My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Fandom and Hatedom

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Fandom and Hatedom
NOT friendly, unlike the show itself
Nickname: Bronies & Pegasisters (Fandom)
Anti-Bronies & Anti-Pegasisters (Hatedom)
Type: Cartoon Fandoms/Hatedoms
Status: Semi-Active (Both)

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is a Canadian-American children's animated fantasy television series created by Lauren Faust for Hasbro.

The show has a toxic fandom and hatedom who have gone too far.

Why They Don't Represent Friendship


  1. They both act rude towards each other.
  2. They are both in the Vyond Community.


  1. They like to send death threats to people who dislike the franchise.
    • They are also willing to send death threats to the show's own staff members so they can get what they want, proving them selfish, soulless, bratty and pathetic (see no. 32 below).
  2. Like certain fandoms, they create pornographic content of the ponies (especially of Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash) and some other-species characters in the show such as the Dragons, Humans (mainly the Equestria Girls Franchise) and Capper from the MLP Movie. This trend is called "Clopping".
    • They would also create NSFW content of the underaged characters in the show such as Spike and the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Which could possibly get you in trouble and you can get arrested and likely face trial in the courtroom.
  3. Questionable art is everywhere on DeviantArt and Derpibooru.
  4. Apart from the porn, some fan content is downright repulsive and disturbing, such as Hotdiggitydemon's PONY.MOV series, Smile HD, Rainbow Factory, Little Miss Rarity and the infamous "Cupcakes" and "Sweet Apple Massacre" fanfictions (Please do not read it unless you're really curious).
  5. They don't just like MLP, they love and adore it.
  6. They will defend other bronies against strangers online by swearing and insulting, even those who hold no harm, and fellow bronies. Hypocrisy at its conspicuous, the show promotes love, tolerance and friendship most of all, not scrutiny, seclusion, and injustice.
    • An example is a user named Pokemonmastercb, who claims to be a friend of the user The Commentor Brony on YouTube MLP videos. He acts like a bodyguard of sorts to his "friend" and probes his every comment for strangers. If he spots one he goes insane and insults them, even those attempting to converse with the commentator before he even knows who they are, which proves his sensitivity and inclination to overreacting, just like the fandom.
  7. They make Cringe compilations out of people who hate it.
  8. It's even flooded the Google Image search to the point where searching "pony" always brings up several images of the characters instead of actual ponies.
  9. Shipping wars everywhere.
    1. They are known to crossover ship its characters with those of other series to no end, with one of the most famous being Rainbow Dash being paired off with Sonic the Hedgehog.
      • Another infamous crossover ship is the Twilight Sparkle x Thomas the Tank Engine.
    2. On that note, there's incest ships within the fandom too, mainly centered around the main characters and their families. Applejack is a prime target due to how large her family is, this series of ships is called "Applecest".
  10. Since they are part of TheTopTens Community, they will use "autism" and "cancer" insults to anyone who hates MLP.
  11. Some of them don't stop complaining (at least angrily) about changes, such as when Twilight Sparkle became an alicorn in third season finale. (Everyone, that was six seasons ago! We know it sends mixed messages, but calm the hell down.)
  12. They have a history of copyright and other legal issues with Hasbro, with the (now taken down) incident being the epitome of this.
  13. There are certain Bronies known to cause and/or exploit drama amongst other people.
