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Paper Mario Fandom
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Type: Video Game Fandoms
Status: Active

Paper Mario (Japanese: ペーパーマリオ Pēpā Mario) is a role-playing game spin-off series of the Mario franchise, developed for Nintendo by its direct subsidiary Intelligent Systems. The series is renowned for its distinctive visual style, which consists of 2D paper cutout characters moving about in 3D papercraft worlds. It is considered a thematic and spiritual sequel to Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, the first game to introduce RPG elements into the Mario franchise, and follows many conventions established in that game. The first installment in the Paper Mario series was launched on Nintendo 64 in 2000/2001, and four sequels have since followed: three for home consoles, and one handheld entry. It has a very toxic fandom that this page will be covering up.

Why It's a Paper-Thin Excuse For a Fandom (Get it?)

  1. It overlaps with Nostalgia-Tards.
  2. A lot of them are members of Shigeru Miyamoto’s hatedom and (sometimes) the 90's Fandom.
  3. A huge portion of the fandom is incredibly biased.
    • Much like a part of the Mario Fandom and Hatedom, they claim that, generally, all Mario games released during or after 2012 sucks.
    • They exalt Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and the original Paper Mario while bashing Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Paper Mario: Color Splash for not playing like their favorites. Back when the gameplay style used to be the same, nobody cared, but after Super Paper Mario, it has been popular to bash the games for changing the formula.
    • They bash the New Super Mario Bros. series, calling it bland and always the same.
    • They claim the reason for the Wii U's failure was Nintendo "not listening to the fans", while in actuality, it was a lack of advertisement and people being misled by the name of the console, thinking it was just simply an add-on or alteration of the original Wii. They also say that Paper Mario (or rather, a TTYD remaster) was the only thing that could have saved the system.
  4. When you disagree with them, even if you respect their opinion, you will be bashed for it, being called a "misunderstood idiot" and told that your opinion doesn't matter.
  5. The hate towards the newer games has gotten to a point where they actively encourage others to hate them as well. One notable example for this is Nathaniel Bandy,being convinced, by a fanboy he collaborated with, into thinking that Sticker Star is terrible, which he then expressed in his video How Nintendo Triggers YOU.
  6. Annoying YouTubers, such as JammerPro HD, SuperMarioT, and Haedox constantly spread the bias around the site.
  7. They also got angry at Nintendo for not showing the Nintendo NX (now known as the Nintendo Switch) at E3 2016 and angry at Miyamoto's reason for not doing so (once again picking on him) because he didn't want the competition copying it. They need to understand that it's a surprise and that helps them stay in business. Seriously, who wouldn't want to copy the Switch?!
  8. They even got angry on first glance of the Switch claiming that "Nintendo hasn't learned a thing from the Wii U's failure" which is false. The Switch turned out to be a hit.
  9. They claim everyone hates Sticker Star and Color Splash. Despite the fact that both those games have received mostly positive reviews from critics. And only received backlash from the fanboys.
  10. They’re also still wasting their time bashing the new Paper Mario games, even after 3 years since Color Splash's release. This could mean that they're doing all of this for views at this point meaning that they're doing it all for attention and they're just mindless haters especially as they sometimes touch upon stuff they've already mentioned like several times before.
  11. They call Sticker Star and Color Splash "Sticker Shit", “Stinker Star”, “Color Trash", and “Color cancer” which isn't even clever. Plus, the latter of which is offensive to people who have cancer.
  12. They made petitions to cancel Paper Mario Color Splash and whined to Nintendo about it. But they don't realize that games only get cancelled if there are hardware problems with the game. Nintendo won't cancel a game (and ruin it for others) just because a bunch of butthurt fanboys don't like it.
  13. They send hate messages to Shigeru Miyamoto (the Mario creator) because he told the developers of Sticker Star to ditch the story. He also told them to make it different from the other games and due to this, the Paper Mario Fanboys spammed him and bashed him and swore at him. Some even went so far as to send death threats to him. Do these fanboys realize that if it wasn’t for him, Mario wouldn’t even exist?!
  14. They sometimes threaten to "stalk" Nintendo and Intelligent Systems if they don't make the next Paper Mario game like Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door.
  15. They are so obsessed with stories (mostly the ones seen in PMTTYD) that they think every other game in the series needs a story as developed as that game's or else it's "automatically terrible". As a result of New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 2 not having stories (despite the amazing gameplay aspects, the levels, and much more), they were bashed upon by the Paper Mario Fanboys over just that one little thing.
  16. They dislike-bombed the Paper Mario Color Splash reveal trailer as well as GameXplain’s interview about Paper Mario Color Splash.
  17. Some Paper Mario Fanboys want the old Paper Mario formula back so badly, that they want Nintendo to go back to the old art style of the games and ditch the Sticker Star/Color Splash graphics. What they don't know is graphics change for everything year by year, they're not going to go back to an old art style just because some fanboys prefer it over the new one.
  18. During every Switch presentation, the only thing they care about seeing is Paper Mario being all like "C'mon PMTTYD Remaster NOW!".
    • Speaking of the PMTTYD remaster, this tag #remasterthethousandyeardoor is taking over twitter.
  19. They tend to lie (proof). Not only it’s completely over the top, they tend to say that all the Toads are the same in Sticker Star and Color Splash. When the ones in those two games actually had different colored dots for their hats and vests while the photo says they’re all identical, which is false.
  20. Another lie they told is that they claim they hate Sticker Star and Color Splash for more than just nostalgic reasons, but every reason for them disliking those games is based around. 1. It doesn't have a proper battle system like TTYD, 2. There are no unique characters like TTYD and 3. There is no developed emotional story like TTYD and so on (they also criticised non-Paper Mario games for this such as NSMBW and SMG2 as said above). All this proves that they're lying and their hatred around those games is based solely around nostalgia.
