NBA Fandom and Hatedom

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NBA Fandom and Hatedom
Both are spoiled sports, indeed.
Nickname: NBA Believers and Doubters
Type: Sports Fandoms
Sports Hatedoms
Status: Super Active

The National Basketball Association is a men's professional basketball league originating in North American consisting of 30 existing teams. It is one of the four major professional sports leagues in the US and Canada while being dubbed to the premier men's professional basketball league in the world. The league was found in New York City in 1946 and was formerly called the Basketball Association of America but changed it named to the NBA after it made a merge with the National Basketball League.

It is no surprise that it also spawned a toxic following alongside toxic haters.

Why Both Sides Don't Deserve A Slam Dunk


  1. Both sides will hate the bandwagon fans the most annoying way possible.
  2. They are everywhere on TheTopTens and Reddit.


  1. It is no secret that many of the NBA fans would tend to start wars on which team is better.
  2. Many NBA teams are shown to have their own toxic side.
    • The Detroit Pistons was well known to have gotten the infamous "Malice at the Palace" controversy Ben Wallace (Pistons) pushed Ron Artest (Pacers) and caused a fight to broke out on the court between several players. Even a Pistons fan threw a drink from the stands at Artest while he was lying on the scorer's table. In fact, Artest immediately charged after the fans causing a brawl between players and spectators. After that, Five fans were banned from attending Pistons home games while five players were charged with assault and got sentenced to a year of probation and community service.
    • The Miami Heat fanbase is toxic to the point that even Charles Barkley said that he hates his fandom thus saying ""Yeah, they got the worst fans. No question. It's not even loud in there. You're at the game and you are like, 'Man, this place isn't even loud.'". The Heat fans are known the be rude and disloyal to the point that they quit on the team before the game's over as well as going to the game "Fashionably late".
    • Los Angeles Lakers fans are extremists. They think that the league revolves around Kobe Bryant but are quick to reject the probability that the series will not be won on his accord.
    • The Brooklyn Nets are shown to be hypocritical. They claim to be Nets fans yet they root for the opposing team more times.
  3. Many of the fans attack players to the point that they would only criticize them simply because of some innocent trash-talking or unintentional fouls. There are just people you know! Do you expect them to be perfect?
    • They would even go as far as making petitions to ban some people. Petitions do not work like that guys?
    • This article can explain.
    • Even non-basketball players who are still celebrities like Kevin Hart managed to trash talk players like James Harden.
  4. Many NBA players are shown to have toxic fandom as well. One example is Michael Jordan who is shown to be the most toxic. Other examples include Kobe Bryant and Lebron James.
  5. Many of the fans are shown to be loud to the point that it will get annoying.
  6. They venerate Space Jam as if it was a gift from God.
  7. Whenever a said team won, they will mock the losing team.
    • On the flip side, the losing team would throw a fit and bully the winning team.
  8. Many of the fans are bandwagoners who think they care about the team players but they would either show no respect to the team or just be on a different team.
  9. They would whine whenever they see a foul. It's just a game DANG!
  10. They are extremely annoying when they talk about trades and scenarios about the year after instead on enjoying what they got
  11. They take things out of context. they would a lot of times compare stats without considering the difference in the era, positions, systems, and roles. they will nitpick certain highlights of the players.
  12. Speaking of stats, they care about them way too much. In fact, they will over glorify a players performance.


  1. They hate the NBA simply because they would blame the fans. Not all the fans are toxic you know.
  2. They hate it because of the All-Star game. Just because one part of the game exists does not mean you get to hate it.
  3. They think that the Coaches like trash to the point that they would refer to them as babysitters which are just stupid.
  4. They blame on the most hated players or certain NBA people calling them the evilest people in existence when there are people far more hateable than the players such as Genghis Khan, Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, Vlad Tepes, Charles Cullen, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Mary Ann Cotton, etc.
  5. Most of these haters are rabid fanboys of other sports .
  6. Some used to like the NBA, but when their favorite team loses or so, they hate on the association.
  7. They hate it because of how the NBA is played nowadays meaning that they could be nostalgiatards.
  8. They call it a poorer quality college basketball which is offensive to both NBA and college basketball fans.
  9. Hypocrisy: They hate the NBA yet they still watch it.
  10. Some don't even have valid reasons why they don't like the NBA.
  11. The Complain about the NBA having no parity while there are sports league that have just as no parity as the NBA.
  12. Some of them celebrated the deaths of David Stern and Kobe Bryant.

Redeeming Qualities


  1. Both sides are sane and mature fans and haters.
  2. Both sides may have some people who still respect players and people associated with NBA.
  3. Both sides do have a point that some players deserved to get hated such as Zaza Pachulia and Bruce Bowen just as long as they don't take it too seriously.


  1. Not all of them start wars with other teams.
  2. Many of them simply enjoy what the NBA really is.
  3. Not all of them are loud fans.
  4. Not all of them are picky.
  5. Not all of them treat some NBA players like Gods or trash.
  6. Some players may not have toxic fans and haters such as Brian Scalabrine and Javale McGee.
  7. They paid respects for the death of many people who were a part of the NBA most notable examples are Kobe Bryant, David Stern and John Havlicek.


  1. They do have a point about the NBA's flaws.
  2. They do have a point about the fandom.
  3. Some have a valid reason why they don't like the NBA.
  4. The Fandom is much more toxic.
  5. The hatedom is pretty rare to find because it gets overshadowed by the fandom.

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