One Punch Man Fandom and Hatedom

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One Punch Man Fandom and Hatedom
One-punch man.jpg
Saitama: This fandom and hatedom deserves one punch.
Nickname: One Punch Man Fanboys/Fangirls (Fandom)
Anti-One Punch Manners (Hatedom)
Type: Anime Fandoms
Anime Hatedoms
Status: Extremely Active (Fandom) Very Active (Hatedom)

One Punch Man is an anime series that was aired from October 2015 to late December 2015, and a second season/season 2 from April 2019 to early July 2019. It is based on the manga written by ONE and illustrated by Yusuke Murata. Unsurprisingly, it has a toxic and dedicated fandom and hatedom.

Why Do They Deserve One Puuuuuunchhh!!


  1. They fail to realize that Saitama and the series in general is just a stereotype of overpowered superheroes. Nothing he does is ever meant to be taken seriously!
  2. They NEVER stop talking about Saitama's strength. They throw fits whenever Saitama loses a hypothetical battle.
    • Additionally, it is almost impossible to go on any discussion board website without a thread reading "Saitama vs. [insert a character who is powerful enough]", or something similar.
  3. The anime is almost as overrated as Attack on Titan. People call it the best anime of all time, but just like AoT, it isn't as good as everyone says it is. Had it not been for Madhouse's top-notch animation, the show would be nowhere as popular as it is. Nobody, not even in Japan and Europe, where manga is more popular than anime is, had even HEARD of One-Punch Man until it premiered.
  4. They keep on whining for Saitama to be in Jump Force, just like Nintendo Fanboys with Waluigi in Super Smash Bros.
  5. They also keep whining about "One Punch Man Season 2" due to it's flaws. (We get it, Season 2 has flaws so it's better to stop whining about that show and move on)
  6. They raged when Genos lost to War Machine in Death Battle


  1. Some toxic haters that are part of claming that One-Punch Man is a rip-off of My Hero Academia. Just because they have similarities, doesn't mean they are rip-offs. And One Punch Man was made before My Hero Academia.
  2. Most of them are former fans of the series. Ever since they discover some flaws of One Punch Man Season 2.
  3. They call it cancer, which can be very hurtful to those who have cancer. They also use any petty or lame excuses to justify their actions.
  4. A large portion of Toxic Dragonball fans trolls any one-punch man fans including some good ones by calling them tards and/or Trash, which is offensive to them.
  5. Some of them are Nostalgia-tards that prefer classic anime.

Why Saitama should not punch them


  1. Both sides can respect opinions


  1. Like in Every Fandom, they do a lot of good Fanarts and Cosplays.
  2. Many recognize Saitama as a parody character and meme power levels with him.


  1. Not all haters are like this.
  2. They can handle any opinions.
  3. They do have a point that the fandom is toxic.


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