  21. They constantly whine and beg for Nintendo to add the Paper Mario characters as well as the characters from Super Mario RPG in the main Mario games. With the latter, they're basically encouraging Nintendo to break the law as they can't use the SMRPG characters, because they're owned by Square Enix and they are not Nintendo. They also got angry when they saw that three of the courses of Supepr Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U were Sticker Star ones.
  22. They constantly use romantic words to describe how they feel about the old Paper Mario games, such as "beloved". Seriously a game is not a love interest guys.
  23. Some claim that Sticker Star and Color Splash are the worst games ever in all of existence (even worse than all the Virtual Boy games put together). Seriously, there are many games out there that are way worse than Sticker Star and Color Splash and honestly, they aren't THAT bad they're actually okay (if not decent) games. They're just hated on because they didn't meet the ungrateful fanboys' expectations. Instead of whining, be glad you even got a Paper Mario game.
  24. They claim that Nintendo NEVER listens to their fans just because of Color Splash. Which is 100% false, as they actually do. For example, in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, they added 3 new characters that everyone loves to the roster (alongside Inklings and a new Metal Mario skin). Not only that, they also included Banjo & Kazooie in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a DLC fighter. If they really didn't care about their fans, they would've just added more clone characters. Another example is they made a new open-world 3D Mario game (AKA Super Mario Odyssey), who can forget Mario Tennis Aces. See, this (and much more) is all proof that Nintendo actually does care about their fans, they just choose to ignore butthurt fanboys.
  25. Some even spam Nintendo for a sequel to Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door but they don't realise that they can't do a sequel to that game because all the villains in that game (save for Grubba because who knows what happened to him) are either reformed (turned good) or dead.
  26. They spammed the "Nintendo Switch QnA voting poll" on the Super Mario Wiki with votes around Paper Mario. Notice how the others are in the late 100 while Paper Mario is in the 1000s, and it's not even the most popular series, Mario Kart is. This goes to show that Nintendo really shouldn't make the next game like TTYD.
  27. They only care about the first two Paper Mario games in the same way the Spider-Man Trilogy Fandom only cares about the San Raimi trilogy.
  28. They even take their anger out on spinoff games such as Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, once again. Raging at Nintendo for making the story a lot smaller in this game. 1. There's nothing wrong with that, they can do that if they want to so SHUT UP about the story and just enjoy the game because stories don't define a game. Another thing is that Donkey Kong games have been known less for their stories than Mario and thirdly, the "New Play Control" Version has a storyline so be grateful.
  29. They are also hypocritical when it comes to series'. They think every Paper Mario game needs to follow a standard (where it has to be like PMTTYD and use the same formula for every game) or else the game is horrible, but they feel very comfortable bashing the NEW Super Mario Bros. games for following the same formula (as well as bashing it's supporters).
  30. They usually judge new games with very little info to go off of. Like when Mario Sports Superstars was first shown, they stated that it looked and was "bland". When the game actually turned out great.
  31. They hate the critics that gave Paper Mario Sticker Star and Paper Mario Color Splash positive reviews and claim their opinions are inaccurate.
  32. Additionally they also hate the people that participated in that poll that asked "Did you like Super Paper Mario's story?", because 99% of the people who participated said they didn't the story to the game. Which makes sense because the story was a bit too dark and over the top for a Mario game. As a result of this, they disrespected their opinions and got angry at them.
  33. They outright hate Risa Tabata (the assistant producer of Paper Mario Color Splash). and claim she should be fired (just like with Shigeru Miyamoto), just because of her refusing the change Color Splash to be like TTYD and laughing during the interview and saying that Mario & Luigi is now the only RPG. 1. This is her first time working on an RPG so she is very indifferent with the whole thing and 2. You can't tell Nintendo what to do, it's their game and they can make it the way they want.
  34. They get angry at Nintendo just for taking down fanmade hacks of Mario games (such as Super Mario 64 HD) and claim they're "fearing the fans", when Mario is Nintendo Property and is trademarked. It's not called fear, it's common sense!
  35. They sometimes think Mario games should be seen in their image (all being like PMTTYD), and Nintendo should listen to their every command without consideration for anyone or anything else. This is why you guys don't run Nintendo.
  36. They claim to be true Mario fans, but the way they bash on the newer Mario games as well as the NSMB games pretty much proves this false. A true Mario fan would appreciate all the games Nintendo provides them with and not whine to Nintendo about the little things and they wouldn't send hate to the Mario creator just for adding a little change.
  37. SOME also hate Super Paper Mario because it is the only 2D game in the franchise, and they call it Unsuper Paper Mario or Super Paper Trash, they also attack on you if you like the game. What's even worse is that a stupid internet reviewer bashed on both Super Paper Mario & Paper Mario Color Splash at the same time, wow, how hypocritical is that.
  38. This was further proven by the fact how they were hating on Mario Tennis Aces (as well as Super Mario Party), when Nintendo fulfilled all they're demands and whines for those series', it's just like nothing is ever good enough for them. If that's the case then Mario obviously isn't for these ungrateful fanboys anymore.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some fans are nice and can respect one another.
  2. There is still a lot of great fan art.
  3. They do have a point that not all modern Mario games were that great such as Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, Mario Party: The Top 100 and Mario Party Island Tour.
  4. The Hatedom is also toxic, but not toxic enough to be on this wiki.
  5. They do have a point on Paper Mario: Sticker Star. sure it's not a bad game, but it would be considered to be the mixed bag in the series.
  6. They have a point that the change direction that Shigeru Miyamoto has done to the Paper Mario Series starting with Paper Mario Sticker Star was not good.

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