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Here is an example of opinion lashing. Look at Dat Boi's comment. Does it really matter if they hate JoJo's Bizarre Adventure? Just let them be! It's not the end of the world if they hate it!

It's true that everyone is entitled to their own opinions as not every single individual has the same taste as the other, but there are some people who just don't care. If you like or hate something they don't like or hate, you will be given what is called an "opinion disrespect." However, because that term is getting old and overused, we are coming up with another name of it, called "opinion lashing".

Sure some opinions can be flawed, but that's still no excuse.


  1. The Teen Titans Go! Hatedom is known to be really bad at this. A comment in the official TTG theme song said that this person liked this show and did not want to be hated. However, there were many replies such as "I despise you" and "Sorry, but I hate you."
  2. The Emoji Movie Hatedom is even worse. They will tell the fans that they need to get sent to a mental hospital or tell if they are okay and if they need help, mainly forcing the fan to hate the movie. They also call the fans "autistic," which is offensive to anyone who has autism.
  3. Star Wars fans, that’s all we have to say. Also, they are the reason why some people are afraid of going into the Star Wars franchise.
  4. Many users cannot take any criticism. They will either block the users from writing negative comments or even file lawsuits to the critics.
  5. Durv is a notable example. He made a song dissing on his critics.
  6. The Game Theorists is another good example. They just constantly treat MatPat's videos as fact and get mad at anyone who try to debunk his theories in fact, they dislike bombed all of Dafawfulizer's videos on MatPat and debunking his theories. They constantly believe that Mario is a villain, the WII U is the New Virtual Boy, Link is Dead in Majora's Mask, Rosalina is Luigi and Peach's Daughter, and much more. If anyone dares debunk these videos, they get angry at them and spam them. They also try to get other people to think that Mario is a villain as well.
  7. The Cars Hatedom take their hatred on the franchise out on the fanbase and say they are not true Pixar fans just for liking it. Examples like these are on almost anything that's talking about Pixar.
  8. The Regular Show Fandom send death threats to the Adventure Time Fandom or anyone who hates the show.
  9. Another! just look at what Geoffzak Said in the Gamespot Forums.
    The SuperMarioLogan Fandom, most notably the Jeffy fanboys, is an excellent example of this. Whenever they see that you don't like Jeffy, they'll tell you to kill yourself, that you are on drugs and need to see a mental hospital, tell you that you're wrong and much worse; all while utilizing some of the poorest English that one may ever see in a lifetime. Not only that, but they'll treat their opinion as fact. In fact, there's a person who's being bullied in real life just for not liking Jeffy. Although, not only are the Jeffy fanboys like this but so are the lesser-known classic fanboys. They'll outright insult you just for saying that you don't like the older videos, that you prefer the newer videos, or dislike the classic characters (such as Mama Luigi and Tony the Tiger). However, compared to the millions of Jeffy fanboys, the mere thousands of classic fanboys can be seen as almost tame.
  10. Minecraft Fanboys always get so mad at people when they say Roblox or Terraria is better.
  11. Anime Haters will attack anyone who likes anime and send death threats. They also call anyone who enjoys anime "Weeaboos" despite not all anime fans are "Weeaboos." Another thing is they claim that "if you have an anime profile picture, then your opinion won't count." Like, in a very serious manner.
  12. This is the cartoon community at best. For example, if you were to like Teen Titans Go! but not like Gravity Falls, they will say "please tell me you're joking" which is cruel.
  13. The SpongeBob SquarePants Fandom makes memes to mock who says that something's overrated.
  14. The Halo Fandom almost always attacks people for criticizing the Bungie Halo games and/or praising the 343i Halo games. Worse, the Halo 3 or Halo: Reach fanboys tend to attack even the fans of Halo 2, Halo 3: ODST, or Halo: Combat Evolved.
  15. The Minions Hatedom get mad whenever you like they characters saying your/you "immature" "have poor tastes" and even call you a normie".
  16. The T-Series Hatedom it's one of the worst cases here, when someone tries to say something in favor of T-Series, they will have high chances of being bullied and harassed to death by them.
  17. The Apple Hatedom calls people who use Apple products mindless sheep.
  18. The JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Fandom treats JoJo as the best anime ever made and claims "You are not a man if you don't like JoJo.". They think people who dislike it are children, and they are not completely aware that there are mature haters. Butthurt YouTube users like Dat Boi and Godzilla Joestar won't tolerate to disrespect whoever criticizes the show or the fandom.
  19. The MCU fandom hates on anyone who dislikes the MCU/prefers a DC/DCEU movie over them.
  20. The Vyond Community and the Preschool Show Hatedom send grounded threats to those with differing opinions.
  21. The Michael Jackson Ironic Hatedom is very notorious for its history of hostility toward anyone who even likes Michael's songs and people who support Jackson.
  22. The Beyoncé Fandom spams you with bee emojis.
  23. The Super Smash Bros. Fandom is one of the worst examples in opinion disrespecting. Opinion disrespecting would include competitive Smash, hating on certain characters according to their lists, Melee Purists, insane fans nitpicking on some of the characters they didn't want to see playable (such as Isabelle from Animal Crossing, the Fire Emblem characters (Mainly Lucina, Corrin and Chrom), Daisy and Piranha Plant from Mario), what character should be in Smash as a playable fighter wars (like when they get butthurt when you were to say that you want certain characters to be playable such as Bandana Dee, Captain Toad from Mario, the Fire Emblem cast, just to name a few), the list could go on.
  24. Speaking of Smash, the Fire Emblem Fandom is notorious when it comes to opinion disrespecting. Say that you prefer Karel over Harken, then they'll try to chew you out and bully you for no good reason. Speaking of the characters, this fandom is known to have a lot of shipping wars that are so toxic, that it's not even funny. Then you got people who get REALLY hateable when you say that you like the fanservicey characters such as Tharja and Camilla. Also, don't get us started with the Voting Gauntlet from Heroes.
  25. The Kingdom Hearts Fandom and Hatedom is even much worse when it comes to opinion disrespecting. Say that you hate or dislike the series, then they will try to give you a bad time.
  26. The Loud House Fandom and Hatedom is one of the most extremely toxic examples of opinion disrespecting. Both the fans and haters can't handle any criticism and opinions and also act like three-year-olds without a reason.
  27. The Sonic the Hedgehog Fandom is very atrocious at opinion disrespecting. it is so toxic that the entire fandom fights over certain things such as characters, voice actors (Mainly on Sonic himself), shipping, certain games (Most notably the classic Sonic games) and even hating on Mario. They even fight over crossovers. The Sonic the Hedgehog Hatedom is not any better off, either.
  28. There are many certain character fandoms who like treat their favourite characters like religious figures down to the point where they WILL hate on people who don't even like them. Same goes for many certain toxic character hatedoms who are not any better.
