Microsoft Fandom and Hatedom

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Microsoft Fandom and Hatedom
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The Accurate Example Of a Console Fanboy "Murica"
Nickname: Xbots
Type: Company Fandoms, Tech And Software Fandoms and hatedoms

Not to be confused with the Microsoft Windows Fandom And Microsoft Paint Hatedom

Microsoft is one of the three major video game companies along with Nintendo and Sony. It is known for having the most toxic fandom out of the three major video game companies.

Why It's Toxic


  1. They treasure and act clingy over the Xbox.
  2. They adore Phil Spencer on godly levels despite the fact that Phil Spencer hates Xbox fanboys.
  3. Some people like to spread fake news, damage control Microsoft's actions, or cry "media bias" when an Xbox One Exclusive flops.
  4. When talking about the Xbox One in the past, a YouTuber whose name is BLACKbusterCritic, received threats of physical violence from these fanboys just for criticizing the Xbox One and Microsoft.
  5. Most of them are also members of the Nintendo Hatedom, Sony Interactive Entertainment Hatedom, and/or the Microsoft Windows Fandom.
  6. They lash Sony and Nintendo fans for insane or petty reasons, such as having games with no replay value.
  7. Many are part of the Forza Fandom and/or Halo Fandom.
  8. They are so bad in fact, that even the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, tries to distance himself from these fanboys, meaning that he also hates this atrocious fanbase as well.
  9. They act as if Microsoft is flawless, which it is not; it makes big deals over very small things.
  10. They made a petition on to have Microsoft keep the DRM for the Xbox One.
  11. They'll get into flame wars the Sony Interactive Entertainment Fandom and come up with poor arguments on why Xbox Original, Xbox 360 and Xbox One are better than PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4
    • They also come up with lame reasons why Xbox exclusives (for the point that they defend them, see point 4) are better than PlayStation exclusives, even though Sony rarely had any bad exclusives (a lot of them got awards); and Microsoft had a lot of Xbox One exclusives that were bad like Crackdown 3.
  12. They got mad when Halo: Master Chief Collection is coming on PC and Cuphead is on Nintendo Switch and PC.


  1. Most of them are part of the Sony Interactive Entertainment Fandom, the Nintendo Fandom and all on top of that, the PC Gaming Elitists.
  2. They say Xbox doesn't have exclusives, Which is not true at all, There is exclusives like the Gears of War franchise (especially 4 which is for the Xbox One) along with Gears 5, the Halo franchise with the upcoming Halo Infinite (for their upcoming console (Xbox Series X) as well), the Forza franchise, the Blinx series, etc.
  3. Some are even part of the Apple Fandom. Speaking of the Apple fandom, they attack on Microsoft Windows and they claim that owning multiple Apple products makes you look cool.
  4. Many of them are also part of Rare's fandom.
  5. They can bully you simply because you own any Xbox console.
  6. Few are even part of TheTopTens Community.
  7. They sometimes wish death upon the people who work at Microsoft.
  8. This Reddit post.
  9. They blindly hate all of their games without giving them a chance.

Redeeming Qualities


  1. Most Microsoft fans can be mature and don't take hate too seriously on Nintendo, Xbox, and Sony.
  2. Some can get along with Nintendo and Sony fans.
  3. The hatedom can be just as bad or worse.
  4. Phil Spencer actually despises the fanbase, as mentioned in bad quality reason #2.


  1. Not all of them disrespect opinions.
  2. Some realize that there are console exclusives on the Xbox as well.
  3. They do have a point of Microsoft's bad habits such as:
    • Reducing Rare into making shovelware Kinect Games (however, they stopped doing that.)
    • Forcing Valve to put a price on some DLC for the 360 versions of Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2.
    • The service paywalls of free-to-play games like Warframe and Fortnite behind its Gold subscription, defeating the point of the free-to-play model.
    • Banning people from Xbox Live for no reason most of the time.
    • Planning to integrate loot boxes into Xbox Live achievements and avatars.
    • Prioritising console features, Game Pass, and controllers over compelling first-party exclusive games for the Xbox One.
    • Including loot boxes in Forza Motorsport 7.


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