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You can't let one bad moment spoil a bunch of good ones.
Nickname: The Pit Stop
Type: Sports Fandoms
Status: Super Active

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing aka NASCAR is an American auto racing sanctioning and operating company that is best known for its stock-car racing. Founded by Bill France Sr. in 1948 alongside his son Jim France, NASCAR is headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida. Each year, NASCAR sanctions over 1,500 races at over 100 tracks in 48 US states as well as in Canada, Mexico, and Europe. There are many series of NASCAR races such as NASCAR Cup Series, NASCAR Xfinity Series, Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series, and some international ones such as (Pinty's Series, PEAK Mexico Series, and Whelen Euro Series). NASCAR is one of the most successful and iconic motorsports, but that didn't stop NASCAR from having a toxic fanbase.

Why They Won't Win The Race

  1. They are never satisfied every time NASCAR tries to appeal to the fans. No matter how hard NASCAR tries, the fans will still riot as if it were the Super Smash Bros. Fandom of motorsports.
  2. They deny their own toxicity by trying to pin the blame on other fandoms (like the F1 Fans) and makeup excuses to make the NASCAR fans look non-toxic.
  3. It's easy to spot fans who would go after other motorsports fandoms such as F1 being the butt-monkey for the NASCAR Fandom alone.
  4. Regardless of how excited a race was, these fans will always be present to quickly tear up apart the sanctioning body, drivers, tracks, teams, sponsors, etc.
  5. Some of them are ageist (especially Reddit) since you got some fans who would hate racers like Kyle Busch and Johnny Sauter just for not being young. That is no way to dislike a certain driver.
  6. Nostalgiatards are still at bay in this fandom. The reason being is because if you were to look up any old school NASCAR video, you will get these people who are stuck in the past. A good example of this would be any NASCAR video related to 1997.
  7. This fandom is no stranger at rejecting other people's tastes. The thing is that they are able to drag you to the dumps and also see your opinion as trash. Just look at this video of what would happen if a toxic NASCAR fan treats an opinion like a fact. This is a good reason why you should never see your favorite NASCAR drivers like gods.
  8. They accuse other users of saying your favorite NASCAR driver is (insert any NASCAR driver here), but a user's PFP would show another driver. In short, they want people to like ONE driver instead of a selected number of drivers. Oh please, let other people like a certain amount of drivers.
  9. When it was announced that NASCAR drivers will be able to continue the NASCAR series in the form of iRacing during the COVID-19 outbreak, a selected portion of the fandom disliked the idea just because it's not close to the real races on live TV or outside. Listen here, the NASCAR drivers need to be safe because the COVID-19 is a deadly virus that is able to kill like 140000+ people so stop it.
  10. There have been some fans who would make jokes about the NASCAR crashes that sometimes show up during a race. Just because the increased safety measures exist nowadays does not mean you should make jokes about them. Let us remind you, readers, that racing can still be truly unsafe.
  11. Many of them chastize Danica Patrick that this happened before. Talk about being sexist. A couple would also hate GoDaddy just because of Danica Patrick herself.
    • On the discussion of Danica Patrick, there is also hate memes.
    • Danica isn't the only one who gets demonized, other drivers had as well like Kyle Busch (they keep mocking him for his attitude and compared him to Chick Hicks from Pixar's Cars) as a prime example. This also happened to Kyle as well.
  12. Litter bugs would show up on any NASCAR race and litter the racetrack. That right there is considered bad manners and they would go as far as almost hitting someone such as Daniel Suarez, Jeff Gordon, and even Danica Patrick.
  13. They can be known to do some pretty dumb things during a NASCAR race such as climbing a fence that separates fans from the track which can lead people to get arrested for public intoxication. We all know a race can sometimes get a little monotonous, especially if the leader has a huge lead on the field, but do we really need that?
  14. If a rule were to get changed, NASCAR fans will go bananas thus causing a fan war over a rule change.
  15. You got some fans who are so impatient about getting an autograph of a driver. While most fans do want to get autographs before or after a race, some just decide to take matters into their own hands (like tiring to jump a chain-link fence during a red flag at Watkins Glen and try to get an autograph from Matt Kenseth).
  16. Even toxic NASCAR fans appear on TheTopTens. What else is there to say?

How Did They Make It To The Finish Line

  1. There are some swell fans out there. All you need to do now is dig deeper to find them and they will not have any toxic quality such as opinion lashing.
  2. They still make some good fan art as always. They even make some pretty good fan-made NASCAR cars as well.
  3. Some may have good points about how some NASCAR drivers are not perfect and can tolerate them as people. Luckily enough, some may maturely like some NASCAR drivers.
  4. Some will move on if there is anything new with NASCAR.
  5. Some will like other motorsports that are not NASCAR. If not, there can be some mellow people who may dislike other motorsports.
  6. They do pay respects to some NASCAR drivers who have died before. There is a lot to mention.