  14. Horse Fame: When certain Bronies with high follower accounts exploit their fame to get whatever they want, as well as see others as beneath them or as cannon fodder. It typically occurs with those with +100,000 subscribers.
  15. Some of the fans are very political, some of them promote Nazism while others Communism. (How ironic.)
  16. Some bronies are and can also be SJWs, as they use the show as an excuse to spread their political nonsense.
  17. Murdered the cartoon community.
  18. Many of the OCs and offsprings are either uncreative or Mary-Sues.
  19. A small percentage of them treat the show like it's flawless and praise every single episode, even the bad ones like Putting Your Hoof Down, which has become infamous due to how mean-spirited it is.
  20. When a fan artist named Yamino expressed her concerns over a fan-made character who appeared in the episode titled The Last Roundup, the fandom responded with a hate campaign (some even went as far as to spread rumors about her being secretly transexual). It eventually got so bad one of the show's writers had to step in and tell them to stop (unlike the similar incident with the Steven Universe Fandom, Yamino did not attempt suicide).
  21. No thanks to them, it gave the bronies and the show a bad name and reputation.
  22. The MLP wiki (which isn't being linked here) is filled with generic and uninspired OCs, constant flame wars on blogs and posts, and several perverted users going into full graphic detail about their fantasies with characters on their respective pages (thankfully, said users are eventually banned and/or globally blocked).
  23. They hate classic MLP (Gen 1 to 3.5) with burning passion using insults as "it's too girlish" or "this is not MLP, this is an insult to [it]!!!", even they made hate art, here's one of them.
    1. Without the preceding generations, then there wouldn't be Friendship is Magic.
  24. They hate the new Nick Jr. show, Corn and Peg just because they said it was either a ripoff or "a downgraded version of MLP".
  25. Even though G5 is not confirmed yet, they already complained about the new designs of the Mane Six as FiM comes to an end after the 9th season. (We are not joking on that and it's true that even the leaks are false!)
    • If any trailer of the G5 series comes onto YouTube, chances are the comments will be bombarded with negative and offensive statements by the FiM fanboys as well as dislike-bombing, possibly paving the way for the next generation of nostalgia-tards.
  26. Many bronies are part of other toxic fandoms and hatedoms. Thus, they tend to crossover ship the characters of those franchises with MLP characters due to how "similar" they think they are.
  27. A portion of the fandom can be full of pedophiles, perverts, and (possibly) zoophiles.
  28. They are part of the Unicorn Fandom (obviously), Team Fortress 2, Five Nights at Freddy's, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, SpongeBob, Shrek and the Thomas the Tank Engine fandoms (mainly because of Pooh's Adventures).
  29. Because most of the cast are females, the fanboys start waifu wars amongst each other for who is "best pony".
  30. They also become bronies because the show gave them a degree of violent fight scenes, most notoriously being Twilight vs. Tirek, which they reminisce to Dragon Ball. They watch the show only for the fight scenes. Thus, this makes them part of the extremely toxic Dragon Ball Fandom.
    • When it comes to violent action, a small part of the fandom over-exaggerate every pony's powers, especially those of Twilight Sparkle or Starlight Glimmer, much like the Dragon Ball fanboys. They also seem to think that the most powerful of MLP characters can curbstomp those from other companies like Marvel, DC or even anime. It is silly because there's an obvious huge power gap between the fantasy equines and these gigantic powerhouses from these different genres. For instance, there are cosmic beings in Marvel Comics that can withstand even the most powerful of magic spells, such as the likes of Doctor Strange, a reality warper. There are also lots of anime