Olivia (Fire Emblem) Fandom and Hatedom

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Olivia (Fire Emblem) Fandom and Hatedom
Olivia Heroes.png
"I want to practice my dancing, but... I can't concentrate where toxic fans and haters can see me!"
Type: Character Fandoms and Hatedoms
Status: Active

Olivia is a playable dancer character that appears in Fire Emblem: Awakening and Inigo/Laslow's mother who traveled across the continent in a theater troupe. At one point during one of Olivia's performances, she was going to be kidnapped by a noble man just so he can marry her. However, Basilio came in to prevent this and Olivia has been grateful to him ever since. She has gotten a toxic following as well as haters.

to quote Olivia "This is going to sting!"

Why Both Sides Are Embarrising


  1. Some opinion disrespects here and there.
  2. Both will starts uncommon but toxic flame wars involving Karen Strassman (her English voice actor) or Rei Matsuzaki (her Japanese voice actor).


  1. They treat Chrom x Olivia as if it was canon. Typical for a Fire Emblem related fandom right?
    • Speaking of reason number one, shipping wars. no exceptions!
  2. They are sexually attracted to Olivia to the point that she would be called "sexy", "Yummy Baby", "Tender", "Look at those Inigo making hips" and several other things. You know she is just a fictional character.
  3. They only care about her looks instead of her actual character.
  4. They call her "best girl" when she is shown to have flaws like being fragile.
  5. Sometimes, there can be some fetish fulled fanart starring Olivia. Mainly bondage fetish.
  6. Some Fire Emblem Heroes-inspired memes portray Olivia as a bloodthirsty warrior with a Wo Dao, despite that any sword user can optionally use it.
  7. They even want to date Olivia in real life. You can't just date a fictional character! GameFAQ's can explain.
  8. Some would even start flame wars with people who prefer other characters as well. Mainly Lissa. This is a good example.
  9. They only like her because she is cute. That is like saying you only like the Inklings from Splatoon because they are cute.
    • Similar enough, they only like her for being sexy. That's like saying you only like Palutena from Kid Icarus because she is sexy.
  10. shadowofchaos is an example of a toxic Olivia fanboy.


  1. They hate Olivia simply because of her voice being "mediocre". You know that it takes more than a voice to not like a character right. You want mediocre voice acting? watch Foodfight.
  2. They hate her for being shy and fragile. You know she is only human right?
  3. They hate her for her outfit. This might not be that common but hating Olivia simply because of her outfit is like hating on Tharja and Camilla because of their outfits. Outfits do not dictate the quality of the character.
  4. Some may be part of the Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates Hatedom for obvious reasons.
  5. Some used to like her until her romance with Chrom being ridiculous according to them made the fans turn their backs on Olivia. Want a bad romance? Look up Fool's Gold, Crossroads, All About Steve, Norbit, The Love Guru, The Hottie and the Nottie, Mother's Day, and many others.
  6. They complain about her weaknesses as a unit. You know stats do not dictate the quality of a character.
  7. They think that her outfit is a slave outfit when her outfit is a belly dancer outfit.

Redeeming Qualities


  1. Both are sane and mature fans and haters who respect opinions.
  2. Not all of them start wars involving the voice actors.


  1. Still a lot of great fan-art of her.
  2. Some have a good reason to like her.
  3. Some do understand that she has flaws.
  4. Not all of them treat Chrom x Olivia as if it was canon.
  5. Most fans are nice.


  1. The hatedom is mostly hard to find.
  2. They do have a point about her flaws.
  3. Some have good reasons to not like her.

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