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Michael Jackson Hatedom
Yikes! Who thought that the King of Pop would get such a morbid hatedom? Seriously, what is wrong with these people who don't show respect towards him even after his death?! Just like Jackson himself said in his song, leave him alone!
Type: People Hatedoms/Music Hatedoms
Status: Super Active

Michael Joseph Jackson was an American singer, songwriter, and dancer. Dubbed the "King of Pop," he was a global figure in pop culture who popularized complicated dance techniques such as the moonwalk, to which he gave the name. While many see him as a man who was one of the most significant cultural figures of the 20th century, his hatedom is horrible!


In 1993, the hatedom started being relevant when Evan Chandler sued Jackson for child molestation accusations. Tom Sneddon came in as DA, only to get him in the jail. During Jackson's trial in 2003-2005, the hatedom grew much larger than before, while Jackson's fandom strongly supports him. Sneddon, on the other hand, was a corrupt attorney, he wanted Jackson in prison, whether he was innocent or guilty. He even falsified evidence by letting Gavin Arvizo lay fingerprints down on one of Jackson's adult magazines. In 2011, long after Jackson was proven innocent (since not only evidence lacks, the accusers were scammers, and Sneddon even tampered with the evidence, which many frown upon), died, and Chandler committed suicide. However, in 2019 when Leaving NeverlandAMW documentary was released, the two subgroups came back, along with the creation of five new ones, the fandoms of Wade Robson, James Safechuck and the documentary itself, and the hatedom of Jackson's daughter, Paris Jackson. Oprah Winfrey supported them in the After Neverland program, causing her fandom to be very toxic to the point where it overlaps with the hatedom.