characters that are more ridiculously powerful and defeated spellcasters far more powerful than the MLP spellcasters. Want good examples of ridiculously overpowered anime characters? Then there's Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star (who is known for brutally and mercilessly killing his foes with the Hokuto Shin-Ken technique, which causes their bodies to explode and he's able to stand even the most extreme damage like being exposed to a nuclear bomb), Saitama from One Punch Man (whose most famous ability is to defeat enemies with a single punch), Goku from the Dragon Ball franchise (who's legendary for his god-like powers and abilities) and Alucard from Hellsing Ultimate (who can withstand every type of damage, regenerates instantly, is able to control the weather, is immune to the typical weaknesses of normal vampires, can summon the souls of his victims, is able to shape-shift and has many more abilities). Also, MLP is (essentially) a kid's show for educational and entertainment purposes, not a shonen anime, or a badass superhero comic book TV show.
  31. Going with this above bad quality, the fandom is in its most toxic in the Season 4 episode "Twilight's Kingdom", as in YouTube involving this episode, many of the bronies there kept boasting how their show "is not for girls" just because of the fight scenes. Some of them kept saying that Twilight Sparkle can solo the Marvel, DC or Dragon Ball all the same. (These fanboys are too stupid to the fact that she lost to another Tara Strong character in Death Battle, then now they think she can take on someone like Goku?)
    • Surprisingly, a few of these brony fanboys are weeaboos, who think that MLP is an "anime" just because of "Twilight's Kingdom".
  32. Recently, a group of 4Chan bronies sent death threats to a staff member, Jim Miller, over the show just because the final episodes were leaked early online & some of them disliked the ending. (No joke, this actually happened.)
    • This also caused most of the staff to remove their social media accounts and a result of Big Jim locking his Twitter account. Fortunately, most people heard of the news, and he is getting a lot of love and attention, even people starting hashtags like #ThankYouJim and #ThankYouBigJim.
  33. Some of them whined when this show ended.
  34. As part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Fandom, they spam comments of Avengers: Endgame a lot on anything involving the final episode "The Ending of the End - Part 2" just because every creature "assembled" to take down the bad guys.
  35. Some fanboys glorify the "Magic of Friendship" concept of the show like it's a gift from God or the most powerful force in existence, that it can defeat any evil even outside of MLP. This is strictly not true, as in most cases like DC's Darkseid, it takes more than some ideal like "the Magic of Friendship" to deal with such diabolical forces.
  36. Notable people to represent the worst of the fandom include AKnotholeResident, AleximusPrime, Angryjedi, AvantGardePony, Balddumborat, Braeburned, ButLova, CelticBrony, Chris-Chan, Digibrony, DisneyMaster, The Eclectic Espeon, EpicKitty54, Evan Gragg, Gallus Griffin (Dark messiah), GodofUnicorns, IncestLove124, Jennifer Diane Reitz, Lil Miss Jay, Lordshadrach, MandoPony, MichaelDragon800, Moleman9000, NickKid4Ever, Pewdie-Pinkiepie, Pickbothmanlol, Pinkiepony, PPPProject, Princessdimaond, Runa-the-seamstress, Sethisto, Taxman, The Unknown Autobot, ValisHD, Venom2204, Weegeeisgoingtokillm, weev, and yes, even Taro Kurata a.k.a. Ichiro Kurata.
  37. Someone put his own semen in a jar and then boiled a Rainbow Dash toy inside it.
  38. Some of the MLP fans haven't moved on after the show's ending. When the new G4 series Pony Life showed the first images of the characters, they started treating it like it was Teen Titans Go! all over again, considering the show could be a comedy sitcom like TTG. There's a chance these rabid fans might treat it as "Teen Titans Go! 2.0", worsening the aforementioned show's hatedom.


