get some bad results such as Bomberman: Act Zero or Shadow the Hedgehog. Even though some did well such as Jak and Daxter's newer games.
  2. They are shown to be picky towards the PS4 remake such as some old sound effects being removed or Sir Dan's running animation changed thus making them behave somewhat like the fandoms of Crash and Spyro when they would do the same towards their remakes. Remember, sound effects or whatever detail does not dictate the quality of a game. They do this to the PSP Game as well.
  3. Speaking of MediEvil Resurrection, they actually take their hatred for the game way too seriously.
  4. They keep making petitions on Change. Org to make MediEvil 3 or a remaster of MediEvil 2. Seriously now, we already got a remaster of the first MediEvil game and do we really need to be impatient?
    • In short, they would never be quiet about a new MediEvil game. Especially when Sir Daniel was announced as a playable character in PlayStation All-Stars.
  5. Although rare, they do some bad ships such as Sir Daniel x Daisy (Mario), Sir Daniel x Peach (Mario), Sir Dan x Nightshade (CrystaltheEchidna), Sir Daniel x Ameline (EvilBlot), just to name a few. Also, you got to keep in mind that it's considered necrophilia since Sir Dan is a skeleton. Besides, Sir Dan already has a love interest in the form of Kiya
  6. Speaking of Kiya, they seem the fanboys seem to have a crush on her which is considered necrophilia since she's a mummy.
  7. There is even some disturbing artwork related to the series (most notably Kiya). Again, this is considered necrophilia as we already mentioned.
  8. Even though this is old news, some of them started to spread hostility towards Spyro fans.
  9. Some of them would think that Zarok is a female just because of his appearance when he's a male character.
  10. This GameFAQs post that talks trash about Tim Burton for some reason. Even though the visuals of the series are heavily influenced by Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  11. Some players have rage quitted the MediEvil game due to it's difficult at times. A good reason why you don't take video games way too seriously.
  12. Like the Cuphead Fandom, they started to make up some strange comparisons to Dark Souls just because of how MediEvil can be difficult. Although we can understand that they can be difficult but that where the similarities end and we do have evidence.
  13. Heck, even some little kids were shown to play the PS4 remake of MediEvil when they are not supposed to since that game is T rated (Even though the violence of the games is nothing too extreme). Ironically enough, MediEvil Resurrection is rated Pegi 7+ as seen here.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Most fans are nice meaning that drama does not exist.
  2. They have civil discussions over the pros and cons of each game which is pretty common.
  3. They do make up good fan art or even things with Unreal Engine.
  4. Not all of them are necrophiles.
  5. Some are thankful for the PS4 remake.
  6. Some are patient for a possible new MediEvil game.
  7. Some can like Resurrection maturely.
  8. The fandom was mostly good back then until the said PSP game that gave the fandom some toxicity.