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Motu PatluBTSW is an Indian children's sitcom that airs on Nickelodeon India that started in October 2012. The series was based on the classic comic strip on Lot Pot. The series focuses on two friends named Motu and Patlu who live in Furfuri Nagar while going on humorous adventures. This show is considered to be one of the most successful and popular shows in India. it even spawned a lot of made-for-television films as well as a theatrical film titled Motu Patlu: King of Kings. It also spawned two spin-off series titled Inspector Chingum which focuses on Chingum's adventures as a police inspector and Guddu the Great which focuses on the character from King of Kings. For a show that was released in India, this somehow got a meme-ish fandom.

Why Inspector Chingum Would Arrest Them

  1. Let start things off with the basics. They make up false reviews of the show on IMDb. Even though they are not that severe.
  2. They never shut up about when Motu Patlu is coming outside of India (mainly the US). In fact, they try to do atrocious things such as these petitions or this.
  3. They keep calling Motu thicc just because of scene. Even though Motu is just an overweight fictional character.
  4. A lot of memes they make can range from offensive to other religions, Stupid, mean, pointless, overused, or way too far such as this one.
  5. Overuseage of this song. Is there really anything else to explain here?
  6. You see, not even Motu Patlu is safe from these kinds of "kids" videos such as this one. Just like how The Minions and Elsa are being treated by their toxic fans.
  7. They always ignore that Motu Patlu is based on the Lotpot comics where Motu and Patlu made their first appearance. While it's understandable since that comic was Hindi, but you get the idea. Some would even not read the comics just because it's not the "memes" or the show.
  8. Ironically enough, some may not have seen Motu Patlu or never knew who Motu Patlu is. The reason behind this is because of the memes spreading like wildfire.
  9. According to them, they think that Dr. Jhatka is dead despite how he would still appear in new episodes.
  10. If they wanted to watch the show, all they just do is only pay attention to the memes and not the purpose of pure comedy.
  11. They tried to turn the Motu Patlu page into a meme on Wikipedia. here is one example and there is another one.
  12. Just search up Motu Patlu on Deviantart and there is barely any good fan-art of the series because it's mostly strange concepts and lazy artwork and memes.
  13. Sometimes, they just try way too hard to act superior towards other people that do not like or watch Motu Patlu.
  14. They keep comparing Motu and Patlu to Caillou (or Saitama) and Mario just because of their similarities when Mario, Caillou, and Saitama are not even the same as Motu and Patlu. Not making this up.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some fans are unironic. Mainly the ones in India since this show did originate in that country.
  2. Some memes can be funny if done the right way.
  3. Most of them can tolerate different views of the show. Most notably the unironic fans.
  4. Some are patient for the English dub to broadcast in the United States officially.