Nintendo Fandom and Hatedom

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Nintendo Fandom and Hatedom
Mamma mia! How could a likable company have an incredibly unlikable fandom/hatedom?
Nickname: Nintendrones
Type: Company Fandoms
Company Hatedoms
Status: Active

Nintendo is a Japanese multinational electronics consumer company and video game developer. Nintendo is a great company, but the fandom is horrendously toxic and did take over some websites. Meanwhile, the hatedom is also toxic.

Why The Fans/Haters Ruin What Ninten-don't


  1. Both of these groups are filled with annoying 8-year olds and manchildren.
  2. Both ruined The Meme Community with unfunny memes including Nintendo’s creations.
Nintendo fanboys in a nutshell.
Do we really need to say more?


Pick One
  1. They glorify Shuntaro Furukawa (one of the former CEOs) to godlike levels.
  2. The fandom will do anything to excuse or ignore Nintendo's flaws, even though they make bad business decisions sometimes. 
  3. The fandom mostly consists of grown men (AKA manchildren), immature teenagers and young kids who get angry at such little things similar to the Fortnite fandom.
  4. Just like the Sony Fandom, Microsoft Fandom, and PC Gaming Elitists, they come up with dumb insults for the PlayStation such as "GayStation" (homophobic) or "CrapStation".
  5. The fandom ignores the fact that Nintendo has a bad habit of taking down fangames, mods, ROM hacks and even online animations, plus just about everything else they didn't make, even when it is non-profit and even promotes Nintendo.
  6. They're a part of the Mario FandomUrban Dictionary Fandom, TheTopTens Community, Amino Apps Fandom, The Legend of Zelda FandomPaper Mario FandomWii U Hatedom, Ratchet & Clank Hatedom, Super Nintendo Fandom, Kid Icarus Fandom, Metroid Fandom, Castlevania Fandom, and Pokémon Fandom.
  7. SammyClassicSonicFan was an example of a rabid Nintendo fanboy. Some of his videos (excluding his other videos) consisted of him attacking Sony and Microsoft and defending Nintendo no matter what. Those videos also had him attacking anyone who liked those companies and hating on the PlayStation and Xbox brand. Fortunately, he has matured throughout the years.
  8. When someone says they don't like Nintendo, or they prefer Sony or Microsoft, the fandom goes ballistic and attacks them.
  9. They call every shooter game a Call of Duty clone. This shows that they have very little to no knowledge regarding non-Nintendo games, or even Nintendo’s own IPs (read: Splatoon).
  10. Half of them are nostalgiatards, the other half moderntards.
  11. They constantly say "Nintendo saved the gaming industry" whenever someone doesn't like Nintendo. While it is true they revitalized gaming with the NES, they only saved the gaming industry in North America.
  12. The fandom has overrated some good Nintendo consoles such as the N64, NES, SNES, and Wii.
  13. The fandom thinks that both Sony and Microsoft copy Nintendo, when Microsoft isn't, Microsoft is likely inspired by what Nintendo innovates with, or they want to experiment with it.
  14. Just like the Mario Fandom, they think that Mario games after 2012 suck, which is stupid.
  15. The fandom has highly overrated Mario and Zelda as the best Nintendo franchises, when there are other good ones out there such as Super Smash Bros, Metroid, Star Fox, Kirby, etc.
  16. This video.
    • The fandom also bashes Sony and Microsoft fans for liking Sony and Microsoft.
    • The fandom thinks that all Sony fans are immature Call of Duty players, even though most Sony fans are mature, nice, and respectful people.
  17. Hypocrisy: The fandom says that Sony fanboys always bash other companies when they do the same.
  18. They treat their opinions as facts.
  19. The fandom overrated the NES & SNES as some of the best consoles ever, despite its flaws such as the cartridge slot can get damaged, shovelware games, and stupid censorship for certain games.
  20. They hate the GameCube for no reason whatsoever.
  21. The fandom blindly hates the PlayStation brand and says it only has FPS games.
  22. The fandom thinks Nintendo consoles are above all consoles, despite the Wii and Wii U being underpowered.
  23. They’re jealous of Sony because the PlayStations sell more than Nintendo consoles (ironic, in contrast to others’ views), but they don't realize that the Wii sold more than the PlayStation 3.
  24. The fandom lashes opinions. If you say you don't like Mario, Zelda, or any game in their franchise, they will hate you and call you a Call of Duty fanboy.
  25. The fandom starts flame wars with Sega and Sonic fans
  26. The fandom treats the Big N like some sort of original God and will scowl at anyone who refutes this claim.
  27. The fandom overreacted when Sony released the PlayStation Move, claiming Sony "copied" the Wii Remote, even though Sony was likely inspired by it or wanted to try experimenting with motion controls. It's not like Nintendo owns motion controls. In fact, the PlayStation Move was the successor to the PlayStation 2 motion accessory, the EyeToy.
  28. The fandom thinks Sony is the worst gaming company, even though Sony is a great company, and there are far worse companies out there (Like Digital Homicide, LJN, Data Design Interactive, etc.)
  29. Some are a part of the Electronic Arts Hatedom, and treat EA like it's the worst thing to ever exist.
  30. Much like the JoJo's Bizzare Adventure Fandom, When BrandSins(CinemaSins other youtube account) made a video named Everything wrong with Nintendo, The toxic fans got mad and one of them labeled him as a Microsoft or a Sony fanboy, Despite the fact that he made two videos regarding the aforementioned companies.
  31. Many Nintendo fanboys raged at GameCubeDude for his thoughts on the Switch before the Switch was released. 
  32. The fandom calls Sonic and Crash Bandicoot ripoffs of Mario, when they were inspired by Mario. 
  33. The fandom overreacted when Sonic won in the first version of ScrewAttack's Mario Vs Sonic video.
  34. The fandom doesn't realize Nintendo has had its failures such as the Virtual Boy and Wii U (note, the Wii U is a great console, but it did flop actually.)
    • Speaking of the Wii U, they called it the worst console ever and a failure.
  35. They overreacted to Nathaniel Bandy's "How Nintendo Triggers You!" "How the Wii U Triggers You!" and "How the Wii Triggers You!" videos. Seriously? He's just pointing out the flaws with them. They're not perfect consoles!
  36. They give mature Nintendo fans a horrible name.
  37. The fandom overreacted to the FineBros videos "Kids React to Game Boy" and "Teens React To NES", saying the kids are Call Of Duty fanboys or moderntards.
    • This video is an example.
  38. The fans constantly request for games to get ported to the Nintendo Switch, yet they don't realize some games can't be ported at all. 
  39. Don't dare to point out the flaws with Nintendo, or else they will rage at you.
  40. Some people are overly-sensitive. The Splatoon Fandom is a perfect example.
  41. They have dislike bombed videos that talk about them.
  42. Many people say Nintendo 64 beat the PlayStation 1 in the fifth generation of gaming. This is completely false as the PlayStation had superior hardware, it was CD-based so it was easy to develop for, it had higher sales, and third-party developers fled to the PlayStation, making the N64 lose by a margin.
  43. In 2015, Nintendo revealed Metroid Prime: Federation Force to the public. The trailer has since received over 92,000 dislikes and overwhelmingly negative reviews from angry fans. That same day, said angry fans formed a petition ordering Nintendo to cancel Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Petitions never work unless there is a good reason.
    1. The ones that defend the game are not even better, as some show to be hypocrites. In response to the angry fans, they told them to not buy the game if they don't like it, and yet they bash them for being responsible for its commercial failure, especially in japan.
  44. They call Papa Louie Pals (by Flipline Studios) a ripoff of Miitomo, when PLP was inspired by Miitomo.
  45. They never even admit they're toxic!
  46. One fan insulted someone who didn't have a Wii, just because they're female! SEXIST.
  47. They also think the video games Nintendo makes are better than Preschool Shows.
  48. Nintendo Switch Owners complain about the Nintendo Switch Lite.
  49. They won't stop talking about a Persona 5 port for the switch only because Joker is a DLC in Super Smash Bros, despite Atlus and Sony already said it won't happen.


