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"You're one big, nasty demon, you!"

Nakoruru is a playable character that appears in the Samurai Shodown series. She is also seen as a mascot for SNK's social action programs for children and nature awareness campaigns, sometimes being paired with Terry Bogard for such events. She also stars in her own character image CD and is also a member of SNK's character image band, Band of Fighters. At age 15 (Although she is 16 in the reboot, 17 in the first game, 18 in SSII, and 20 in SS Sen). she and Rimururu are playing in the forest when Mamahaha flies in holding her father's sword. Sensing her father was in danger, she apologized to Rimururu and leaves. Upon reaching Hinowa, Nakoruru tells Gaoh that his war is hurting the planet. Gaoh proclaims he will build a new country and will destroy any who would stand in his way. At his defeat, Kamui appears before her, asking Nakoruru to follow her father's footsteps as he was killed. Nakoruru asks what would happen if she declined and is told another maiden would be asked to be the successor. Not wanting Rimururu to be put at risk, Nakoruru accepts to become the new Kamui warrior of Kamui Kotan. She continues to fulfill this role throughout the series protecting nature and defeating villains often alongside Haohmaru. While she's one of SNK's popular characters, she also has a toxic fandom.

Why They Should Be Punished By Nature

  1. They ship her with Rimururu, both are related to each other!
    • And If it wasn't enough bad enough they also ship some characters in the series like Mina, Haohmaru or/and (Rarely) Iroha or Charlotte.
  2. Many of them don't seem to understand that Nakoruru is based on the Ainu people rather than just an original character.
  3. Sometimes, the mindset thinks that Samurai Shodown is mainly about her when it really isn't. Yes, Nakoruru is a popular character, but Haohmaru is more prominent in terms of the main character compared to her. Also, other characters exist as well.
  4. They seem to only like her because of her appearance and voice instead of her actual character. Although we can understand why Nakoruru is adorable, it takes more than a pretty face to like a character.
  5. Some of them flipped out over her 3D render in KoF XIV. Come on guys, it's only a render.
  6. They make non-existent comparisons with her and Reimu from Touhou. Yes, they do have some similarities in terms of appearance and both are shrine maidens, but that's where the similarities end. Also, how are Nakoruru and Reimu the same character? That's like saying Sans and Ness are the same characters because of their height.
  7. Although rare, they acted immaturely when Terry was chosen to be in Smash instead of her. You do realize that Terry had a better chance compared to your precious Ainu.
  8. They overpraise her theme song "Banquet of Nature" like it's the national anthem. It's just a song that is nothing really big to show to the world.
  9. Sometimes, they will spam "Mamahaha" and "Daishizen no oshiaki desu" to the point that it gets old quickly.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some mature fans who have ligament reasons to like her still exist.
  2. A lot of wholesome fan-art is still a thing.
  3. Some were fine with Terry joining the roster.
  4. Some understand that she's only fictional.
  5. Some are against the bad ships that are mentioned before.


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