Mickey Mouse Fandom (Toxic Portion) and Hatedom

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Mickey Mouse Fandom (Toxic Portion) and Hatedom
"My Toxic Fans and Haters aren't Hot Dogs"
Type: Character Fandoms
Caracter Hatedoms
Status: Active

Mickey Mouse is Disney's most famous mascot made by Walt Disney. He is a funny animal cartoon character who first appeared in a short called "Steamboat Wille" even though his actual appearance was first known to be in another Short called "Plane Crazy" which was released in May 15, 1928. And got a reward by going to have his star placed on Hollywood Boulevard's walk of fame. While the fandom is kinda better than the hatedom, 9% of the fandom also has a toxic side.

Why They Shouldn't be on Hollywood's Walk of fame


  1. Opinion Lashing.
  2. Both sides led to the downfall of the Cartoon Community and the Movie Community.


  1. They praise him to death like he is the king of cartoons.
  2. They are also part of the Disney Fandom, and the Minions Hatedom.
  3. Just like the Disney Fandom they think the Classic Mickey cartoons are better than the new ones.
  4. They despise Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to death.
  5. They start rivaling with other fanbases such as the Felix the Cat Fandom and the Looney Tunes Fandom.
  6. Some of them make porn art out of Mickey Mouse characters, most notably Minnie Mouse.
  7. The Kingdom Hearts portion ship Mickey Mouse with Riku. This is so wrong because this is considered zoophilia.
  8. Some of them keep whining about the fact the Mickey Mouse short film series only won 1 Oscar (which was for Lend a Paw), and they sometimes bash on Silly Symphonies and Tom and Jerry just for having more Oscars, some of them have even said the Academy Awards had bias towards the aforementioned series just for making them win 7 Oscars.


  1. It also comes from other Cartoon Fandoms. mainly the Looney Tunes Fandom (Toxic Portion) and the other Mickey Mouse character fandoms.
  2. They're also part of Fleischer Studios Fandom
  3. They think Mickey Mouse is only for a younger audience but they do not realize kids also watch other cartoons like Looney Toons, SpongeBob Squarepants, and many more.
  4. Speaking of kid Shows, it also comes from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hatedom.
  5. It's everywhere on the TheTopTens.
  6. They are happy that Walt Disney died from lung cancer.
  7. it also comes from the Toontown Hatedom.
  8. They constantly smack on the people who like Mickey Mouse.
  9. They even share the same problems with the Disney Hatedom.
  10. As part of the Disney Hatedom, they are also the people who hopped into the "Evil Greedy Disney" bandwagon BS, as they use Mickey Mouse to represent an "evil soulless corporation", which is just biased and whiny.
    • This stuff has led to Mickey being portrayed incredibly negatively in parodies, most notably in Drawn Together, South Park, and Antoons' Rubber Hose Feud video
  11. Similar to how the Luigi Fandom is part of the Mario Hatedom, many fans of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit hated on Mickey Mouse because they thought he was getting more of the spotlight than Oswald but they don't realize the Video Game Epic Mickey gave Oswald a comeback.

Redeeming Qualities to make them good for the Hollywood Walk of fame


  1. 91% of them are Mature and aren’t always like this.
  2. It's not their fault the haters are immature.
  3. People like PhantomStrider, Disney Dan, and Brian Hull aren’t like this.
  4. A few Mickey Mouse fans get along with Felix the Cat fans and Looney Tunes fans.


  1. Some of them can accept different views about him.

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