  1. They come from the Shigeru Miyamoto Hatedom, Mario Hatedom (mainly), Call of Duty Fandom, Undertale Fandom, Sonic the Hedgehog Fandom, Fortnite Fandom, Five Nights at Freddy's Fandom, PC Gaming Elitists, Sega Fandom, Sony Fandom, Microsoft Fandom, EA Fandom, and a lot more.
  2. Most of the haters hate Nintendo just because they think it's "kiddy", which is an ageist reason to hate something, and in reality, it's for everyone, regardless of age. Also, there are kids that play Xbox games and PlayStation games too.
  3. There are immature edgelords in this hatedom who mock Nintendo because they think they don't have dark games, despite the fact that Nintendo is not as "kiddy" as they think, since Nintendo happens to have made and published games like The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (edgy), The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (dark story), the Metroid series, the Fire Emblem series (Game-Of-Thrones-esque plot in Genealogy of the Holy War, anti-humanity villain in Binding Blade, people actually dying...), the Xenoblade Chronicles series, Bayonetta 2 (who said Nintendo is allergic to breasts?), Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (the Shroob's entire existence), Super Paper Mario (one of the darkest Mario games), some Rare games such as Perfect Dark and Conker's Bad Fur Day (even though Rare is now part of Microsoft), and so on.
  4. It mostly consists of the Microsoft and Sony fandoms, who are both toxic. It can also apply to the The First-Person Shooter Community, even though Metroid Prime is (technically) a first-person shooter, despite it having a very heavy focus on exploration and puzzles rather than combat. (which is good, because there's no genericness unlike many FPS games)
  5. Some of them refer to Nintendo fans as " Nintenf*gs", which is not only offensive to the fans, but it is also homophobic.
  6. They started some Twitter movements such as #F***Nintendo, #NintendoGoThirdParty, and #Nintendoom just because of the poor sales of the Wii U.
  7. They attacked and dislike-bombed James Rolfe's video " Sega Genesis VS. Super Nintendo ", labeling him like a Nintendo fanboy, even though stated in multiple AVGN episodes that he loves Sega, the Genesis, the Dreamcast, and the games from both systems. Oh, and did we mention that during the video, Genesis won at several points in the video?!
  8. Some of them are also on TheTopTens as they make aggressive lists on the company or their franchises.
  9. Some of them call their fans Nazis.
  10. They send xenophobic jokes towards Japan just because Nintendo is a Japanese company!
  11. One social justice warrior named Cassidy Boon claims that the Nintendo Switch is transphobic. How?
  12. YouTuber Top Hat Gaming Man is known to make anti-Nintendo videos and also bashing the fans as well.
  13. There has been some people who would think that Nintendo is becoming "dArK aNd WoRlDlY" just because of some dark Nintendo games that existed. Example.
  14. Internet troll #PS5MasterRace had made a video making fun of a Nintendo fan who had died of cancer.
  15. A huge portion of these haters are former fans and nostalgiatards who rage quit on Nintendo because of the Wii U.
  16. Some who like Schicken Phartso do barely any research whatsoever. They think that Nintendo is a German or Dutch video game company, but it's actually from Japan, not Germany or the Netherlands.
  17. They claim Nintendo never saved the Video Game Industry only because they are a bunch of Atari Fans and Sony PlayStation fanboys.
  18. A notorious example of a Nintendo hater is the internet troll xXMysteriousManXx (Pronounced "mysterious man"), who pretty much hates most, if not all Nintendo games. He made the infamous "Top 10 Worst Video Game Systems of ALL TIME!" video, in which all of the consoles that were on the list, were released by Nintendo and most of them were successful (except Virtual Boy). He even states that he is a Sony fanboy in the video. The video was so bad that it currently has over a thousand dislikes and for good reason. He is a hypocrite since he claims that he hates Nintendo games because they're not "realistic" (which is an idiotic reason to hate on them), and he enjoys Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty, even though these games are not really realistic because in those games, after you die, you respawn.
    1. He loves to refer to Nintendo fans as "Nintendrones", a very offensive nickname. He made fun of Nintendo fans in his "Super Mario World" and "Super Metroid" videos.
  19. Some of them are part of the Anime Hatedom, mainly due to some of Nintendo's games having an anime art style such as Dragalia Lost, Fire Emblem, The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Golden Sun, Etc.
  20. Most of the time they act like they’re the boss of everything when they think kids play Nintendo, but they don't realize that there are Nintendo Haters are little kids too.
  21. Some of the Nintendo hatedoms hate on Internet people like Chuggaaconroy mainly because they mostly play Nintendo games and never play "mature" and "manly" games like Call of Duty.
  22. When Satoru Iwata died, they celebrated it.
  23. They Are part of the Chris Taylor and Satoru Iwata ironic hatedoms for obvious reasons.

