Nico Yazawa (Love Live!) Ironic Fandom and Hatedom

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Nico Yazawa (Love Live!) Ironic Fandom and Hatedom
Nico Yazawa.png
These people Nico-nico-need to S T O P
Nickname: Hit-or-Miss Girl
Rulers of Idol Hell
Nico's Followers
Type: Anime Character Fandoms/Hatedoms
Ironic Fandoms
Status: Very Active (Ironic Fandom)
Active (Hatedom)

Nico Yazawa (矢澤にこ Yazawa Niko) is a fictional character in the school idol group µ's who is a third-year student from Otonokizaka High School in Love Live! School Idol Project. Ever since the franchise rose into popularity, she became one of the prominent meme figures in anime and gaining both a toxic ironic fandom and hatedom.

Why They Nico-Nico Need To Stop


  1. They can’t respect differing opinions.
  2. People compare her over to Nyannyancosplay for the infamous “hit-or-miss” meme on TikTok just because that person dressed as her. To some extent, they also call her the "Hit-or-miss" girl.
  3. Both of them gave Nico Yazawa a bad name and also led to the downfall of the Anime Community and the franchise itself along with Maki and Yoshiko.
  4. They both mistake her as a child either as a joke or not because her character design, the cutesy facade that she makes with her "nico-niis" and her short height (154cm) for a 17-year-old/third year student.
  5. They seem to only take an interest or hatred in her for no other reason other than the fact that she's popular in the anime community and the meme community.
  6. Some make fun of her flat chest in a toxic way.

Ironic Fandom

This image presents the qualities of why her ironic fandom is becoming more toxic than ever.
How the memes began...
  1. Not only do they like her. They idolize her like an actual goddess. She's only fictional so you don't really have to take her too seriously.
  2. Some people only watched Love Live! only to see her.
  3. Most of her fans don’t even know anything about her other than the memes, YTPMVs/MADs, and also sh*tposts.
  4. Her fandom is like the equivalent of the Waluigi Ironic Fandom.
  5. This ironic fandom is full of Weeaboos, normies, modern-tards, fanboys/fangirls and perverts who take things the wrong way when it comes to taking an interest of her.
  6. Adding on to appeals, they like to collect and obsess over dozens of her figurines, Nesoberis, UR cards in LLSIF, and dakimuras/body pillows, cardboard cut-outs, basically anything to do with her. Not that collecting is bad however, the reason why it's toxic is because they don't really take into consideration to their surroundings as it may be too much or too uncomfortable to some people.
  7. Speaking of, they overuse and spam memes such as her “Nico-nico-nii” catchphrase (or puns involving that catchphrase like "nico-nico-knees" or "nico-nico-need") which may eventually get on people's nerves.
    • Some of them also do these gestures in public which can be embarrassing to watch especially for non-anime fans similar to doing JoJo poses in public.
    • There's even a petition of that as well even as of now which might be considered taking things to the next level. And no, we're not making this up.
  8. Some pity her too much whenever she's often ignored by the rest of the cast. Well even though feeling emotions on fictional media isn't bad, they can't accept the fact that it's only an anime and act like its real.
  9. This meme is proof that some people actually want to marry her. For the last time, she's only a fictional character! Dang! And its not like they know her that well which is ironic.
  10. Some create NSFW and fetish artworks of her on DeviantArt and a few other websites which is disgusting.
  11. As mentioned in the overall section of this page, they make fun of her flat chest, except that they're actually fixated by them, furthering the fandom's perverted nature.
  12. For whatever reason, they're fixated with her thighs and her butt as well; even calling her T H I C C. Seriously?
  13. Awful (yuri) fanfics exist as well. Mostly involving Maki.
  14. Regarding the previous point, they frequently ship her with either Maki or Yoshiko. It's not bad to ship characters really. The problem is that they take it too seriously and go too far as having these characters kiss, get married, masturbate or having fan children. For more information, click on the links to the NicoMaki Fandom. Plus, Nico is much older than Yoshiko because Nico's a 3rd year student before graduating in her school and before disbanding µ's while Yoshiko is a 1st year student a few years after µ's has been disbanded. So pairing them together wouldn't seem right due to their huge age gap.
  15. Her fandom ruined the meme community.


  1. They compare her to satan just because of her obnoxious personality.
  2. Cringeworthy hate art. Here's two examples to name a few.
    • Also, spoiler alert: the second given example depicts Nico drinking bleach which kills people!
  3. They are part of the Tsundere Hatedom and Annoying Character Hatedoms.
    • Some may also be part of the Anime Hatedom or the Japan Ironic Hatedom.
    • They could be hypocritical as well because some of them are from the Maki Fandom. The reason being that they hate her for being a tsundere along with other tsunderes they've seen in the history of anime, yet they blindly like Maki so much without realizing that she's a tsundere as well.
  4. They tell the fans to kill themselves just for liking her.
  5. She's also not safe from hate petitions in since there's this one that wants to "put an end to her tyranny". You do realize that without her, she and the franchise itself wouldn't be as popular as it is today and petitions aren't always a solution to eradicate the things you hate out of existence. And as Nozomi Tojo would quote: "It wouldn't be µ's without nine people in the group." Luckily, this petition is now closed and there are only seven supporters who signed up for this, which means that a lot of people are against this idea.
  6. A user on Amino Apps named T S U N made a whiny rant about her and even called her a b*tch.

Redeeming Qualities


  1. Some are mature and respect opinions.
  2. To be fair, she wouldn't be as popular as she is today without the memes and the franchise.


  1. Some reasonable fans exist and don't act the same way as the toxic portion.
  2. Some fans know more about her source material other than just a meme figure.
  3. They make good fanart, cosplay and YTPMVs/MADs of her.
  4. Not all collectors get preoccupied with their merchandise since some are aware of their surroundings and know how to act around others.
  5. At least some don’t overuse memes. In fact, they can be hilarious to look at when done right.
  6. Not everyone is fixated by her features.


  1. Some mature haters have good reasons to why they hate her such as:
    • Using the word "niko" on a lot of her songs
    • (With a few exceptions) She doesn't have the best singing voices compared to the rest of the cast.
    • The fact that she can be annoying, obnoxious and unlikeable at times.
  2. They have a point that she may be a good character but there are way better characters than Nico.

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