Why They've Been Hit By A Smooth Criminal

  1. They are attacking an innocent man (by acquitted as not guilty, since not only evidence lacks, but also the accusers are very uncredible, not to mention evidence tampering is involved) who's sadly no longer here to defend himself.
  2. They somehow think that Jackson was a pedophile over being with children. Just because he was with children when he was an adult doesn't mean he was a pedophile. Plus, he wanted to protect them, not harm them.
    • Heck, they forgot that Jackson was suffering from Peter Pan Syndrome (a disease that makes an adult think and believe they're a child, due to his childhood trauma). Also, didn't we forget to mention that Jackson has done many good things to children, such as saving their lives and giving their childhood memories the best shot? He wanted to build a hospital.
    • They deny facts, and they are seeking the "truth" of their own.
    • Additionally, they claimed that Jackson molested his children, and forced them to "admit" that he molested them as a child.
  3. Let's not forget that they just ignored that children wanted a sleepover, not Jackson. With that said, they often use the sleepover parties as evidence against him. The real reason is that Jackson couldn't trust adults. He has children as a company because he thought they wouldn't use him for bad things.
    • They also tends to limit the number of children to only young boys, when the girls and parents (and sometimes their pets) were there too. Jackson would let them have a sleepover only if the parents were okay with that.
  4. Just look at these disturbing memes for a moment.
  5. Now let us say this: Don't ever try to defend Jackson because they will get pissed off. They would go as far as calling the defenders "pedophiles" (even though some fans are minors) or even "sub-humans."
    • Speaking of which, they chase after Jackson's fans, twist their words, and force them to convert into their anti-Jackson beliefs.
      • To add more damage to the hatedom, they want to kill the fans of Michael Jackson, which is cruel.
  6. Once you call them out. They will try way too hard to target you and think that you are a "pedophilia apologist," which is proof that they never tolerate criticism.
  7. They see themselves as superior people who think that they can rule the world when it's false thanks to their behavior. In other words, they want more power as if they were Mr. Krabs, Morgana, or Mayor Shelbourne in real life.
  8. As mentioned before, they believe in lies. For example, they believe the allegations by LaToya Jackson, one of Jackson's two sisters, when in reality, her ex-husband Jack Gordon forced her to lie because if she didn't, he would have killed her and Jackson. However, Gordon died during Jackson's trial in 2005. They didn't realize that Jackson was unaware that he would be in great danger had LaToya denied Gordon's forceful request.
    • On top of that, they believed Wade Robson and James Safechuck's lies, when these are proven false. They don't pay attention to their body language and voices. Additionally, Robson has changed his story many times.
    • They also treat false facts as real facts. That's all we can say about this.
    • Basically, they are justifying three felonies: fraud, extortion, and abusive. While pedophilia is indeed a grave crime, fraud, extortion, and defamatory are as terrible as pedophilia.
  9. They discourage everyone from even listening to his songs, including those of Jackson 5. Now, everyone has a different taste of music, so let them be.
  10. They always try to ruin his legacy and reputations, so far they did with the Leaving Neverland documentary. The documentary would even have a sequel.
      • Some radio stations removed Jackson's songs, his statues were removed, The Simpsons episode "Stark Raving Mad" was pulled, and Drake dropped his collaboration "Don't Matter To Me" from his tour setlist. It was all because the aforementioned lies Robson and Safechuck made and refined by Dan Reed.
  11. If believing in lies is all that they do, they would go as far as making them up. For instance, they say that Jackson paid hush money to silent the Chandler family, which was debunked.
    • They also says that Jordan Chandler's drawing of his genitals matches the photos of these taken during a strip search and that it's circumcised, but his autopsy disproved that.
    • They even claims that Jackson's defense team hinders Chandlers' plans so that the criminal procedures would expire. The real reason why Jackson's defense team hinders Chandlers' plans is trying to make sure that the criminal trial would go first instead of the civil trial. The civil trial is what Evan Chandler wanted.
  12. They somehow think that Jackson's defense team hinders Chandlers' plans so that the criminal procedures would expire. The real reason why Jackson's defense team hinders Chandlers' plans is trying to make sure that the criminal trial would go first instead of the civil trial. The civil trial is what Evan Chandler wanted.
  13. Even racist people are involved in this since they hate Jackson for being black. For example, some of them are from the infamous Ku Klux Klan, which hates black people, including Jackson.
  14. They think Jackson bleached his skin because he didn't want to be black. This claim is not true since he was a proud black man who had a severe case of vitiligo, so he had to put on makeup to even out his skin. A nose surgery (along with plastic surgery) was even done on him because his father bullied him for having a big nose. They would paradoxically assume that Jackson used makeup just so that he can look innocent.
    • The reason for his "European" appearance was because of the Pepsi commercial disaster in 1984 as mentioned before which caused him to become highly obsessed with painkillers and plastic surgery for the rest of his life. They also claim that the disaster was what caused his skin to become lightened which is outright pseudoscience and that there is evidence he developed the condition prior to it. His trademark of having one glove (on his right hand) was to hide from the condition.
  15. They celebrated his death. Not to mention that they still hate him after he's dead.
  16. They dislike him for being different. Oh come on, we are all different before. If everyone were the same, it wouldn't be fun.
  17. They call him stupid nicknames such as "Wacko Jacko"/"Whacko Jacko," "Creepo Jackson," "Pedo Pan," or "the king of pedophiles." Even Jackson hated the names.
  18. Some would use the n-word for his nickname, which can be offensive not only to black people but also to people of other races, including white people.
      • Speaking of racism, "Jacko" was already a racist word, so combining it with the n-word. There's a thing called "Two wrongs are not going to make a right!"
    • They also use "autism" and "cancer" to insult Jackson.
  19. They vandalized his star, and they also went to the Michael Jackson FANDOM wiki to vandalize.
  20. They treat his song "Thriller" like a satanic ritual. Speaking of such, this makes them hypocrites, as the song has a lot of supernatural themes in its lyrics.
  21. There is a hate site against Jackson called MJFACTS. They have biased information about Jackson. We also want to point out that MJFACTS used to be called "Wacko Facts."
  22. In Reddit, some subreddits oppose Jackson.
  23. They usually compare Jackson's trial to O.J Simpson's trial, which is nonsensical since O.J Simpson was convicted of murder, robbery, and other crimes. At the same time, Jackson was proven not guilty by a lack of evidence, missing credibility in accusations, evidence tampering, lies, so he is proven in other words: innocent.
  24. They spam on pages that support Jackson and false-flag YouTube videos about him.
    • They think it's a proof of guilt that he's unrelated to these kids. His nephews, his kids were there too, and that there are some sons and daughters who had abusive parents.
  25. They claimed that Jackson used autotune in his songs, despite the fact that autotuning wasn't even a thing back when he started his music career.
  26. They claimed that Jackson built Neverland in order to molest children. Actually, he built it so he can be a "child" again and have fun as a kid, which is another consequence of his story as an abused child.
  27. They deny Tom Sneddon's wrongdoings, such as falsifying the evidence on the fingerprints.
    • They also denies Evan Chandler's and The Arvizo family's wrongdoings, such as beating his son, scamming other celebrities, going in places in Neverland where they shouldn't go, being greedy people, etc.
  28. Shockingly enough, some news sites such as RadarOnline pound on Jackson's legacy.
  29. They even added him on the most evil people in history list.
  30. They were trying to spread their toxicity to other innocent fandoms such as the "Weird Al" Yankovic Fandom.
  31. Hypocrisy plays a big role in this hatedom. For instance, some like Sonic the Hedgehog even though Jackson wrote the soundtrack of "Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles".
    • Another hypocrisy: They claim whoever opposes them they don't know because the supporters weren't in the room. Yet, they explain that Jackson molested children, while they weren't in the room either, further extending their hypocrisy.
    • Hypocrisy number three: They praise Bill Cosby, who's an actual rapist. They also praise R. Kelly, who married the late Aaliyah when she was only 15 (their marriage was annulled), had sex with a young girl, and pissed in her mouth. Not to mention Oprah turned her back to Jackson over a lie, but she's friends with Harvey Weinstein, who's also a rapist too. (making her a complete hypocrite).
  32. Speaking of Sonic the Hedgehog, some used to be former fans of Sonic but turned their backs once they found out about Jackson writing the soundtrack for Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
  33. They even wish that he goes to hell or even worse when he died, which is downright heartless and cruel.
  34. Any video having to do with Michael Jackson or even simply references it has toxic haters in the comments.
  35. They have a desire to loathe him over. So much so that it seems like that they would use the infamous Godwin's Law on him.
    • Speaking of Hitler, a YouTube user claimed in a comment that Jackson would like Hitler just because he was a white man.
  36. A drunk man attacked a Michael Jackson impersonator just for portraying as Jackson.
  37. They got butthurt when his fans made diss tracks out of Wade Robson, and James Safechuck such as "Fuck Wade" and "Wade Robson is a Cold Man."
  38. The root cause for the hatedom has to do with the fact that Jackson (being one of the most significant icons in pop culture history) was the top celebrity within music and pop culture in general during his prime and many people, which includes parents of the younger fans, became really jealous and insecure about his success and charisma. The parents, in particular, took advantage of his association with children by accusing him of pedophilia to get back at him as a means of schadenfreude so that they'll feel better about themselves. What they fail to realize or just outright ignore was that Jackson had a troubled childhood where he was constantly abused by father and he began his career at an early age where he came across things he was too young to experience. He even fell victim to tragic events during his career zenith and adult years in general such as the Pepsi commercial disaster in 1984. Neverland's primary purpose was for Jackson to make up for his lost childhood and it also applies to his interactions with children, especially those who had similar upbringings to his. The reason why children slept with him during sleepovers was that they were too scared (such as having had nightmares) and want to seek Jackson for comfort as a means of protection. This also ended up being taken advantage of by the parents due to seeing this as close contact.
  39. They hail Conrad Murray as a hero for killing Jackson by administrating propofol and lorazepam into his system which is downright despicable. There are also rumors from his fans that Murray intentionally killed him out of jealousy.
    • In addition, they want Murray to be reinstated with his former profession as a doctor though he cannot due to having committed manslaughter.
    • They also claim that it was Jackson's fault for requesting doses that go over the limit when he actually requested the appropriate dosages showing that he was more knowledgeable in medicine than Murray.

