My Hero Academia Fandom and Hatedom

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My Hero Academia Fandom and Hatedom
All Might: Attention students, this series' fandom and hatedom have been invaded by some torrential villains.
Nickname: HeroAca Teams (Both Sides)
Type: Anime Fandoms
Anime Hatedoms
Status: Extremely Active (Fandom)
Very Active (Hatedom)

My Hero Academia (Japanese: 僕のヒーローアカデミア Hepburn: Boku no Hīrō Akademia), abbreviated as HeroAca (ヒロアカ HiroAka) is a Japanese superhero manga series written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi.

Until the date this article was made (July 14, 2018, which was also the day Episode 52 premiered), this fandom wasn't that bad, but now, it is. The hatedom can also be bad.

Why They Deserve A United States Of Smash From All Might


  1. Like any anime fandom, they can get a little too enthusiastic about the show and shove it down everyone's throats.
  2. They prove themselves to be massive hypocrites by shoving yaoi pairings down our throats. Midoriya/Bakugo, Bakugo/Kirishima, Midoriya/Todoroki, always using the petty excuse that "its not confirmed that said character is 100% straight" when he/she is obviously heterosexual, and so forth. They're almost as bad as the Naruto fandom when it comes to this. So let's get this straight: it's not okay to sexualize the female characters but it's okay to look at yaoi fanart?! Sad fact is, those drawings are the closest thing to abs that the fangirls ever get to touch. If it's okay to lust after the male characters, it's okay to do the same to the female characters.
  3. This fandom mistreats Kohei Horikoshi. It's understandable to not agree with making Endeavor (Todoroki's father) redeemable, but sending death threats to the creator over it is inexcusable.
  4. They make Crude art. Mostly of Tsuyu, Ochako, Himiko and Momo (Just because she was voiced by Marina Inoue who also voices Tohka Yatogami from Date A Live) and even worse the four characters are only teenagers!
  5. Shipping wars are rampant like Deku X Ochako and since most of the fanbase is from the Yaoi Fandom, they do TodoDeku and BakuDeku.
  6. Because of the yaoi shippings, the shippers tend to have a hatred towards the girl characters which is pretty sexist.
  7. They disregard any different views about the series and its characters.
  8. A medium number of My Hero Academia fans are part of Bakugo's, Mineta's and Endeavor's hatedoms.
  9. They treat Shoto Todoroki and Himiko Toga like they are gods.
    • They also treat Hitoshi Shinso as their deity.
    • They also treat Kirishima Eijiro like a a piece of heaven brought down to Earth.
  10. They think the characters' orientation matters when really it doesn't.
  11. Sometimes, some of the fans who ship homosexual relationships completely denounce heterosexual ships, which also reveals the fandom's double standard.
  12. They leave obnoxious comments on any Uverworld-related content on YouTube since Uverworld sang Opening 4.
  13. Many of them overreacted to what Kohei Horikoshi named the Doctor in the recent chapter.
    • They even burned the copies of the manga because of it similar to another fandom.
    • They also got mad when some characters shared the same birthdays with dictators and war leaders like Adolf Hitler which hypocritical of them since some of them are part of the Bleach Fandom due to the fact that Ichigo Kurosaki shares the same birthday as deku.
  14. Some are apart of he China Hatedom because My Hero Academia is currently banned in China.
  15. Hypocrisy can be shown, some are Weeaboos who hate western culture yet don't seem to be bothered that My Hero Academia was inspired by western culture such as many of All Might's move being named after states and cities in the United States.‎
  16. Some of them lost their mind when All Might lost to Might Guy in Death Battle/
  17. Just because of Principal Nezu, some of the Dark Side of The Furry Community exists in this fandom.
  18. A few of them labelled Black Clover a Ripoff of My Hero Academia just because Asta doesn't have any magic similar to how Deku doesn't have a quirk.


  1. Some people hate it only because it's popular and mainstream, or they only hated the series just because of some of its characters, which are not even real reasons to dislike the series.
  2. SJWs complained about female characters being sexualized. Anime sexualizing female characters? But that’s happened before! Stop the presses! At this point, it seemed as if people were done complaining about fanservice. It’s become such a staple of anime, that people just got accustomed to it. Everyone and their pet goldfish know that less than 10% of modern and old anime has no fanservice whatsoever. Get used to it. It’s not going away anytime soon or possibly ever. 
    • They also complained about Uraraka being slimmed down in the anime, which is petty.
  3. Bunny Girl fanboys lost their minds ever since Sakuta Azusagawa lost to Izuku Midoriya on "Best Boy of the year" award. (located at Crunchyroll website).
    • When My Hero Academia won some awards, their minds had gone berserk and they trashed Crunchyroll for it.
  4. Sometimes they start to retaliate towards fans of the series. One example is the JoJo fanboys stating that "they should sit on the floor."
  5. Some were former fans of the series until Endeavor's redemption arc or the recent name of the doctor turned their backs on the franchise.

Redeeming Qualities


  1. Like any fandom, there are good fanarts and fan fictions.
  2. Unlike other anime fandoms, most people agree that the English dub is just as good as the original Japanese version. Even the director of the anime called the dub perfect.
  3. There are still many good people that can be aware of how bad it is, just enjoy the anime and manga, and aren't hypocritical like some of them are.
  4. There are many good cosplayers and artists who enjoy this anime and are not toxic.
  5. A large portion of the fandom banded together to support Horikoshi after all the backlash toward him about the name of the doctor with the trend #WeSupportYouHorikoshi.


  1. There are mature haters of that series.
  2. Since not all haters are toxic, they can respect opinions and that series.
  3. Some of them defended Kohei Horikoshi against any death threats of him.
  4. Some haters give good reasons to dislike the show and have good arguments about the flaws of the show too.
  5. They have a great point about some characters like Katsuki Bakugo and Minoru Mineta being unlikeable and annoying at times.


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Point #2 of the fandom part doesn't really make any sense. If they were complaining about it, then wouldn't that make them part of the hatedom?


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I love the anime but I don't want to see the fandom after reading this page.


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