  1. They are rude to anyone who likes My Little Pony, calling them homophobic slurs, pedophiles, etc. This also applies to sane fans and even children.
  2. They are mostly immature edgelords and who try to look edgy and masculine by lambasting the show and the bronies, whom they believe are disrespectful to their masculinity and are "gay" just for watching the show.
  3. They are also normies who attack the show just because it's not mainstream like shows made by/on Cartoon Network.
  4. Although rare, but some come from Disney Fandom because they think that My Little Pony tries to be like Disney due to the songs being of an almost similar calibre from song of Disney's musicals. They also think that MLP rips off songs from Disney, especially the MLP movie. This is completely false, as there are musicals made in other studios other than Disney that came out before My Little Pony, like Fox's Anastasia or MGM's The Wizard of Oz.
  5. They lose their minds over the smallest of things when it comes to MLP: When their favorite show/game/music has ponies in it, their favorite character has been turned into a pony, or even if you simply have a pony as your profile picture. A notable example of this is how they reacted when the Magical Mercenary hat was added to Team Fortress 2. To make matters worse, the hat was based on unicorns in mythology instead of MLP.
  6. They make gory hate art.
  7. They send death threats to anyone who likes the show and even bully them to the point of SUICIDE.
  8. One anti-brony wished death on Tara Strong for voicing Twilight Sparkle. (If only we were making that up…)
  9. They may also try to send death threats to the cast of MLP.
    1. Ironically which, many of them are also from the Dragon Ball Fandom, where they phrase Brian Drummond, who voices Mr. Cake in MLP, for his "Over 9000!" quote as Vegeta, that spawned a lasting meme. Hypocritically and ironically for them, the large number of My Little Pony cast members are also involved in the Ocean Dub of Dragon Ball Z. (Yes, when they praise/ignore the voices in DBZ's Canadian dub, so why bother harassing the very same people who provide voices for their masculine-oriented martial art shonen spectacle characters who now give voices in a baby girl's show?)
  10. In 2017, the hatedom became even more out of control than ever.
    • Another anti-brony (who was arrested) threatened to slaughter adult fans of the show at the MLP movie premiere. (No, that's not a joke either).
  11. Some hate this show because it's for girls, which is a sexist reason to hate it, as there are a lot of shows dedicated to a female audience that have male audiences as well, such as Sailor Moon, The Powerpuff Girls, Totally Spies!, etc.
  12. In 2012 on a YouTube channel FBE, A Group of teenagers bashed MLP by watching only the opening theme and not the entire show at least one episode. Yes, they also bashed the fandom, especially the Bronies and Pegasisters as well, this cause the MLP fandom especially the bronies made their own reactions and opinions about the Teenagers (both from the ordinary and military fans).
  13. Some of the members of this hatedom are part of the Happy Tree Friends Fandom; they say Rainbow Dash's abilities rip off that of Splendid.
  14. Many of them hate the show just because it's popular or because of the fandom.
  15. They constantly try to get the show canceled just because of the fanbase, such as the time they made a petition for said reason. The said petition was obviously a failure and shut down. Also, this is not how canceling a TV show works.
  16. ToonEGuy is a part of the hatedom. He hates the show for what? Flash animation!
  17. They are massive hypocrites, they claim that the fanbase bullies people who do not like the show, while this can still happen, most, if not all of the hatebase bullies people who do like the show.
  18. Their arguments and insults tend to be weak and biased, as they rely on the fanbase's stereotypes in order to insult them, such as "basement dweller", "neckbeard", and the infamous "clopper". If this does not work, they will simply use the "you need to grow up" argument, even though they are being immature as well.
  19. They make offensive and idiotic statements like "we need a second holocaust", which is offensive to those who died in that very massacre, and "kill all brownies", which can come off as racist towards colored fans of the show, because unless one is referring to the food, "brownie" is a slur for a colored person.
  20. They had a Brony hate sub Reddit that was dedicated to, you guessed it, hating bronies. It was filled with offensive memes and content. Thankfully that subreddit has been banned.
  21. Similar to PewDiePie's and Justin Bieber's hatedoms, they're everywhere on TheTopTens, as they make aggressive and hate-fueled lists like Top 10 reasons to hate bronies, Songs that describe bronies (which appears to have been ruined by trolls), and Ways to describe bronies. (Warning: If you want to visit these links, that if you're a brony or a supporter of bronies and you think you're tough enough to handle derisive lists on the site, do so at your own risk).
  22. They call them trannies. (Transphobic!)
  23. Literally any video having to do with MLP or even simply references it has toxic haters in the comments. A good example is the ponified version of the Minecraft song "Don't Mine at Night".
  24. Some of them are actually heartless and sadistic when it comes to hating the fandom. With the biggest example of this being when they made a Reddit post (which isn't going to be linked here, it's better that way) mocking an 11-year-old boy who was in a coma because he attempted and failed to commit suicide just because he was a fan. Thankfully, said fan has since awoken from the coma.
  25. Just like the fandom, they have flooded Google search, so now whenever one types in "MLP is", things like ""cancer" and "overrated" will pop up.
  26. They hate Lauren Faust just for being the creator. She somehow even ended up on the most evil people in history list.
  27. They raged at ScrewAttack when Rainbow Dash won the death battle against Starscream. Yes, Starscream is obviously more powerful, but still (unless you want to die from radiation poisoning, we advise you to stay out of the comment section).
  28. They lose their minds when famous celebrities ask if they could become bronies. Like this Facebook post by Robert Downey Jr. These butthurt idiots flamed with sane bronies in the comments
  29. They are completely unaware that famous celebrities they adore like Chris Evans (That's right, Captain America himself) are bronies. When they do, they go ballistic.
  30. They make very bad parody names like "My Little Pony: Friendship is Autistic" which is offensive to those who have autism.
  31. They are the reason why a brony, who was only 23, fell into a coma. He died a few days after he was taken to the hospital.
  32. An anti-brony drew an extremely gory drawing of Fluttershy. Eventually, said drawing was removed from DeviantArt.
  33. Some are Nostalgiatards who say the Gen1 to 3 were better than Gen4.
  34. When the show ended, they bullied people for missing the show.
  35. Hypocrisies:
    • They hate the show for redeeming villains a lot but they don't mind it if their favorite shows also redeemed villains such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, Fairy Tail, Yu Yu Hakusho, etc.
    • They hate it for overusing of the power of friendship yet some them are fans of Fairy Tail and Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Redeeming Qualities


