Micaiah (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn) Hatedom

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Micaiah (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn) Hatedom
Micaiah Heroes (1).png
"I can use this power to help end my toxic hatedom."
Type: Character Hatedoms
Status: Active

Micaiah, also known as the Silver-Haired Maiden is one of the two main characters in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn which is a sequel to Path of Radiance. She wields light magic and is the De Facto leader of the Dawn Brigade. Before Ashnard, a mad king declared war on Crimea, Micaiah was just a fortune teller in Daein who met a young boy named Sothe and promised each other to look after each other forever. However, Micaiah was Branded which lead to the prospect of Sothe traveling with her and getting the backlash of the prejudice she would get was unthinkable and she left Sothe. After the war, they reunited and Micaiah promised to never leave him again. She is the first female lord to become the leader of her own kingdom. While her fandom is mostly not that toxic, her hatedom is shown to be that way.

Why Micaiah Must Overcome Her Hatedom

  1. This is mostly coming from the Ike fandom simply because she is not Ike which is just pathetic.
  2. Many of the haters keep calling her a Mary Sue to the point where it gets annoying quickly.
    • If that is not enough, some would even call her "Miccy Sue" which is just stupid.
  3. They only hate her simply because of her stats as a playable unit. A unit's stats do not dictate the quality of the character.
  4. They hate her for her bad decisions. (Guys, she's just a character and no one is perfect. It's unrealistic to expect her to be perfect!)
  5. She was one of the main reasons why Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn has gotten hate simply because of the said character. Although the hate was not as strong as Awakening and Fates.
  6. They even stereotype her to the point where it gets offensive to those who like Micaiah. One example is from a user named Timbjerr from Serenes Forest Fourms who stereotype Micaiah saying "I love my homeland of Daein and am willing to do anything to keep it safe. This includes trusting Izuka, following Pelleas's order to massacre Laguz without questioning his motives, and attempting to murder the EMPRESS OF BEGNION!!" This is why stereotyping is never a good thing.
  7. If you were to say you like Micaiah, there is a fair chance that they will attack you. One example is a user named Junkhead on Serenes Forest Forums who said to a Micaiah lover "I'm sorry but, I have to say f*ck you for even thinking that (that she is just a pretty figure). I mean, she does have a beautiful body, but her breast are really small."
  8. Her hatedom made her one of the most controversial characters in the Fire Emblem series.
  9. Some fail to realize that Micaiah had some redeeming qualities such as being able to sacrifice her own HP to heal other playable units.
  10. There is some hate art that depicts Micaiah getting killed. No joke
  11. Not only hate art but hate memes that are just normified such as this one
  12. Some rejoice when Micaiah gets defeated. (WHAT?)

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Sane and mature haters who respect opinions on the character
  2. Some have valid reasons why they don't like Micaiah and respect others.
  3. At least it's not as bad as Corrin's or Karel's hatedoms.
  4. They do have a point that Micaiah was not the best main character.

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