PaRappa the Rapper Fandom

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PaRappa the Rapper Fandom
Guru Ant: What's going on, what's going on, I'm really scared.
PaRappa: What's going on, what's going on, you're really scared.
Guru Ant: SOS, SOS, please handle me with care.
PaRappa: SOS, SOS, please handle you with care.
Nickname: Rappers
Paper-thin rappers
Paper-thin People
Type: Video Game Fandoms
Status: Active

PaRappa the Rapper is a series of rhythm games developed by NanaOn-Sha and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The series feature a unique paper-thin visual design and rap-based gameplay. The first game released for the PlayStation tells the story of a rapping dog named PaRappa who tries to win the heart of an anthropomorphic flower named Sunny Funny. However, he is intimidated by the presence of Joe Chin, a rich, narcissistic dog who goes overboard with his attempts to impress Sunny. A sequel titled PaRappa the Rapper 2 was released on the PS2 and tells the story of PaRappa winning a 100 years' supply of instant noodle products thus getting tired of eating nothing but noodles for every meal every single day. A spin-off titled Um Jammer Lammy was released for the PlayStation which tells the story of a shy sheep named Lammy who is a nervous wreck but becomes more confident with a guitar in hand. The series also spawned a Japanese anime released in 2001 and a series of animated shorts titled PJ Berri no Mogu Mogu Munya Munya. The series became successful due to its catchy songs and humor, but that didn't stop the franchise from having a toxic fandom.

Why They're Rappin' AWFUL

  1. On anything related to PaRappa, they constantly spam quotes related to the games such as "Wish I was a playa. I'm a taxpayer", "Ta, ma, Negi sensei", "My buns are very toasty", "French the fries", "Hey, I can't eat this", "noodles again", "Chinese", "Don't get cocky it's gonna get rocky", "put ya back son", "my stake board never stop", "I gotta believe", and many more. They do this so much that it gets annoying really fast.
  2. On Change. org, they want to force Sony to make a PaRappa 3 without realizing that petitions don't do anything.
  3. On the topic of PaRappa 3, they never shut up about when will it be made.
  4. The memes they make are either mean spirited, or racist
  5. Some idiots try way to superior to other rhythm games. Here is a visual example.
  6. It seems that many people only appreciate the series just for the songs rather than the story or the purpose of pure comedy. While it's true that PaRappa is a rhythm game, but let's be real. PaRappa has a lot more to offer than just the songs.
  7. They make PaRappa is bisexual jokes just because of the Romantic Love segment in the second game that featured PaRappa and PJ dancing. Wow, talk about being offensive to those who are bisexual. Ironically enough, PJ did look uncomfortable during the song and it's possible that PaRappa was only being very dedicated to following the words of the song. Also, keep in mind that PaRappa's relationship with PJ is currently "best friend".
    • On a similar note, they think that Lammy x Katy are a legit couple when there is no evidence that claims so. (However, the designer of Parappa the Rapper has talked about being okay with Lammy and Katy being a couple)
    • If that's not enough, they make up stupid claims about PaRappa being "black" when he's only a dog.
  8. Don't say you dislike the series because they would make up unclever insults such as "boi", "your opinion is the definition of garbage", "schmuck", "i don't like how this offended me", etc.
    • In GameTrailer's "I Don't Like Parappa the Rapper 2" video, they disliked bomed the video just because he dislikes the second game. While it's true that the video was being nitpicky such as "PaRappa not wiggling his nose" or "Parappa joining the army", they don't seem to understand that not everyone has to like the game..
    • Speaking of Lammy, why don't you go look at this list on TheTopTens (made by xandermartin98 of course).
    • Even objectophiles are present just because of Sunny Funny. It does not help that PaRappa does have a crush on Sunny Funny.
    • To top it all off, we also have this. (also made by xandermartin98)
  9. They literaly devote the series to their lives. Since when was a freaking video game franchise an important part of a life style?
  10. They treat PaRappa himself like he was a real rapper. So much so that he gets treated like a king for some reason. This reason could make them be part of this community for some reason.
  11. One person even vandalized the PaRappa the Rapper page on Wikipedia. Another person vandalized too.
  12. Some of them made grounded videos out of PaRappa but they don't seem to hate him.
  13. Species Warring: They often think that Lammy is a squirrel or a dog when she's a sheep.
  14. One of the most infamous moments that ever happened to this fandom was when Chris-Chan (Yes, the same chump who made Sonichu) was part of the Chop Chop Master Onion's Rap Showdown (A contest that was promoted for the PSP port of PaRappa the Rapper). Chris entered the contest and submitted his entry (he chose to perform Chop Chop Master Onion's rap), Chris asked many people to vote for it so that he might have a higher chance of winning. He even went as far as to use sockpuppet accounts for ballot stuffing. When Adam Stackhouse won for his and his sister's performance of Cheap Cheap the Cooking Chicken's rap, he became a sore loser he made a fake webpage designed to show himself as being the true winner, before going around various PSN News posts, leaving comments attempting to convince others that he is the winner, send an angry email to Sony, raged many times on a PSN blog against Stackhouse, try to convince others that Chris-Chan was the winner via a the fake webpage, and made a hate video about Stackhouse. Click on this hyperlink for more details.
  15. They even made this stange list on TheTopTens where is nothing but laughable crapola such as " Lammy literally plays Katy's and Parappa's bodies (preferably their naked bodies, in fact) like guitars", "Captain Fussenpepper drunkenly flies an X-Wing into the Death Star while absentmindedly rambling about how the military was "back in his day"", "Guru Ant, Prince Fleaswallow and Lammy (all dressed up as the most deliberately stereotypical 1960s hippies possible) engage in a weed-smoking contest", etc.
  16. They make up stupid theories involving the said franchise like how PaRappa would die if he were to take of his hat just because of of the title screen in the first game. Excuse us?

Why Some Are Rappin' Cool (Redeeming Qualities)

  1. Most fans are kind to be fair.
  2. You can still find some cool artwork and funny memes related to the series.
  3. Some are patient for a possible new PaRappa game.
  4. Not all of them are zoophiles or objectophiles.

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