  29. The Anime Community, weeaboos, and elitists are well known to have fans who try to act superior to other fans most likely because of liking and hating certain animes, Dub vs Sub debate, or even more toxic, the best girl (who some refer to them as "waifu") wars.
  30. Conspiracy theorists also do this move by shoving down their beliefs down everyone's throats and expects us to believe it.
  31. The Nintendo Fandom is an excellent example of this. When someone says they don't like Nintendo or they prefer Sony or Microsoft Consoles and Exclusives, they get mad and attack them. Not to mention one user on the Urban Dictionary named LoganR93 said this:”A video game company that used to make toys and other products. They make great games and they're my personal favorite company. Unfortunately, idiots hate Nintendo, because if a little kid can enjoy Mario or Zelda, that must mean Nintendo is kiddy, right? Well fuck you, Nintendo is awesome.” Showing that they cannot accept different opinions.
  32. The Sword Art Online Haters claims that whoever liked SAO, is a normie.
  33. The Justin Bieber Fandom and Hatedom is an excellent example of being extremely hostile towards each other’s opinions.
  34. The Rick and Morty Fandom and Ironic Hatedom is known to have fans who will get ballistic when someone say they don't like the show that much or say that the show itself has flaws by spamming the message, "To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humor is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer's head. There's also Rick's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation - his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realize that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Rick and Morty truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in Rick's existencial catchphrase "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub," which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev's Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dan Harmon's genius unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools... how I pity them. 😂 And yes by the way, I DO have a Rick and Morty tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- And even they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid 😎". This means that they cannot respect other people's opinions.
  35. The Music Community is known to have nostalgiatards who bash those who like modern music.
  36. The Millennials Ironic Hatedom is another example. Similar to the Michael Jackson Ironic Hatedom, they'll chase down on those who support Millenials and even if you're not a fan of Millenials and show even the slightest hint of supporting them, they'll also attack you.
  37. The SeaWorld Hatedom attacks anyone who likes SeaWorld.
  38. The Fortnite: Battle Royale Fandom claims that you are not a true Gamer if you don't play/like Fortnite and claims that people who hate it are "memers" yet there are gamers that hate it too and they don't realize that there are mature haters of it. They also call out or hate everyone that hates the game.
  39. TheTopTens Community disrespects the opinions of those who like/hate something they hate/like.
  40. The Crash Bandicoot Fandom often disrespects opinions of anyone who likes the post-Naughty Dog games (especially Crash of the Titans and Mind Over Mutant) or who prefers the remakes over the originals.
  41. The Spider-Man Trilogy Fandom contained mostly nostalgiatards who constantly mock Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man and make mountains out of molehills about their flaws. They are still at war with the other Spider-Man actors' fans. They also celebrated when Disney and Sony failed to strike a deal about the ownership of the character, which can result in Spidey detaching from the MCU. Thankfully, the deal was renewed, so now MCU fans can relax and watch the Raimi-tards throw all the tantrums they want.
  42. The Mega Man: Fully Charged Hatedom and the Toxic Portion of the fandom don't respect the opinions of those who either like or hate the show AT ALL.
  43. Whenever people write false reviews, they will downvote and call out those people (including critics) who write actual reviews of a certain TV show/game/movie/book/etc.
  44. The Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Fandom and Ironic Hatedom, mainly the Tumblr side of the fanbase has been hit with THIS! They will constantly get butthurt and salty over episodes, ships, and characters. They will also whine over other things too. Such as: ”Marinette gets bad treatment from the writers”, ”Adrien/Cat Noir barley gets any screentime”, ”Marinette makes too many mistakes”, ”the show is making girls fight over boys”, etc. They also take the series too seriously and they will attack the writers whenever they try their best to treat the two main characters good, and are also extremely bad at handling criticism. The hatedom can also get butthurt. Most of them are part of the Sailor Moon Fandom, they treat it like it was some stock market crash, some are sexist just because they think its for girls, they hate it just because of the Korean Dub, some are racist and despise it because it was made in France, and they will attack innocent fans of the series.
  45. The Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Ironic Hatedom constantly bully those who still play and like the game, by calling the game "garbage" or "dead game". This meme is an example.
  46. The GXSCC Hatedom will bash those who use it and spam "It's not 8bit" or "GXSCC Sucks" and won't listen to those who like it.
  47. The Submarine Man Hatedom and Fandom both denies each others' opinions who disagree with them. If you have a negative opinion on Submarine Man and all of his songs, the fandom will attack you with "outboy stocking" insults. Meanwhile, there is a YouTube user named Lil Guacamole said this on the Submarine Man diss track video: "You had a good beat, I won't deny, but HOW COULD YOU DISS THE OLD MAN DAD?? I am really cool, but Submarine Man is so cool too! Also, Submarine Man is not ugly!! Goodbye hater!" This proves that they decline people's opinions.
  48. The Peppa Pig Ironic Fandom and Hatedom is an excellent example at this. Both of them are just rude to each other, bashing each other’s opinions on the show. And if the hatedom gives criticism to the show, then the ironic fandom will attack you. Not only that, but the fandom could sometimes say your childhood isn’t complete if you didn't watch Peppa Pig, when that is not true.
  49. The Barney & Friends Fandom and Hatedom bully one another over an opinion on Barney.
  50. The Caillou Fandom is filled with Caillou Fanboys & Fangirls. Whenever you criticize the show for valid reasons, they will go after you and harras you over an opinion on Caillou.
  51. Fairy Tail Fans attacks anyone who hates or criticize Fairy Tail.
  52. Haters of Love Hina call people who like the series Feminist or say they enjoy a character getting abused.
  53. If someone says they hate Tokyo Ghoul, it’s fanbase will tell them they only hate the series because of the anime adaptation and tell them to go read the manga.
  54. The Digimon Fandom regularly flames the Pokemon Fandom and will claim that anyone who hates Digimon is obviously a child, or that they only watched the English dub.
  55. The Moe Hatedom calls anyone who likes Moe a pedophile.
  56. The Ecchi Haters call anyone who likes the Ecchi genre either a pervert of a pedophile
  57. High School DxD haters call anyone who likes the show has never dated.
  58. The Dora the Explorer Hatedom bully people who like Dora the ExplorerBTSW by using attacking journals.