  1. Not all Bronies and Pegasisters are like this. In fact, these guys and girls know how to make friends and they support friendship, love, tolerance and being good to others.
  2. Some Bronies and other MLP fans make good MLP fan-art, especially on DeviantArt, Tumblr, Derpibooru and Patreon.
    • This also includes older MLP generation (generations 1-3) characters in the G4 style.
    • Some MLP artists make their own art-style of their favorite MLP characters including in Anime art-style.
  3. Some bronies who like The Living Tombstone like to make very good fan music and animations.
  4. Some fans admit that the show declined in quality, just like the Thomas The Tank Engine and SpongeBob SquarePants fandoms.
  5. There are good people in the Fandom who aren't bronies such as VannaMelon (Known for making Fluttershy Plays and does excellent Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie voices), MLP Fever, etc.
  6. Unlike during some of the first seasons of the show, the fandom is much less toxic than it used to be now.
  7. Some of the Bronies would like to give Generation 5 (G5) as the potential successor and they would give it a chance just how they loved the previous Generation (G4).
  8. There are some really good animations of MLP.


  1. Some haters are mature such as I Hate Everything.
  2. Some decided to become MLP fans.
  3. As MLP is aimed at young children, for some haters is understandable to dislike this show, little kids can be entertained by things that teens and adults may find boring.
  4. They also have good arguments about the flaws of the show.



  • The Brony fandom started out as an intentional joke on 4chan back in 2009, but a year or so after it premiered on Hub Network, it was taken seriously and became an actual fandom.


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I actually like the Pony.Mov series.


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RDJ actually asked if he could go brony. Then they came. The butthurt is strong with these haters.


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Which RDJ?


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Robert fricking Downey Jr.


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"Another anti-brony (who was arrested) threatened to slaughter adult fans of the show at the MLP movie premiere. (No, that's not a joke either)."

What!? That's just sickening!


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Ah, yeah. I saw a bunch of comments, yup these idiots are now treating MLP Pony Life like it's Teen Titans Go! 2.0

The cycle of ignorance dost not end dost it not?


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Being edgy can be a failure. The MLP fandom is full of pervs.


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I'm a brony myself. But I don't ramble that Twilight 5 can solo Marvel or Dragon Ball of all things at once, like a f**king weeb.