Mega Man: Fully Charged Hatedom

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Mega Man: Fully Charged Hatedom
Mega Man Fully Charged.png
"The hate this show gets is RIDICULOUS." -Inkster
Nickname: Rogue Robots
Type: Cartoon Hatedom
Status: Unknown (Hatedom)

Mega Man: Fully Charged is an animated series based on the Mega Man video game series by Capcom, developed by Man of Actions Studios and produced by Dentsu Entertainment USA and DHX Studios Vancouver for Cartoon Network. The series draws primarily inspiration from the Classic series where it focuses on Aki Light who is an advanced robot that looks like and lives the routine of a human schoolboy. As what you would expect, he was created by Dr. Light and lives with his biologically human sister Suna Light. They live in a town inhabited by robots and humans in Silicon City where the Rogue Robots (the Robot Masters) cause threat thus Aki transforming into Mega Man to battle the Rouge Robots. Mega Man teams up with a miniature robot Mega Mini, Suna Light and Rush the dog. As mentioned before, it introduces many characters that did not appear in the games such as Bert Wily, Ashley Adderley, Principal 100100, Good Guild, Sergeant Breaker Night/Lord Obsidian, Hoover Gang, Hypno Woman, Blasto Woman, Chemistry Man, and many others. While the show has gotten some mediocre reviews, this leads to a hatedom that... well it's toxic.

Why They Must Be Mega Busted by Lord Obsidian

  1. The hatedom can force you to hate the show, even if you are interested or haven't seen the show itself.
  2. When the show was announced, they freaked out about the redesigns of the characters, especially Mega Man. It takes more than redesigns to not like a show.
  3. They only watched the video clips yet they never give the show a chance.
  4. They hate it because PhantomStrider hates this show (Not making this up).
  5. They make hate art of the show such as Classic Mega Man (in the video games) reacting to the TV show.
  6. They cannot accept the fact that they show has some elements that are completely different in the Classic Mega Man games and they don't even realize that the show takes place in an alternate universe.
  7. Speaking of which, they think that literally anything is better than the show itself. So you idiots are saying that Adolf Hitler is better than the show itself?
  8. They complain about the show being targeted to kids. It's just a show you know.
  9. They somehow mistaken it as a preschool show when it was not a preschool show. It's rated TV-Y7.
  10. They think that the show has the "mOsT UgLiEsT CGI", which is a stupid reason to hate something.
  11. They dislike bomb anything related to the show.
  12. They call it dumb names such as "Mighty No. 9 2: Electric Boogaloo", "Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2.0 Mega Man Edition", "Kingdom Hearts III: Mega Man Version" or even "Hitler 2000". The Comic-Con trailer is a good example of this.
    • Similar enough, they would make some cringy insults to Aki Light such as Mega Boy.
    • Some of them called a "rip-off" of Miraculous Ladybug.
  13. Some would constantly disrespect Capcom without realizing that without Capcom, Mega Man, as well as other Capcom related properties, would never exist (though, not all of them disrespect Capcom).
  14. They would even bully people who are willing to give the show a chance or the ones that liked the show itself.
  15. They would pummel on every existing original character in Mega Man: Fully Charged such as Mega Mini, Hypno Woman, and Bert Wily to no end to the point that it gets old quickly.
  16. Some say that the show is the "reincarnation" of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Ironic Hatedom|Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

Redeeming Quality

  1. There are some mature haters who don't complain about the show non-stop and some understand that Fully Charged is from an alternate reality.