Why They Should Be Lashed

  1. They are everywhere on the Internet!
  2. The main point to describe it is that nowadays, people abuse their right to have an opinion on something, positive or negative. They will make excuses to shove a poorly-made opinion on anyone. And for this reason that professional critics can't be trusted.
  3. This move is very cruel and can lead to the person getting bullied committing suicide.
  4. It ravaged all the entire communities on the internet.
  5. This shows that the slightest thing you do can get you attacked on without mercy.
  6. They'll whine about a lot of people liking or hating what they hate or like. Example of what they say: "Why do people like this overrated garbage?" or "Why do people like this?" or "Why do people hate this?".
  7. They never give out good reasons as to why they like or don't like something.
  8. Some people treat their opinions as facts.
  9. A lot of people cause a bunch of fights!
  10. They are annoying, and WILL NOT STOP FIGHTING OVER AN OPINION.
  11. They lash someone's opinions on something they like or dislike.
  12. They can't handle criticism.
  13. They take things they hate way too seriously, such as cartoons or video games.
  14. They believe good users and bad users exist, when they actually don't.
  15. Most opinions are easily disrespected, because they're either poorly executed, biased, stupid, whiny, or offensive, no matter how valid the points are (even though they do have a point that opinions are at times poorly executed/done and flawed and the reasonings are at times stupid, poorly executed, offensive, gross and biased).
  16. They sometimes threaten to give people false copyright strikes just for having an opinion.


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I am tokyo ghoul fan and i'm never act like this If someone says they hate Tokyo Ghoul, it’s fanbase will tell them they only hate the series because of the anime adaptation and tell them to go read the manga.