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Remember to take breaks meow and then. Ya know what they say: All play and no rest makes for a dull hunter, nya?

Monster Hunter is a series of fantasy-themed action role-playing video games that started with the game Monster Hunter for PlayStation 2, released in 2004. Titles have been released across a variety of platforms, including personal computers, home console, portable consoles, and mobile devices. The series is developed and published by Capcom. The games are primarily action role-playing games. The player takes the role of a Hunter, slaying or trapping large monsters across various landscapes as part of quests given to them by the local, with some quests involving the gathering of a certain item, which may put the Hunter at risk of facing a certain monster. As part of its core gameplay loop, players use loot gained from slaying monsters, gathering resources, and quest rewards to craft improved weapons, armor, and other items that allow them to face more powerful monsters. All main series games feature multiplayer (usually up to four-player cooperative), but can also be played, single player. Monster Hunter has been critically well-received in Western markets but has generally languished in sales, in part due to the game's high difficult learning curve. You see, not even a game like Monster Hunter is safe from toxic fandoms.

Why They Should Be Hunted Instead

  1. Do us a favor and let us remind you that there are Internet Trolls that are often found in Monster Hunter World and that's all we have to say.
  2. It's easy to spot elitists in this fandom. Whether it be things like "I don't need this, I'm going back to 4U- a real Monster Hunter game", "everyone that's from mhw is a scrub and you are all babies". Really now, if these elitists were here, that means people would see this community as if only certain people were welcome in Monster Hunter. This video will give you some more information.
  3. Some players would even have huge addictions to Monster Hunter alone. Wish we were making this up but no.
  4. A portion of this fandom would never calm down about when Monster Hunter XX would be released outside of Japan. They would write petitions to bring the game to the west when it takes more than fan demand to get Monster Hunter XX to be released outside of Japan.
  5. When it was announced that the Monster Hunter movie will be in production and set to be released on September 4, 2020, they started to take the upcoming movie way too seriously despite the fact that it's not even out yet. They even try to cancel the movie as well. While it's true that Paul W.S. Anderson has been associated with bad movies before such as Alien vs. Predator, Pompeii, Event Horizon, The Three Musketeers, etc, but there is no need to act like this.
  6. When Monster Hunter Tri got shut down, they started to make a big deal out of it and try to force Capcom to bring back the servers. They went as far as doing this.
  7. They claim themselves to be a healthy community when there were times whey they were shown to be far from healthy. GameFAQs is a good example of this.
  8. When Monster Hunter World got announced, they started to act salty towards the announcement trailer.
  9. Some never accepted the fact that IGN rated Monster Hunter Stories an 8.9 instead of a 9.0. Listen, guys, you are not the one who controls the universe you know.
  10. Shockingly enough, some would like this game as if it became an important part of their lives. Since when was a video game franchise more important than good people, politics, money, education, getting a job, buying a house, etc?
  11. They got mad at for adding monsters that they dislike in their Top Ten Monster Hunter Monsters video. Really now, let WatchMojo add whatever monsters they want to put on the list.
  12. Some would get mad at a certain player if a certain weapon gets used during gameplay (especially in Monster Hunter World).
  13. Since Monster Hunter can be played online, there are still some players who would trash talk to other players who would say things like "don't join on my quest again" or the simple "fuck you".
  14. Despite the fact that Monster Hunter is T rated, some of the players are under 13 (because the ESRB rating states that T rated games are for players 13 and up) which is just as lame as having a kid play GTA. By the way, We do have proof. If a kid wants a Monster Hunter game, then a good example would be Monster Hunter Stories.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Most fans are able to give you good tips on how to master Monster Hunter.
  2. You are still able to find some fans who are mature enough to like the game.
  3. Some are fans who would enjoy what kind of Monster Hunter games that would appear on the table.
  4. They may have a point about IGN and
  5. Some can move on to their lives if a Monster Hunter Online game get's shut down.
  6. Some can tolerate other people's tastes when it comes to some Monster Hunter games.
  7. A lot of well-crafted artwork that does have a great vibe to the series.