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The whole world isn't in their hands

The PlayStation Portable is a handheld game console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released in Japan in 2004, and in North America and PAL regions in 2005. It is the first handheld installment in the PlayStation line of consoles. As a seventh-generation console, the PSP primarily competed with the Nintendo DS. The system was the most powerful portable console when it was introduced and was the first real competitor of Nintendo's handheld consoles after many challengers such as SNK's Neo Geo Pocket and Nokia's N-Gage had failed. The PSP's advanced graphics capabilities made it a popular mobile entertainment device, which could connect to the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 consoles, computers running Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh software, other PSP systems, and the Internet. The PSP is the only handheld console to use an optical disc format – Universal Media Disc (UMD) – as its primary storage medium. It sold over 80 million units during its ten-year lifespan and was very well received, but it also did had a toxic hatedom.

Why They Can't Step Their Game Up

  1. They would tend to come from the Nintendo fandom simply because of how Nintendo also makes handheld consoles. They are also PC Gaming Elitists and Modern-tards.
  2. According to them: "PSP games are just console games arbitrarily scaled down to a handheld level" which is rather silly.
  3. They hate the system just because it's too expensive. Really now, it's just a handheld gaming device.
  4. They think that only rabid Sony fanboys own a PSP when not all Sony fans are toxic. Also, stereotyping makes it more offensive.
  5. They call the PSP the "PlayStation Pornable" which does not make any sense.
  6. When the PSP Go was announced, they were judging it before it was launched. In fact, they used the design as an excuse to dislike the PSP Go.
  7. They hate the PSP so much that some would even destroy it (No joke). Wow, talk about a waste of money
  8. The toxic Nintendo fanboys will get triggered if you liked the PSP over the DS.
  9. Some rants they would make on the PSP are poorly constructed because of Nintendo fanboys or whatever the reason.
  10. They keep saying that the PSP has PS2 graphics when the PSP had high-quality graphics in comparison to the PS2.
  11. The modern-tards use mobile gaming to act superior to those who liked the PSP.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They are right that the PSP does have some hardware limits such as battery life being shorter compared to the DS, UMDs could come loose from their cases, unexpected levels of piracy, etc.
  2. They point out how the PSP Go has no disc-drive and is only compatible with digital games. Also, keep in mind that the PSP Go flopped as well.
  3. You can still find some mature fans who don't take the hatred for the PSP too seriously and don't act like rabid Nintendo fans or modern-tards. Yes, these types can still understand that everyone is entitled to have their own view.
  4. They do have a point that some PSP games are bad such as DragonBall: Evolution, some Need for Speed games (such as ProStreet and Undercover), Hellboy: The Science of Evil, Crystal Defenders, Final Armada, The Golden Compass, etc.
  5. At least they are right about this goddamn video as well as Chris-Chan's participation in the Chop Chop Master Onion's Rap Showdown (a promotional contest for the PSP re-release of Parappa the Rapper) which can be read here.