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An example of a "meme" made by a 2nd Gen. Need for Speed fanboy while disrespecting Hot Pursuit 2010.

Need for Speed is a racing video game franchise published by Electronic Arts and developed by various different studios. The series centers around illicit street racing and in general tasks players to complete various types of races while evading the local law enforcement in police pursuits (namely in the games involving police pursuits). The series released its first title, Road & Track Presents: The Need for Speed in 1994. The most recent game, Need for Speed Heat, was released on November 8, 2019.

Why They Should Be Busted Or Have Their Cars Totaled

  1. It's perhaps the most divisive fanbase in the entire racing games' community out there. There are two types of fanboys:
  2. Classic/Old School Fanboys (these prefer the older NFS titles from the first installment to Hot Pursuit 2 and Hot Pursuit 2010), in which they berate the second era for being a blatant carbon-copy of The Fast & The Furious series, encouraging the Ricer behavior regarding the Aftermarket parts and claimed that the said games ruined the franchise until Hot Pursuit 2010's release.
  3. As mentioned above, they're hypocritical when it comes to customization by calling the second/Underground era fans "Ricers" regardless if their cars are tasteful or fully tuned, even though the said Aftermarket feature made its debut in High Stakes when upgrading cars.
  4. Underground/Most Wanted Fanboys (Who grew up playing from Underground 1/2 to Carbon and occasionally Undercover), who share similar flaws as the Old School Fanboys. Except they focus more on customization, import tuner scene and they believe that the second era games like Underground or Most Wanted (2005) hold the real DNA of the series.
  5. Speaking of Most Wanted Fanboys, they also treasure the 2005 game to death (including the late EA Black Box and the iconic BMW M3 GTR) and will call out anyone who opposes or diss the said installment.
  6. Tons of Opinion Lashing no matter what.
  7. They are considered to be part of the Electronic Arts Fandom and Hatedom.
  8. Just like in other racing games including "simcade" racers like Forza or Gran Turismo, they can be very unbearable in multiplayer as they'll attempt to ram your car on purpose in order to win. The late Need for Speed: World had taken this up-to-eleven, specially with players using overpowered cars like the Toyota MR2 or Ford Capri RS3100 in which they spam Nitrous/Juggernaut (Similar to Slingshot, but allows to player to have better acceleration and weight at the cost of handling)/Traffic Magnet power-ups to make the experience even more painful. It's way much worse when playing in NFS games such as Shift or Pro Street featuring performance damage in which they can literally total your car and thus, ruining the entire race!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least there's a good portion of fans who enjoy playing other series such as Forza or Gran Turismo, they may even admit that they're better than the NFS franchise.
  2. They do have a point towards certain controversial changes and installments such as Most Wanted '12 being a rehash of Burnout Paradise with licensed cars and a different setting.
  3. A portion of the fans are going public on how awful the community really is.