What doesn't (Redeeming Qualities)


  1. There are mature people apart from these groups.


  1. They do bring up good points about how the Wii U is severely overheated, and how some people make false accusations about Nintendo.
  2. Many fans are mature and can take criticism with good YouTube channels and videos, such as GameCubeDude200, Nathaniel Bandy, Somecallmejohnny, Michael Mikey, Game Grumps, SMG4, Chariii5, etc.
  3. Not all fans ignore the flaws.
  4. Not all Nintendo fans hate Sony fans, in fact, plenty of Nintendo fans get along with Sony fans. 
  5. They have points that the Hatedom can be just as bad With an equal amount of Opinion Lashing.
  6. Luckily, various Nintendo fans have stopped attacking ScrewAttack because Mario won in the Mario vs Sonic rematch.
  7. Some Nintendo fans know the fact that not every game is not on the Switch.
  8. They have points that Sony may have copied a few things from Nintendo.


  1. Some can be mature, respect opinions and don’t act like this.
  2. Some did respect the passing of Satoru Iwata.
  3. Not all of them make xenophobic comments about Nintendo simply because it came from Japan. Same for SEGA, and other companies.
  4. Some YTPs are decent and quite funny like this one.
  5. They have valid points that the rabid fans are immature.
    • Sometimes, they can be less toxic then the fandom.
  6. Some Nintendo haters are becoming Nintendo fans.
  7. They have valid points about the Infamous Nintendo Creator’s Program.


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11 days ago
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The hatedom is comparable to Teen Titans Go's hatedom.


5 months ago
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Now I do love Nintendo but I’m not toxic about it and the fandom and Hatedom is trash


5 months ago
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Nintendo games and consoles may be good and all, but other games/consoles are also good. Therefore, I'm definitely a sane fan.


5 months ago
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I gotta admit that Nintendo is my favorite video game company, but the fans are almost as toxic as the already notorious JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fandom.


5 months ago
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On one of the images, they used Plug from the Bash Street Kids. (I read the Beano btw).