The Only Redeeming Qualities

  1. Not all of Jackson's haters are like this. About 3% of them can tolerate different views of him, but the toxic part overshadows them.
  2. Not all of them believe in the Leaving Neverland documentary film. Some of them even condemn it.
  3. They may have a point about some flaws Michael Jackson does have since no one is perfect. For instance, he dangled his son Prince Michael "Blanket" Jackson II over a hotel balcony, we mean how would you react to someone doing that? Well, we do know that was irresponsible on his side, the fans wanted to know that Michael had a child, but he should've done that with a bit more responsibility. He did admit that it was a terrible mistake.

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9 days ago
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Those memes I saw are so insulting, as they portray him as Hitler, comparing people to other people can be insulting.

Eric Cartman 2001

23 days ago
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Wade Robson and James Samefuck should both be haunted by the ghost of Michael Jackson for placing false allegations on him.


2 months ago
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The song You Are Not Alone was written by R.Kelly.


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This is not a joke, I once found this on internet:https://www....rabilia/amp/


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I don't know if those Michael Jackson Hitler memes are made by fans or haters.


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Inserting the "Leave Me Alone" song here.


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These don't count as redeeming qualities!


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ThEsE dOn'T cOuNt As ReDeEmInG qUaLiTiEs!


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Why was the old MJ Ironic Hatedom page deleted again?


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Because it felt biased according to Ink.